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  1. jschaf

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    I'm no good at rymes so I'll leave it at this: Barnes Brothers, KTM, Brembo. beware.
  2. jschaf

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    Rick, Thanks for hanging around for so long & being so helpful.
  3. jschaf

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    Thanks man. I should be able to walk normally in several months. Way better than being dead or paralyzed . I consider myself lucky.
  4. For those that didn't hear yet, I spent the last week in the Trauma center due to a product defect. Don't want to or need to go into too much detail here. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer for such matters in the Cleveland area? Never having been through such an ordeal before my 1st reaction was to call one of the law offices I hear advertising on TV. Now I'm thinking there may be better alternatives. Suggestions? Thanks.
  5. jschaf

    Saturday 8-4 ride

    I'm in. Thanks for specifying Marathon. I would have been waiting at Fuel Mart.
  6. jschaf

    Saturday 8-4 ride

    Ditto, except won't know till Friday. Hope to make this ride. (This would be my first ride as a sexagenarian for f sakes.)
  7. jschaf

    New Harleys...no, really.

    The street fighter looks sorta ok. I'd be extremely surprised if the Harley engineers have the chops to make competitive bikes for these markets. Everybody else had a 20 to 30 year head start. At least they finally listened to the advice that I submitted when I kept getting Harley's "own the bike of your dreams" mailings. Prolly keep the Super Duke though.
  8. jschaf

    What did you do to your bike today?

    You gotta get newer pictures Tony.
  9. jschaf

    Anyone riding this weekend?

    Welcome to the forum. Not riding this weekend I do get down that way on occasion.. Looks like a fun bike you've got there.
  10. jschaf

    Ok who was this

    That's what happens when you get to be a codger man. Looking forward to more rides after I get a cane holder for my bike.
  11. jschaf

    My new screen name

    I was hoping you'd choose SAMURAI.
  12. jschaf

    SR 800...

    We ran the southern part of 800 (Ohio river to Woodsfield) weekend before last & I thought it was pretty sweet. We also ran 255 both directions, & I thought that was pretty sweet too. Of course me & my bike have a high tolerance for the things folks usually complain about so take what I say with a grain of salt.
  13. jschaf

    2013 Ninja 1000

  14. jschaf

    YaOT (Yet another oil thread)

    I think Ducati probably did some intensive research on the subject. Why do you question their authority?
  15. jschaf

    2013 Ninja 1000

    Will be sold this Saturday. Would have been last Saturday if the Title bureau had not fucked up & I would have not fucked up by not reading the title they gave me.