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  1. Steve Butters

    New Honda CBR

    Fucking short Tim's
  2. Steve Butters

    Mobile jump pack recommendations

    The one from the link has already come in handy for me and it's awesome. I jumped my 1.5L ford fusion with it and the car was so dead it didn't even register as being hooked up to the meter (it has a manual bypass mode where it sends electricity even if it doesn't detect the battery, for the cases.) And the little tiny clamps were great! I had the car jumped a second time by a tow truck who had a standard car sized jump box (the big ones) and the clamps were so big he had trouble getting a good ground on my car. The bolt on the fender wasn't quite doing it and it took him forever to smash the clamp back in where the negative terminal was. The little jump pack worked so well I didn't even anticipate any problems, and I connected it to that same fender bolt he was trying to use. Also managed to fit it under the seat of my bike, which is a miracle if you could see the pathetic "storage" area I have. This jump box, a kickstand pad, 2 allen wrenches, and my registration/insurance and the seat is CRAMMED down. If anyone is looking for one of these, I highly recommend this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015TKPT1A/?creativeASIN=B015TKPT1A&linkCode=w61&imprToken=LrCRJISamzRFHqOyKLQObQ&slotNum=0&tag=100568-20&th=1&psc=1
  3. Steve Butters

    Need a title...

    Usually when you're trying to clean a stolen bike you go on ebay and order a clean frame w/ title and swap the parts over....without asking publicly for help... 🤷🏻‍♂️ You're welcome.
  4. Steve Butters

    Dream Bikes

    I called off my prior engagement and used the wedding money I had saved for a used VFR... Wasn't exactly what I wanted but man did it feel good. I parked it at my mom's house for awhile since I lived in apartments. Didn't want the crazy ex to go fuckin around with new bae 🤣🤣
  5. Steve Butters

    Green Day

    Green Day has always sucked
  6. Steve Butters

    android mini pc?

  7. Steve Butters

    Nerding out over new gear.

    I have the same gloves and they're great!
  8. Steve Butters

    Random Thoughts thread

    Why not just leave it open? That's not very smart.
  9. Steve Butters

    Cryptic Photo

    I ♥ more powaaaa
  10. Steve Butters

    Haunted House Tour

    The guy:girl ratio is all wrong here....
  11. Steve Butters

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Scored piston wall... Needed a new engine. What would cause that? I keep up on the oil, Mobil 1. I'm kinda bad about air filters? Could that cause it?
  12. Steve Butters

    Hydraulic clutch question

    Finally got around to doing this.. Used dot 4... Set lever back to 3 and it's all good 👍🏻
  13. Steve Butters

    winter bike ritual

    Educate me.... What is Lipo4? I use cheap batteries from O'reilly because it's all that's available local and I'm usually changing it in a parking lot lol Id love to find a battery that doesn't suck. Even Yuasa don't last. Gotta be the heat out here.
  14. Steve Butters

    winter bike ritual

    Agreed. I rode my vfr through an Ohio winter as my only vehicle and the snow and salt wasn't kind to it. Constant battle to keep it clean and free of rust. Also.... Even with a tender, my battery won't survive winter storage. If it sits for more than a couple months it needs a new battery. Maybe it's my bikes weak electrical system, but I think removing and taking inside is probably good advice. Doesn't hurt at least.
  15. Steve Butters

    Where it all started

    Only one I regret selling was my dad's vmax... But I love my current bike and have no plans to ever get rid of it... If I wadded it up tho I'd grab something different, just because why not? Nice to try new bikes and see what's out there. Then again, I've never had a bike with abs and tc and all that stuff bikes come with now. Maybe if I already did I'd feel differently. I like those ridiculous kawasakis with 200+ hp, except for being ugly bitches. I'd like to add an FJR or Multi some day.