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  1. Tpoppa

    Max Power go's full ADV

    Right up my ally
  2. Tpoppa

    Max Power go's full ADV

    I might take you up on that. As of now looks like I'll be off work 8/18-22.
  3. Tpoppa

    Max Power go's full ADV

    What area is this?
  4. Tpoppa

    My new screen name

  5. Tpoppa

    Hillary Just a Thought.

    I'm not a dem or rep. I agree (and disagree) with parts of both platforms. I consider myself a swing vote. If I had to do it over again I'd still pick Trump over Hillary, she's just to easy to dislike. If the Dems would have went with a more moderate candidate (niether H or B fit that category) I think the election would have been less polarized and Dems probably would have one. For 2020, I see Dems moving even further left, which is a tactical mistake. It's already happened in some of local races.
  6. Tpoppa

    My new screen name

    Tater salad
  7. Says the guy that doesn't want to ride to SE OH.
  8. Tpoppa

    Where to order Ducati parts?

    I'll never own motorcycle specific hard luggage again. The price is stupid, the quality is mediocre, and they always get scratched up. Pelican and Seahorse cases are higher quality and much cheaper. There are plenty of mounting options. Also the waterproof, roll top bags used by ADV riders hold more and are more durable.
  9. Tpoppa

    What did you do to your bike today?

    20 minute sessions just don't scratch the itch.
  10. Tpoppa

    My new screen name

    Master Bates
  11. Back in the CORE days, there used to be a Pittsburgh sport bike forum called Steel City Riders. We'd get together with them from time to time. I know they did most of their street riding in WV & SE OH...little in PA. I personally haven't ridden much in PA, sorry.
  12. I think the riding on the NE of Beckley is better than the SW section of the state. I also seem to recall some areas over there were prone to flooding and road closures.
  13. Tpoppa

    Riding Jeans for chick???

    Tourmaster seems to have one of the best selections of sizes. They make overpants though, not jeans. https://www.tourmaster.com/inc/sdetail/overpant/1065/402
  14. I'll bet he hates all that tourism money that pours into that area. Without all those crotch rockets, most businesses in the area would be boarded up in about 3 months.