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  1. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    It was great to get out & ride with everyone today.
  2. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    Prolly see you fuckers in the AM. Don't wait on me. If I come I"ll be there early.
  3. 1 bike for street/track

    Just get the Mustang GT convertible. That's what you wanted in the first place. If your wife insists you get a track bike I would suggest an R6 or GSXR 750.
  4. Sounds like fun. I went down to Mansfield to look at a ktm 690 enduro today but unfortunately I didn't get to see one because someone didn't update a website. I think ktm discontinued this model so I may be looking at Husky 701s. Sorry for the off topic. Hope you guys had a "no cops no drops" day.
  5. Actually going to look at endure bikes tomorrow or I probably would be tempted to join in. Y'all have much fun!
  6. Your rides don't go well when I attend so I'm out. Ride safe.
  7. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    Oh brother!. You probably have a distorted opinion of me because of that. So be it. Never ran from the cops, merely maintained the pace.. If I see flashy lights in my rearview & the cop is going in the same direction I am I pull over. This rarely happens. FUATHYRIO.
  8. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    Nivin, You have legitimate questions here. I like to ride. I like to ride fast. The track doesn't really do it for me with the regimentation of 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off, same corners over & over again. I realize riding the street at the pace I enjoy is pretty risky with all the things that are beyond my control such as deer, morons putting their cars in my path, etc., etc, etc. Seems like most every ride I went on this summer I had to ditch the cops & I don't really enjoy that either. Most all the guys I used to ride with don't ride (at least street pace) anymore & Sport Rider magazine is going out of business. I'm not a happy camper as of late. I'm going out looking at enduro bikes this weekend but I don't know if that's the answer either. Please let me know what you come up with on this.
  9. Your survey is faulty. It would not let me continue from the question about which social media I frequent. I frequent none. Also, I'm not keen on Harleys because I'm a design engineer & they are crap.
  10. Trigger cranks

    Nevermind. Everything is as it should be.
  11. Trigger cranks

    The question is: How can we keep this sort of thing from happening over & over again as it has been?
  12. Trigger cranks

    Pretty lame Tony.
  13. Trigger cranks

    WTF? 59+ people dead, 500 people injured.. We've got to catch this shit before it happens. What would you suggest.???
  14. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Good luck with your recovery from this Dan.
  15. Kneeling for the anthem and flag.

    We've got the browns. Football is some boring, depressing shit. Haven't watched a game in a few years. Haven't seen any of the motorcycle elite take a knee on the podium when they play their national anthems, although the USA is now not represented since Nicky got taken. It seems that most, if not all of the NFL kneelers are protesting inequalities in the justice system & law enforcement & have no qualms with those that put their lives at risk in the military. Their right to protest in the manner they do is one of the strong points of our constitution. Hope that doesn't fade away like the browns. Of course, you definitely have the constitutional right to vote against the kneelers by not watching the NFL (like I don't). Flag flown every day at the house here.