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  1. Tpoppa

    What i did in guns.

    Size matters.
  2. Tpoppa

    ABS vs Non-ABS

    Some of the early ABS systems on motorcycles were total shit. I had an 2008 SV650 with abs that was absolutely dangerous. It wouldn't lock up, but it also wouldn't stop you in certain situations. It was not confidence inspiring. I had a 2000 BMW R1100R with abs that were...meh. I had a 2010 VFR1200 and 2010 CBR600RR that had Honda's excellent C-ABS. Those bikes had more braking skills that I did...but I could out brake the ABS on the Suz and BMW....easily. Current generations of ABS are even better than what I had on the Hondas.
  3. Tpoppa

    Funny vids, post them up.

    Every internet argument until they meet in real life
  4. Tpoppa

    Anyone know of a cheapish car for sale?

    The need is asap. I don't think the Crown would work. The Camry might, any history on the rebuilt title though?
  5. Looking in the $4-5k range for reliable transportation for an 18 y/o student. Requirements are: automatic, not a rust bucket or money pit, decent mpg would be a bonus. Something like a Civic would be a good choice.
  6. Tpoppa

    Ammo Deals.

    The only truly bad ammo I've ever came across was some kind of surplus eastern European 9mm tracer ammo from the cold war. They were on stripper clips and had a greasy feel to them. By the look of them they were not stored in proper conditions. A few of them fired, but I'd have been better off throwing them at a target.
  7. Tpoppa

    Ammo Deals.

    I've heard not to bother with ammo that comes from countries where you'd be afraid to drink the water.
  8. Tpoppa

    Ammo Deals.

    https://www.propublica.org/article/the-myth-of-drug-expiration-dates https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/sell-and-best-dates-food-are-basically-made-hard-get-rid-180950304/ And don't forget to change your oil every 3,000 miles. Because companies that exist to make profits would never attempt to trick you into spending more of your money to increase those profits.
  9. Tpoppa

    Ammo Deals.

    ^^ Hates hearing counter points...so get sarcastic as a defense mechanism.
  10. Tpoppa

    Ammo Deals.

    Probably? If it was stored in reasonable conditions, the propellant and primer should be fine. If powder wasn't burning you'd have a really dirty firearm, and cycling failures.
  11. Tpoppa

    Ammo Deals.

    That's not quite the same conversation as storing in a sealed box in a safe. ...if you dropped ammo in a river then I expect it's shelf life to be reduced.
  12. Tpoppa

    Ammo Deals.

    In a sealed ammo can it might outlive you. You could even get crazy and add a desiccant.
  13. Tpoppa

    Ammo Deals.