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  1. K&N filter failures

    I've been using K&N for years without problems. Just lucky I guess. Just ordered up some WIX after reading this & doing a little googling. Glad the failure today didn't cause anybody eat the assfault. Hope you didn't sustain any engine damage Derek.
  2. tires change

    You really don't need a fancy setup like that if you are just changing your own tires. It takes me about 25 minutes to dismount old tire, remount & balance new tire, using tools that cost me less than $40. I've done this for the last 200,000 miles or so. Hiro- PM me if you want the details.
  3. How to become a progressive Democrat

    I haven't abandoned logic. The country has.
  4. Alternative to heated gear?

    Wtf. You don't even ride man. First thing to get cold is the hands. Get a f'n bike & ride chump.
  5. How to become a progressive Democrat

    How much lower can unemployment go? No doubt in my mind, the bubble will burst. Planning accordingly.
  6. Hang tough Jerry. We'll ride again.
  7. New Bike Research

    I don't know too much about the KTM 690 Enduro, but I want to find out. YouTube reviews say that it could handle 80mph all day. If I get one of those I would definitely hang on to my street bike for the faster paced street rides though.
  8. New Bike Research

    KTM 690 R Enduro. 70 HP single cylinder, 308 LB (dry) weight. I'm all over the map on next bike selection right now but this one interests me.
  9. Central Ohio Trike Riders Kickoff Social

    I wave to trikes. Have fun.
  10. OR - We need to talk.

    If you wouldn't have shown up it would have been a catastrophe I know. Those folks that were with you are definitely troublemakers that would have fucked up the ride. Thanks for taking one on the chin for the common good & all. In the future, If there's a huge group & you see us heading out early & you are a decent rider, feel free to tag along. We could have been better communicators on this ride about such things.
  11. Random Thoughts thread

    When I started as an engineer we all put our sportcoats on hangers at the office in the morning & wore dress pants, white shirts, neckties (great around rotating machinery) & wingtips. Now It's more casual. After they started "casual Fridays" in the 90s I have worn blue jeans every Friday unless I have to meet with VIPs. Other days it's just LLBean or Lands End clothes with comfortable shoes.
  12. Atheists are vile and immoral.....

    Link is NFG Tonik. Please read "Good without God" by Greg Epstein if you want a proper explanation of athieism. What part of infinity don't you understand anyhow.
  13. Overnight Kentucky ride

    Good luck on your ride Kent. Can't go due to work.
  14. Tank slapper, what to do?

    Your bike will correct it's own course, provided the suspension is not excessively mal-adjusted. This may include a "tank slapper'. As has been said here already, the best thing you can do is not make any steering input to the bars, keep on the throttle, & grip the hell out of your tank with your knees. That said, the best thing to do is learn to avoid the gravel. Your photo shows what looks like a clear path that the car tires have cleared. Last time I had a problem with gravel in 2010 it was not a tank slapper but a slam bam, broken bones thing. Reviewing the circumstances of that crash, there was a clear path through as well. Hope to see you out riding again soon Nivin. I don't recall you crashing up until now, so welcome to the club. Everyone that really rides crashes at one time or another, so don't worry about it & avoid the gravel.
  15. OR - We need to talk.

    Excellent. They aren't trail tires are they? Did some "near single track" on the Ninja, LOL.