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  1. G19 IWB, RDR kydex holster. It always stays where it should & never had a problem. My tiger has a standard upright riding position.
  2. Thanks for posting this, I wondered what they were doing over there.
  3. And my wife rides a Monster soooo...
  4. AKIRA, my best advice to you is to join HDforum or some other Harley forum. The guys there are more mature & more likely to help you out instead of criticizing something you like for 21 pages. There are way too many haters and ricer boyz on their "crotch rockets" round here.
  5. We're talking cruisers. not sportbikes, not dirtbikes, not iPods.
  6. I'm not entirely opposed to the idea, just would like to know how much & what kind of range can I get.
  7. It's already in the new Avengers movie.
  8. I never said they were innovative, I said they were original. The only reason Japanese cruisers exist is because Harley sells so many of them. All Japanese companies do is "copy" everybody else's products and sells them at a cheaper price. Think Lexus & Acura, they are wanna be cheaper versions of BMW & Mercedes.
  9. "IF" you're going the cruiser route it has to be a Harley. They have better quality parts (no pot metal) and it's original not a cheap imitation. Besides that we do live in America after all nothing says 'Murica like a Harley does.
  10. This is from the icon videos I believe.
  11. Price reduced to $9700 and more pics can be seen here. http://columbus.craigslist.org/mcy/4490225413.html
  12. Thanks max, +1 for "looney bitches talk shit" lmao.
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