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  1. It's pretty much a matter of personality. Your personality matches trump's personality pretty close so you obviously prefer him. I'm pretty much in the any functioning adult for president camp myself.
  2. You are a registered democrat. So am I. Biden denies it as does trump (12x). Is that what we are going to hang our voting decision on? Democracy is at stake here you crazy sob.
  3. Welcome to the forum. I quit riding because of KTM/ Brembo problems resulting in a bunch of broken bones, helicopter ride, hospital stay, rehab, etc. Make sure you get proof that those recalls are actually done. Sorry for the negative man. Lots of good folks on here.
  4. Loose cannons are usually a threat to the structure. The structure of the USA is the Constitution.& Trump definitely is a threat to the structure. Can't say that's a good thing.
  5. That SD was a fun bike. Too bad it had to get all suicidal on me. I guess it didn't like the cane holder joke.
  6. 2018 Ducati Scrambler Icon. 299 gentle miles on the odometer, bone stock, showroom condition, $6,500. My wife purchased this bike new last summer & has decided she doesn't want to ride any more.
  7. Decline of western civilization.
  8. I will be back on 2 wheels as soon as the ice & salt is gone. Just no moto.
  9. All the best to you Nivin. Funny how you keep coming back to bikes.
  10. Pretty much back to normal here.
  11. Good luck with the new steed Pauly. Sounds like a wise choice.
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