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  1. jschaf

    Ok who was this

    That's what happens when you get to be a codger man. Looking forward to more rides after I get a cane holder for my bike.
  2. jschaf

    My new screen name

    I was hoping you'd choose SAMURAI.
  3. jschaf

    SR 800...

    We ran the southern part of 800 (Ohio river to Woodsfield) weekend before last & I thought it was pretty sweet. We also ran 255 both directions, & I thought that was pretty sweet too. Of course me & my bike have a high tolerance for the things folks usually complain about so take what I say with a grain of salt.
  4. jschaf

    2013 Ninja 1000

  5. jschaf

    YaOT (Yet another oil thread)

    I think Ducati probably did some intensive research on the subject. Why do you question their authority?
  6. jschaf

    2013 Ninja 1000

    Will be sold this Saturday. Would have been last Saturday if the Title bureau had not fucked up & I would have not fucked up by not reading the title they gave me.
  7. jschaf

    Ride 7-11

    If you make it to 255 be advised that it is closed 1/2 mile north of 7. We ran it Sunday N-S-N and it was pretty sweet except for a couple spots of gravel.
  8. jschaf

    Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    Out of break-in a few days now. I really think I'm going to get along real well with this bike. Keep in mind that to this point I've only owned I4s. My wife owned a Ducati Monster 696 & that was what got me interested in twins. This is my first bike with ABS & Traction Control as well. I had the performance & track packs (software) installed when I took the bike for break-in service (oil change lol) the other day. Still getting my head around this shit but it really amazes me what the bike is capable of. The wave-o-torque engine stirs my soul. Handling wise the bike seems light & is more "flickable" than the CBR1000RR I had. Suspension seems to work at least as well as the Ohlins that I had on the CBR. Still have yet to adjust the suspension to my personal preferences but I can't really complain about the generic settings at this time. I was starting to get bored with riding & this bike seems to have done the trick. Looking forward to a Sunday ride with some bubbys. on proper roads. Will report back.
  9. jschaf

    2013 Ninja 1000

    Reason for selling: I just got a brand new Super Duke. Would like more room in the garage.
  10. jschaf

    bike 2013 Ninja 1000

    2013 Ninja 1000 for sale. 17,300 miles. I bought it new in 2014. Non-ABS version. Stock except +1 tooth sprocket in front & 55 profile rear tire (vs 50 profile stock). Never down. Front wheel is a little ugly (but fully functional) from I480 road debris. 7 quarts of Amsoil, 4 oem oil filters, & EBC front + Galfer rear brake pads included. $3,500.
  11. jschaf

    Random Thoughts thread

    What's the range on those bad boys? If I get any burn holes in my roof I'll know where to come. Have a blast on the 4th Tony.
  12. jschaf

    Misc. Riding Gear

    I wish you well man.
  13. jschaf

    What Are Your Thoughts on This?

    Looks like you done good to me. Did you pick up a couple more sponsors with that?
  14. jschaf

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Rode to work & learned how to work my steering lock & cruise control.
  15. jschaf

    Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    Ktm colors. Orange & white with graphite colored tank.