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  1. jschaf

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    You're making me feel remorseful man. Hope you find some like minded riders.
  2. jschaf

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    You won't know unless you go. From the pics there looked like there might be some "enthusiasts" in the bunch. + Marietta's not a bad place to stay over.
  3. jschaf

    2018 Ducati Scrambler Icon

  4. jschaf

    Ok who was this

    That SD was a fun bike. Too bad it had to get all suicidal on me. I guess it didn't like the cane holder joke.
  5. jschaf

    bike 2018 Ducati Scrambler Icon

    2018 Ducati Scrambler Icon. 299 gentle miles on the odometer, bone stock, showroom condition, $6,500. My wife purchased this bike new last summer & has decided she doesn't want to ride any more.
  6. jschaf

    Wu Tang in Cleveland 6-2

    Decline of western civilization.
  7. I will be back on 2 wheels as soon as the ice & salt is gone. Just no moto.
  8. All the best to you Nivin. Funny how you keep coming back to bikes.
  9. jschaf

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    Pretty much back to normal here.
  10. jschaf

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    Good luck with the new steed Pauly. Sounds like a wise choice.
  11. jschaf

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    I'm no good at rymes so I'll leave it at this: Barnes Brothers, KTM, Brembo. beware.
  12. jschaf

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    Rick, Thanks for hanging around for so long & being so helpful.
  13. jschaf

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    Thanks man. I should be able to walk normally in several months. Way better than being dead or paralyzed . I consider myself lucky.
  14. For those that didn't hear yet, I spent the last week in the Trauma center due to a product defect. Don't want to or need to go into too much detail here. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer for such matters in the Cleveland area? Never having been through such an ordeal before my 1st reaction was to call one of the law offices I hear advertising on TV. Now I'm thinking there may be better alternatives. Suggestions? Thanks.
  15. jschaf

    Saturday 8-4 ride

    I'm in. Thanks for specifying Marathon. I would have been waiting at Fuel Mart.