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  1. !!! I may need to buy a couple of these to have on hand 😂
  2. Not specifically but I swear by chemical guys. They're the only products I use on all of my shit.
  3. This thread needs to die. Coronavirus was so last month. Is it still even a thing? I thought the rioting cured the Rona.
  4. I don't even know who the fuck this is, but I love it 😂 and I did see the video of him kicking that dude in the head... Awesome
  5. I agree with your comment that they are separate issues. However, many people aren't making that distinction. If you don't support mass rioting and destruction then you must be a racist white devil who has no empathy for the black community. People are actually saying and thinking this shit, I've had it said TO me. It's ridiculous.
  6. You did read this right? Whether or not someone deleted the post, it's still resonating with someone of those clowns and the people on the street. Fake ceases to be fake when people begin to act on it.
  7. #FuckWhitey #FuckAmerica #ThisIsHowWeSolveRacism 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 🖕🏻
  8. What is your brilliant solution? More molotov cocktails being tossed into occupied police vehicles, random drive by shootings into crowds and vehicles driving down the street, do we need another Reginald Denny to step in and take one for the team so people can let their frustration out?
  9. Nothing wrong with protesting and civil unrest to prove a point. Curfew? Go break it and stand in the street with your sign. Police tell you to leave? Refuse. Do whatever you need to do to protest and prove your point. But how does looting, rioting, and burning down businesses of local people, while advocating the death of police officers and innocent white people help prove any kind of point? This is the same argument against police. Some bad police make people think all police are bad and should die. So what about rioters? Few bad protestor are ruining the greater point of the peaceful protesting. Burning down malls and murdering innocent people doesn't make all these people look bad? That's not bad for the cause?
  10. I don't understand why these two things have to go hand in hand. The cop was clearly in the wrong from the evidence presented so far, and he's been arrested and charged with murder. What more do they want? And it's not a fair statement that cops never get locked up, it's been happening way more frequently. That aside, how does trashing the city solve any problems? What more do people want? Nothing. They just want anarchy. They wanna cause havoc and do all the things they see on TV that they normally cannot get away with. Half those people probably don't give a damn about George Floyd, they just want free shoes and xboxs and the street credit to tell their buddies they torched a cop car. This whole movement would have more credibility to me if there wasn't countless small business owners who are entirely innocent, having their lives and businesses ruined by these people. Even black store owners are being looted. They're committing crimes against other black people while protesting about crimes against black people. That 7hr video also has a section where people start shooting guns at a random car driving by. Let's protest by trying to kill white people. Good idea. And fuck any of you who think this shit is okay. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Is there a problem that needs fixed? Yes. Is this the way to do it? We'll see, but I'm guessing no. Why not ACTUALLY protest peacefully and try to build a movement and get people on your side? Destroying the city and wasting gov money seems like the opposite way to push for "equality" even though I don't believe that's what any of these protestors want.
  11. Went shooting in the desert... Locked myself out of my truck somehow. Lolol. Had to call someone to bring me an extra key, smh. Fail. The rescue vehicle 😂
  12. But if you dare suggest someone is funding them, you're a conspiracy nut.
  13. Police vehicle (or military, in light of the riotz 😂)
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