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  1. Cleveland: Westerville barn: Pataskala
  2. My 6 year old daughter and I did a 5K together. (she ran to honor "My Daddy, Great Grandpas, Grandpas") Cat and snapping turtle skulls
  3. Is anyone else experiencing the GIFs only running once? I have to re-load the page if I want to see the animation. Is it the browser or the GIFs?
  4. You still would and you know it!
  5. Jacket is sold. Everything else still available
  6. Oh shit! Why have I never thought of that before now?
  7. bdruggan10r

    Got gear!

    I have a mesh jacket, two helmets and riding jeans that I am parting with. Cortech 38/32 $15.00 Joe Rocket 4.0 XXL SOLD Sparx full face XXL (dark smoke and original visor) 20.00 Scorpion Octane XXL (No inside padding, replaceable) 15.00 Stock 2007 ZX10R windscreen (black) 15.00 None of these have been crashed or rashed. If you are interested, IM me with reasonable offers. Prices not solid! Local pick up / delivery in the Columbus area only.
  8. ATTENTION TheBrown57, every time you post, I have to look at that damn GIF in your signature. I hate that GIF!
  9. Oh, well, in that case, it would be 400 - 530 minutes, but who's counting.
  10. 30 - 60 minutes? I only need 30 - 60 seconds.
  11. ^^^I kept watching the end over and over again and made me laugh each and every time.^^^
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