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  1. Not sure about your BMW, but on mine when I pull the front brake lever, the bike decides which brakes are applied based on some German algorithm that considers many factors. A light squeeze on the front brake lever will only apply the rear brake in certain situations (you can actually feel it in the rear brake pedal). It's actually a really good system and works seamlessly.
  2. My COVID riding protocol has been: I bring snacks and drinks with me (stopping for meals has never been part of my ride agenda...ask anyone) Only go inside a gas station as an exception and keep my helmet on Leave gloves on during refueling Nature is my men's room
  3. Pure democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
  4. It took me 10 days to get a tire from Revzilla. Carriers are getting their asses kicked by COVID right now.
  5. The belt drive on Buells (well at least on the XBs) was one of the best things about the bike. This will be the only option if the belts become unavailable.
  6. I doubt any Harley dealers are going to have useful information on the M2. Even when Buell was still active, support was awful at the Chrome Castles. This is your best/only source of info: https://badweatherbikers.com/
  7. The M2 was probably the best of the tube frame (pre-XB) Buells. I know for XBs the OEM drive belts are no longer available. There are belts that will "fit" but they are not spec-ed for Buells. Not sure about the tubers.
  8. What psi does your bike recommend? And what pressure were you running the the RS3s? I was playing with this again today on some local curves. I can basically get these tires to slip at will. Pretty sure the slipping is happening when gassing out of corners and transitioning to the not-so-sticky middle compound.
  9. The earth is not flat. I don't think I saw any flat ground in 5 days in Tennessee. Duh.
  10. Nope. 85 and sunny. I went back and checked for dirt, sand, or oil. The rear was slipping on other roads, too.
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