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  1. Tpoppa

    Walmart open carry, Sept 3, 2019

    I can't tell what point you are trying to make. Why don't you open carry?
  2. Tpoppa

    Walmart open carry, Sept 3, 2019

    the best kind of open carry
  3. Tpoppa

    Walmart open carry, Sept 3, 2019

    Is that how it went down? Or did a customer notice, and mention to other customers or employees who then told the manager there was "a guy with a gun" threatening the frozen burritos? Then the manager approached you? That's what happened in my case. I thought it was disruptive.
  4. Tpoppa

    Walmart open carry, Sept 3, 2019

    OC is likely to lead to unwanted attention and hassles. If the police get a call about "a guy with a gun" they are going to respond. You'll probably get your chance to explain your open carry rights in person. It's also disruptive. There was a guy that would open carry at the Car Wash I used to own (in not the best part of town). It made my other customers uncomfortable, some of them spoke to me about it. Some I never saw again. I asked the guy not to open carry at my business, he was fine with it. Am I carrying? What am I carrying? That's no one's business but mine.
  5. Tpoppa

    Walmart open carry, Sept 3, 2019

    This. I carry frequently. The only times I can justify open carry is something like hiking or camping if I'm well off the beaten path.
  6. Tpoppa

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Is that a Roger Daltrey puppet or he made of Play Dough from the neck up?
  7. Tpoppa

    Wild Wonderful West Virginia

    I have lots of good WV routes.
  8. Tpoppa

    Cleveland Air Show

    I took the kids on the Goodtime 3 during the air show a few years ago. That was the best viewing spot I ever had. Parking and crowds weren't a problem either.
  9. Tpoppa

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    That could be the car and the bike 👍
  10. Tpoppa

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

  11. Tpoppa

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Sometimes it's hard to believe what you see on the internet.
  12. Tpoppa

    Random Thoughts thread

    The Ninja 400 I just bought might be the most fun of all of them.
  13. Tpoppa

    Anyone want to ride sat aug 31st?

    I'll probably ride Saturday, but I can't leave until around 10.
  14. Tpoppa

    Wild Wonderful West Virginia

    I saw a guy riding a Grom on 480 yesterday Cars were swerving not to run him over.
  15. Tpoppa

    Wild Wonderful West Virginia

    Where wisdom and maturity fail, a strict horsepower limit keeps me from doing anything too crazy. Joking, but yeah. I honestly have zero reason to ride any faster than we were on this trip, which got pretty hot at times. The 400 handled that pace just fine. More importantly, it was super fun at that pace...more fun than I ever had pushing the VFR1200. I'm sure it can even be ridden a bit harder when I get more used to it.