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  1. I have to ask...where did you find those because that is hilarious?
  2. I bought a set from nice cycle.com that fit pretty okay. Not oem quality but you can't see the issues from the back of a galloping horse. They came predrilled and required just a little file work on a couple of tabs. I'd buy another set.
  3. Ouch...that's probably not a good option for you then. I almost went with Exceed satellite internet if that counts for anything. The ping time won't allow for gaming but the speed and price was better than Hughsnet.
  4. I just moved to the boonies as well. I'm on Directv and Verizon for internet. They have a deal where you can do an installed 4G "cantenna" and have 2 smartphone lines for $230/month. That includes 30Gb of data that is shared between all devices. Overage is like $15/Gb or something like that. My latency is 78ms and the speed is 10Mb upload and download. I'm happy with it so far but I've only lived with it for 2 weeks.
  5. Welcome, I'm from Beverly. Not too far.
  6. Take a look at the website I've linked below. You may be able to find a gas station near you that carries gas without ethanol added. It may not be VP brand specifically but it's better than nothing. I use non-ethanol in law equipment, chainsaw, boat engines, bikes and stuff like that. If you find a place near you you'll want to call ahead and verify they still sell E0. Some listings on the site are old. Also, you may need to ask a manager about the ethanol content. I spoke to a few places and a couple of the workers were not able to confirm whether the gas was E0 or not. Hopefully this helps. http://pure-gas.org/
  7. I've been muzzleloading for years. CVA makes good products all the way around. I actually just bought a .50 caliber Optima V2 to replace an older CVA .54 caliber model. The kick will be similar to a 12 gauge but the gun is a few pounds heavier. When shooting with a scope make sure you keep your eye back a bit...trust me. Clean and oil the gun very thoroughly after shooting. You'll enjoy it and they are relatively inexpensive for a rifle.
  8. I live near Beverly. I like CR4, SR676, SR60, SR821, SR78, SR83. You can take this route into Malta and pick up SR555. There's tons of good spotbike roads but beware of deer in the evenings and gravel in blind corners. Let me know if you want to ride. Maybe we can get a small group together.
  9. I ran BT016's for awhile and got something like 4000 miles + 1 track day. I just got Bridgestone S20's last season and love them so far. They're both all around good tires for the price.
  10. I was seriously considering track plastic as well. The price on the shark stuff is very reasonable.
  11. Sounds like it'll serve the purpose at least. I didn't want to but something that looks pretty okay on ebay just to find out it's total junk. I will check out that motosfansclubs stuff to see if they have anything that fits my bike. Thanks again for the help. I lucked out big time because that deer didn't break anything really expensive i.e. me. Once I get parts here I'll have the old girl back together in an hour or so.
  12. Do you know what "brand" your parts were?
  13. Fair enough. What threw it off from OEM? Was is flimsy, fitment goofy, paint looked unprofessional? Thanks for letting me pick you brain a bit. I'm looking at replacing all the large fairings on the bike. The left side and tail were cracked due to my overconfidence/grabbing a handful of throttle at the top of the esses at Mid-Ohio. The left side, front fender, and front upper were taken care of via deer head.
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