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  1. For sale: 2007 Honda CBR 600RR Mileage: 8172miles Condition: Excellent Price: $6500 obo This is a red/black/silver CBR 600RR, in excellent shape, with 8172 miles on the odometer. I am the first owner (purchased new in 2007), and have taken very good care of it. All oil changes done with Repsol full synthetic oil, regular brake fluid flushes, radiator was flushed and filled with Engine Ice coolant. Its a brilliant bike, but selling as I havent had much time to ride it for some time. Tires are brand new (~15-20 miles) Pirelli Diablo superbike pro. Also includes a set of used Bridgestone BT-003RS tires (used/worn but still a lot of tread in the center for street use.) Comes with many extras: Yoshimura carbon fiber full race exhaust BMC drop-in air filter + hand modified air intake (remove baffles and obstructions) Bazzaz fuel tuner + Dyno tuning (full custom mapping) Ohlins TTX rear shock, Ohlins pistons and springs in fork Sato Racing rear sets (Original foot pegs also included) Sato Racing tie-down hooks (replaces passenger footpegs. original passenger footpegs also included) Puig double-bubble windscreen Woodcraft frame sliders and clutch/stator cover protectors Spiegler braided steel brake lines (front and rear) Pazzo racing short brake/clutch levers (original levers also included) Flush mount front turn signals, and 2010+ rear OEM signals (with smoke lenses from 1000RR) Includes both passenger seat and solo cowl/cover Stomp grip knee grip pads (one set installed, but left side fell off. also includes a complete unopened new set) OEM Honda factory service manual Joe Rocket CBR mesh jacket (red/black, size large) All original OEM parts (except original exhaust) are included for any mods, and several extra parts/screws/oil plug washers and other odds and ends. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks for looking!
  2. Rassilon

    Mid Ohio July 6-7th!

    I should be there on friday 7/6. The bike is torn apart, getting new suspension on tomorrow/thursday. (ohlins ttx! ) Is there going to be anyone there on friday that can help me set up sag, etc?
  3. Rassilon

    Mid-Ohio 9/12 Trackday

    Woooot! Weather was awesome, and had a great day! BTW: did anyone get the contact info of the photographer who was there today? Thanks.
  4. Rassilon

    Mid-Ohio 9/12 Trackday

    ill be there, in A group on a red 600RR
  5. Rassilon

    Rossi not riding Motegi because of radiation

    Its not unsafe. There was an independent investigation which concluded that motegi and the surrounding towns are completely safe. The food and water is also completely safe. There was more background radiation at sachsenring in germany than there is at motegi. Why didnt these pussies boycot that race?
  6. Rassilon

    Shoei x-11 or rf1000?

    get the one that fits your head better. The shape of the crown of the x-11 meant a medium was too tight on me and a large would move around a bit too much. rf1000 fit my head perfectly, very happy with it. (except that the rf1100 came out not too long after). Take the cheek pads out if you arent sure, its the best way to really be sure of the fit where it matters most. I was ready to buy an x-11 thinking the rf1000 was too tight, but turns out it was just the cheek pads.
  7. Rassilon

    dyno tune in columbus?

    PM sent to DTM Brian! Dont piss in my tank! Thanks guys!
  8. Rassilon

    dyno tune in columbus?

    I just (finally) got myself a Bazzaz for my 600RR (which will have a full exhaust and air filter coming at the same time), and will be needing to dyno tune. Anyone know of a good shop in columbus with a dyno that can tune the bazzaz? Cheers!
  9. Rassilon

    Mid Ohio Sept 27th & 28th

    anyone make it? monday wasnt bad.. morning was wet and slippery, but the afternoon dried up and we were able to have some fun out there. Today (tues) was miserable. cold and non-stop rain. ended up just staying in the garage and BSing the whole day.
  10. Rassilon

    Mid Ohio Sept 27th & 28th

    i'll be there monday and tuesday... hoping for good weather. I'm on a red 07 CBR600RR, will be in A group.
  11. Rassilon

    I know why cheap bikes aren't selling

    and Erik Buell is one of the biggest douchebags around. He can suck it, and his ugly ass bikes can rust.
  12. Rassilon

    Mid Ohio Sept 7

    i'll be there on both the 6th and 7th (as long as this cold i have doesnt get worse...). Got a garage, with plenty of space if anyone else is looking to share. Didnt get a chance to meet any o-r people last time (8/10-11). I'm on a red 07 cbr600rr. PM me or come and find me in the paddock!
  13. Rassilon

    mid-ohio sept 6

    I'm confirmed for both the 6th and 7th. I have a garage, and have some space if anyone else is looking to share.
  14. Rassilon

    mid-ohio sept 6

    I hope to be there for both the 6th and 7th, but not 100% sure yet.
  15. Rassilon

    Mid O Aug 10th

    I'll be in novice on the 10th, and may try to bump up to intermediate on the 11th if all is going well (i ran intermediate on my last track day last year, but this is my first day on the track this season, gotta work the rust out). I'm on a red CBR600RR ('07)