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  1. Tpoppa

    Ride 5/22

    Sad to hear this. I'm going to try to ride this weekend. My ex killed last weekend's plans.
  2. Tpoppa

    Mobile jump pack recommendations

    Did you leave something on and it drained the battery? In all my years of riding this has never come up.
  3. Tpoppa

    Mobile jump pack recommendations

    OOC, what is the situation where you needed to jump start a bike?
  4. Tpoppa

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Out. I'll be traveling for work.
  5. Tpoppa

    Funny picture thread.

  6. Tpoppa

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    Anyone have a good explanation why tax returns are such a big deal? I've heard some people say that Trump is hiding illegal activity such as bribes and a laundry list of other things. Wouldn't the IRS already have dozens agents validating taxes of every billionaire in the US? I assume illegal activity is something the IRS already looks for?
  7. Tpoppa

    Who has a Speed Triple?

    If KTM is having productions problems, they may be doing you a favor. KTM makes great performing machines, but the ownership experience isn't always as great.
  8. Tpoppa

    Chain lube myth

    It's a Kawasaki Cruiser. It's never handled perfectly.
  9. Tpoppa

    Honest question.

    Felon's shouldn't vote. Because law abiding citizens have done a great job of putting ethical, moral, non-criminals in office...right?
  10. Tpoppa

    Who has a Speed Triple?

    Still think the Street is the better handling triple.
  11. Tpoppa

    Who has a Speed Triple?

    I would also pick the Street. Only things the 1050 does better is straight line speed, and less shifting.
  12. Tpoppa

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    At any given moment they are many government sponsored acts occurring to topple-destabilize-stabilize-manipulate-pressure-influence-prop up regimes all around the world. Most of them will never see the lights of day, they are "black ops" where the dots will never be connected in a public way. It not just the US. Many countries do this, even China, which you have an oddly high opinion of. The world is a scary place, man.
  13. Tpoppa

    Honest question.

    While I don't have any real issue with felons voting, bringing this up is a stupid political move by Sanders. The political fear mongers (on the right in this case), will do what political fear mongers do.