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  1. Random Thoughts thread

    Holy shit, finally you post something I agree with 😂🍻
  2. Enduro upgrade!

  3. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    It's been too long already... Gonna try to make it back next year... Also, my tolerance is shit now from drinking less and losing weight... I think the crown maple would get to me if recreated today lmao
  4. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Down to 224 today... Almost to my first goal weight of 220... Was 250 on Jan 1 Need to start working out now, try to get rid of the love handles and the extra gut that's left... Hoping to get down to 200 before October and tone up some... They just built a planet fitness right by my house so I'm going to sign up... I know that gym kinda sucks, but it's cheap as fuck and always open. For the first time since middle school I'm wearing XL shirts instead of 2/3XL...it feels good! You Ohio bubbies won't recognize me next time I come visit lol
  5. Finally applied for my CCW

    If you're 2 years expired either you never carry and have no need to renew, or you carry illegally and don't care, in which case why bother renewing now? Lol
  6. OhioRiders Spotify Playlist

    European Vacation by DJ Quik is my contribution if somebody adds it for me lol
  7. OhioRiders Spotify Playlist

    I didn't say anything negative about apple at all lol 🖕🏻
  8. OhioRiders Spotify Playlist

    My gf uses my Google Play subscription on her iPhone with no problems. She had the paid service for Pandora and Apple Music but she ditched them for Google because it's a better service. I buy the $10 subscription service so I can listen to whatever, as long as we're both not using it at once there's no problem. Extra 5 bucks to get multiple devices but we seem to share okay.
  9. OhioRiders Spotify Playlist

    About to stuff this list full of gangsta rap and industrial metal. Too bad I don't use Spotify though lol.... Google Play Music is where it's at
  10. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

  11. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    You can take your own bike to beginner if you want to. My class some lady showed up with a brand new scooter lol.. And she dropped it
  12. Ford Flex Vista Roof - Cracked

    Glass coverage... Who cares? Lol I'm hoping my windshield breaks soon because I want to tint it and it's 75 dollars cheaper to have it done while it's being replaced lmao... I got a rock chip the other day, hopefully the summer sun will split it 😂
  13. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    I'm on my second Honda and both had weak electric systems... Just throwing it out there. My current one will be my last.
  14. Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    This is the link I was looking for... I just saw the gun violence one when I opened this and got distracted lol ... How do these numbers compare before and after gun bans for AU for example? Overall murder is definitely much lower, but there could be plenty of cultural factors at play in that regard.. I'd be interested to see how banning guns impacted these numbers more than a straight compare... Not interested enough to go look for it though lol
  15. Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    Without clicking your links... Of course "gun death" is higher, we have more guns... Murder should be the relative statistic, not the tool used to commit it... Is it more acceptable to be knifed? That's silly