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  1. Steve Butters

    Check Ya Nuts

    Tonic is an old fucker, this is the guy who has me inspired to get a physical 😂 I turn 30 next year!
  2. Steve Butters

    Check Ya Nuts

    Jk... Glad you're all good ya uni-nut fucker!
  3. Steve Butters

    Check Ya Nuts

    But did you die?
  4. Steve Butters

    Walmart open carry, Sept 3, 2019

    Concealed is concealed. 🤷🏻‍♂️ FTP
  5. Steve Butters

    Funny picture thread.

    Sometimes it's nice to stand up after 6 hours on a plane 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Steve Butters

    Vstar Exhaust

    This. Hard to sell stock pipes so people toss them out. Much easier to find someone with stock pipes installed and offer to trade. Offer in to do the swap yourself is added bonus. I had success with this approach locating a black V6 mustang bumper that I traded my stock gt bumper for.. Dude drove to my house and I took the bumper off his car, put mine on it, sent him on his way... Easy
  7. Steve Butters

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Is this a free standing model or does it attach to a trailer hitch? Let me know, I'll probably be interested.
  8. Steve Butters

    Earplugs for rididng

    Who tf wears earplugs at concerts?? That defeats the point of going, you can listen quietly in your car anytime... Yall strange.
  9. Steve Butters

    Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Riding Boots

    Maiden voyage in the new kicks today.... They flow way more air than my old icon field armor and they're pretty comfortable. The sizing is a little odd and the cut is a little odd too, since you can't tighten the ankle adjustment...and I usually wear size 13 but I wear a 47 in these which I think is a 12. I've even worn them around the office today and they've been good for general walking too. Can't wait for them to break in just a hair. Overall would recommended them based on my limited use so far. Thanks for hooking it up @RidersDiscount!
  10. Steve Butters

    BRS classes truly full

    My class had 3 stand by and they all made it in
  11. Steve Butters

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Yall can't share a parking spot? Douchecati owners...
  12. Steve Butters

    FS - Bridgestone Battlax Tires $200

    These are the stock tires for my bike and they've treated me well. I'm on my second or third set. They hold up to slab miles and boiling hot lava pavement great. These are even the right size. Damn you for not posting these a couple weeks ago before I ordered a new front, I'd have grabbed this set from you. To anyone looking that hasn't used these, they're great tires. I have no complaints and I've really only had traction issues with them when I'm being a dumbass.
  13. Steve Butters

    Hydraulic clutch question

    Okay thanks. I'll go with 5.1 just because it's so fucking hot out here.
  14. Steve Butters

    Hydraulic clutch question

    DOT4 or DOT 5.1? My bike specifies 4, but I've seen a few people who recommend 5.1. Any difference/benefit to either? I'll be swapping the brake and clutch fluid out this weekend.
  15. Steve Butters

    Introduction - 18 from the Cleveland Area!

    Welcome... Post pics of your bike or gtfo! 😊