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  1. Got it taken care of! Brady @ PPC got me hooked up on Saturday Afternoon! KillJoy
  2. After speaking w/ Brian, he cannot. KillJoy
  3. Thanks... I just sent him a txt. Any other ideas if he is unable to? No Ford Dealership can get me in until "early" next week. KillJoy
  4. I am in need of having a '05 Ford PCM Flashed ASAP! The one I have is brand spanking new from Ford, and it needs flashed (while in the vehicle) in order to function. HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!! KillJoy
  5. I am looking for pics of myself when I was rolling into DTM. I saw someone (male) snap a few pics. I was on the HD Sportster w/ the Orange Mohawk. Thanks! KillJoy
  6. What I intended was that if you no call / no show, and a week later call and make another appointment, full payment would be due at the time of the scheduling... KillJoy
  7. You mean: Do what they say, when they say, how they say? If that were the case, this Country would not be in the current financial situation it is in. KillJoy
  8. Full Cash Payment UP FRONT if you no call / no show. Just MY opinion Brian. KillJoy PS - Good seein' you today.
  9. Like the Title says, I am looking for a pair of rear, take off air shocks from a Road King. KillJoy
  10. This is going to be even more needed after the Turbo is installed! KillJoy
  11. I was looking at the Scoot this evening, looking at a way to install a Battery Tender Harness on it. After a few minutes of looking and thinking, I notice an insulated Fuse Holder. The Holder was on a double wire. The Fused Side went to the + on the Battery. The - went to the Engine Case. Following the wire lead to a Capped Battery Tender Terminal nicely tucked out of the way! Apparently the previous Owner did it the right way! This made me happy. KillJoy
  12. THESE are an interesting alternative... KillJoy
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