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  1. Any rides in the Columbus area Sunday?

  2. thanks for the request

  3. Do you still ride the bandit?

  4. Let's get together as a community of lovers of motorcycles, and ride.

  5. I may just have to swing by Saturday

  6. Holy delayed response Batman!!

    Sooo.....How old are the babies now??? ;)

  7. So that's your sales secret! :woo:

  8. Thank you. I lost my baby weight.

  9. "kawi kid hey pretty lady :wink:"

    roflmao.gif She DEFINITELY doesn't look pregnant in these pix, does she Bry?!?

  10. Thank you. You are too kind.

  11. hey pretty lady ;)

  12. Mr. Griffin, I was really upset to see you were bad mouthing Hinds. I mean, after all the time I spent with you and the test rides you have taken at Hind's expense. I think as a sales person, I had a ton of patience with you as a customer. You would come into the dealership once or twice a week and spend hours of my time with absolutely no intention of buying at that time. I work off commision and lost numerous sales because I was locked up by you. So for you to make harmful comments about Hinds is unfounded and inappropriate. You do not work for free! I do not see why you felt you should waste my time and then complain about Hinds.
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