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  1. Pope Accused of Spreading Heresy

    Sorry I offended your personally man. You're a good guy to ride with. I guess we diverge on principle issues though. As an atheist, religion just irritates the hell out of me. Even the bible has some really weird shit that encourages the disrespect of our fellow citizens in there. The koran has even weirder shit. I don't understand how people can pledge allegiance to any of that. We probably shouldn't talk about religion (or politics). Let's call a truce.
  2. Pope Accused of Spreading Heresy

    You feel sorry because I can't see the alleged "intelligent" design of things around me? I feel sorry for you because you worship a god that is supposed to be full of unconditional love yet wants to send the majority to eternal damnation & suffering. Don't feel sorry for me man? I do see great beauty in nature & the universe & get much joy from this beauty. I have no need to think that a man-like imaginary friend who has our best interest as his top priority is pulling the strings. I trust in nature & rely on science to describe it in a way I can understand. I realize that science will not have all the answers before man or nature erases humankind from existence but I think science is a lot more accurate than this bible people keep quoting. The bible was written by men (why not women, because they're just put here to serve man, like the animals, lol?), & certainly not this alleged god, when science was pretty much yet to be born. Furthermore, separation of church & state was one of the best ideas of this country's founders. Unfortunately, as of late, we have a lot of people that would like to change that. Hope you're not one of them.
  3. Pope Accused of Spreading Heresy

    Jamie- When you consider that the likely number of planets in the metaverse is most likely infinite, the odds of random combinations spawning life is more than probable. It's a given. Nothing against religion for you if it doesn't cause you to hate & makes you do good. Athiests are maligned throughout history, but many of them do good as well.
  4. You can get through this Jerry. Hang tough & we'll ride in the spring.
  5. I'm conducting a survey, need your input.

    Tried to take your 1st survey & it was a fail as it reached a point that it wouldn't let me continue. Won't waste my time with this one.
  6. How much should this cost me?

    Might be 1 or 2 other things you need but they won't break the bank. We've done these threads before a lot so I won't elaborate.
  7. What did you do to your bike today?

    Did about 120 miles. Mostly squid stuff. Gassed up on the way home & put in the Stabil.
  8. Pope Accused of Spreading Heresy

    Religion in general is not a good thing. This brand or that brand, makes no difference. All of the proponents try to make it look like unless you subscribe to their brand you either don't know what you are talking about or are some evil fuck. I call bullshit. . .
  9. New bike ordered yesterday

    Nice choice MT. Hoping ktm brings an enduro with that motor.
  10. Moto2/Moto3/MotoGP 2017

    Clyde wouldn't approve of that shit.
  11. Moto2/Moto3/MotoGP 2017

    Gotta work on that sarcasm Andy. It's vaporized when explained.
  12. Moto2/Moto3/MotoGP 2017

    Marquez crashed 27 times this season. If he stays healthy, which is a big if, he will do well in the future. He should probably stay off the 500 2 strokes though.
  13. Back after 4 year hiatus....

    Welcome back. Hope to see you on a ride. Your bike should be ok.
  14. Tuned or turbo’d civics...

    Honda never had the torque thing down plus the new civics are ugly as hell. I've had 1 Honda civic SI & 3 Volkswagen GTIs. Current one is the best. 3000 lbs, 316 hp, 380 lb ft, 38 mpg highway, 32 mpg everyday (APR stage 1 tune, otherwise bone stock). Better fuel economy with the tune.
  15. What did you do to your bike today?

    28 on the way to work this morning. Had to wear a long sleeve shirt & turn on the seat warmer when I got in the car. Used to be a die hard rider in all the weather guy but common sense got the best of me.