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  1. mattm

    Hillary Just a Thought.

    This is funny. I would wager that Chelsea weighs a good 100-150lbs less than Quinn’s wife. Making this post extra funny!
  2. mattm

    Petition to legalize lane splitting

    Casper being somewhat reasonable and acting like an adult. Perhaps the next post will have him wielding an AK or AR to overcompensate for his shortcomings.
  3. mattm

    another black child killed by police.

    #HoodsOffNot based upon this post only, just the preponderance of his recent rants on here. Lol
  4. mattm

    Michael Brown shooting

    First of all, #HoodsOff Second, the above chart appears to blame ethnicity for issues that may be more closely related to poverty than ethnicity. In conclusion, #HoodsOff
  5. mattm

    How to Vote - No ID needed

    Link please.
  6. mattm

    How to Vote - No ID needed

    Link Please....
  7. mattm

    Italian Supreme Court Bans the 'Microsoft Tax'

    Just quoting this for the awesomeness of "jewtube." Awesome stuff here exposing a portion of the demographic.
  8. mattm

    God and Doctors

    So let me get this straight. A scientist went out to disprove God, but uses the Bible as a source of evidence? This sounds like a nice story but is false on its face. The scientific method is not modified no matter what hypothesis you are trying to test. This fucktard Clayton apparently hasn't learned how to test a hypothesis even though he evidentially achieved a degree. Not sure how that happens but I must assume that this "trying to disprove Jesus/God/Holy Spirit/flying spaghetti monster" thing was his way to cash in on the multitudes in this country who do not understand science at even a 2nd grade level.
  9. mattm

    What is life like in Southern California?

    If your spend 3 days in Cali you can't help but trash Ohio. We are now entering our 6 month "gray" phase. How can Ohio compete with Cali? No contest.
  10. mattm

    God and Doctors

    Since John Clayton was mentioned in this thread, I though the following rebuttal might be important. It demonstrates the delusion of those afflicted with "faith" and education. It demonstrates the tortured logic employed but those who must see evidence of the divine where there is none. http://www.holysmoke.org/cretins/marty0.htm It is evident that John Clayton cannot be intellectually honest about his position. With his education he must grasp the ludicrous nature of his assertions but apparently the lure of easy money from those who do not share his erudition was too easy to bypass. Sad for those who reference Clayton as they lack the cognitive capability to see the massive holes in Clayton's logic or lack thereof.
  11. mattm

    2 Million Bikers to DC on 9/11

    A reasonable person looks at those pictures and can see 2 Million. After I heard about the disabling of the cameras I have to assume 4 Million were there last year, especially since apparently 3.9 Million people were erased from the photos bye Eric Holder. That 4 million number must be low due to the camera shut off limit of 1 million due to the government/Obama hatred of motorcycles. Can we expect 6 million this year or 8 Million? When will the government shut off the cameras this year?
  12. mattm

    Michael Brown shooting

    Where is the link from rt.com? Why aren't we linking to the most awesomest libertarian site funded and directed by the Kremlin anymore? If I don't see an rt.com link how am I supposed to determine Obama propaganda vs real news? I'm pretty sure that imgur is an Obama plot.
  13. mattm