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  1. LOL. At least we got the scum off the top. Legal bullshit from the conman isn't panning out.
  2. "I’ll walk in there. I’ll kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women, and every mouth, I’ll give you a big fat kiss.” The stable genius speaks to you.
  3. That's some real bullshit right there.
  4. Conversely, if tRump succeeded in nullification of the Constitution of the United States of America you would give him a pass. Odds are that this would happen way before the cancer cure thing.
  5. Make sure you google "logical fallicies" before you give too much credit to tRump when you watch the debated tonight.
  6. So, yer sayin' an average individual in Ohio has 5,174 X chance of dying from Covid 19 than winning pick 6 Ohio Lottery if they buy a ticket. (pick 5 of 6 : 21X chance, pick 4 of 6 0.38X chance). Guess I'll continue to wear my kn95s until the situation improves. [edit- oops, this was fake news. Not being a lotto player I didn't realize that Ohio doesn't call their game where you pick 6 numbers "pick 6" but calls it "classic lottery" . The odds comparison is correct, only the names have changed.]
  7. It's already real fucking crazy. tRump keeps talking about a rigged election & then he's doing everything he can to rig it to his favor, then Don Jr. is soliciting an "army" of supporters to harass people at the polls. Then tRump needs to fill RBG's spot in the Supreme court right away so when he gets voted out & doesn't want to leave he has protection. Then there's Ohio with only 1 drop box for each county (850,000 voters in Cuyahoga county, 15, 864 in Harrison county). Still lots of suckers for the con man though.
  8. Covid deaths per million population: South Korea 7, Japan 12, Germany, 113, USA 613. But of course, it's fake news & the deep state radical left is controlling the numbers & all the Democrats are pedofiles & so on & so forth.
  9. It's that "herd mentality". You are right in that the Government is lying to people about Covid as tRump is the #1 Government man. If you live in Germany it's not as bad as it is here. If tRump would taken leadership & followed a plan similar to Merkel's we would be looking at 60,000 deaths instead of 200,000. Not using "alternative facts here".
  10. For anybody that's going to take tRumps advice & vote by mail & in person. Go for it. You will be charged with a felony. Then again, maybe you'll get a pardon.
  11. It's pretty much a matter of personality. Your personality matches trump's personality pretty close so you obviously prefer him. I'm pretty much in the any functioning adult for president camp myself.
  12. You are a registered democrat. So am I. Biden denies it as does trump (12x). Is that what we are going to hang our voting decision on? Democracy is at stake here you crazy sob.
  13. Welcome to the forum. I quit riding because of KTM/ Brembo problems resulting in a bunch of broken bones, helicopter ride, hospital stay, rehab, etc. Make sure you get proof that those recalls are actually done. Sorry for the negative man. Lots of good folks on here.
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