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  1. 4th annual NEO driveway shitshow

    The motor looks like it's from an old goldwing.
  2. I'm sure at some point on this trip you'll find someplace that just speaks to you in a "I could live here forever" kind of way. Keep you options open. Belize, for example, has a significant American expat community. The cost of living is relatively low and employment can be found. You could potentially extend your travels, or find something that takes life in a whole new direction. I love living in the US, but the world is a big place...I can see myself living somewhere else once my kids are grown...
  3. Where’s Pauly?

    Top right, by the green vehicle.
  4. Funny vids, post them up.

    You won't be able to unhear this one. Sorry. System Of A Down - Chop Suey (Animal Cover)
  5. OhioRiders Spotify Playlist

    I'm a huge metal fan
  6. Random Thoughts thread

    Human Resources are the hall monitors of the business world. As long as you check that box, then they did everything they could.
  7. WTB Glock G42 380

    We take ground so the Army has a place to setup a garrison.
  8. WTB Glock G42 380

    I have a like new G42 I'll sell. Comes with a total of 5 mags, 4 have Pearce extensions. Also has a Hogue Grip sleeve.
  9. What i did in guns.

    Either considered a pistol or SBR. Pistols can have an arm brace that looks a lot like a stock, but isn't a stock...apparently.
  10. What i did in guns.

    Short barrel and 7.62, ouch. Does it have a Kak can or something to throw sound forward?
  11. Ford Flex Vista Roof - Cracked

    We can argue about anything
  12. What i did in guns.

    I put this together last year. The goal was a sub $500 (including optics) Target AR that could shoot MOA or better. It's a "smooth" build target AR. Anderson .223 Wylde (.223/5.56), DPMS Target thick walled upper, Hogue aluminum free floated forend, 24x Tasco Varmint scope, etc. I'm sure there are some higher end ARs that could do better, but this one is hard to beat for $500. I bought a few parts used, and manged to stay under budget.
  13. What i did in guns.

  14. What i did in guns.

    I built a budget 500+ yard AR last year. It's about minute of dinner plate at 500, reliable and fun.
  15. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    If you don't ride the same bike as pokey and ride it the same way, then you must be doing it wrong. Honestly, a GS is a fine bike for what it is, but it wouldn't crack my top 20 bikes I want to own. It wouldn't be the top adv bike, or even the top BMW. Sorry.