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  1. Steve Butters

    2014 Yamaha FJR1300

    Sent this to my father in law.. He's in Ohio and wants an FJR.. Not sure if he's ready to buy one right now or not though. You forgot to post the mileage, btw.
  2. Steve Butters

    Guess the new bike thread

  3. Steve Butters

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    While I still think this was a dumb fight to pick, it's awesome to see the system work for the little people 😂. Congrats to everyone who put in the effort on this. Special shout out for having to deal with Tonic so much through the process.
  4. Steve Butters

    Random Thoughts thread

    I don't like the powered running boards... They get in the way. My truck has a huge double moon roof but I'll probably never use it... My luck it'd get stuck open or start to leak lol. Never been a sun roof person, if I could snap my fingers and have a solid roof I would do it. However, the glass roof helped sell it to my wife... So 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣
  5. Steve Butters

    Random Thoughts thread

    My step-dad has had some awful experience with Fords recently so I hear you lol. I left the house to go test drive a Ram and I ended up at a GMC dealer buying a Ford 😂
  6. Steve Butters

    Random Thoughts thread

    Other than some badging, the only thing his truck has that mine is missing is powered running boards and heated rear seats. He also paid 10k more for his and it's a generation older. So far I love the Lariat. I've never had anything but base model trucks before now.
  7. Steve Butters

    Random Thoughts thread

    It's all I ever own, if I can help it. I've had way more good than bad. I blame the size of the engine in the fusion more than the brand. It's too hot here and I have too heavy of a foot to drive a 1.5L 200ish hp turbo 4 banger; I really think I just ran it down. The 5.0 NA motor is much better and I don't have to run it to redline to merge onto the freeways lol
  8. Steve Butters

    Random Thoughts thread

    So after the engine blew in my fusion at 80k miles I just didn't trust it anymore with the replacement engine. I traded it in on a new (to me) truck that is so unpractical, but I fucking love it... So oh well. It only gets 13mpg and I can't park it at my job because the garage is too short there; I have to park it a half mile away and pay an extra $30 to use the garage between the stadiums downtown lol. Garages above 6'8" are rare here, or so I found out recently. It's a 2015 F150 with a 5.0. At least she's pretty. Got tired of my father-in-law bitching about scratches on his truck when we take it out to the desert to go shooting. So I got my own lol. His truck is a Platinum edition so he acts like it's too nice to get dirty. This one is a Lariat and seems to have all the same shit as his. Not sure what the difference even is, but this one is gonna get dirty lol.
  9. Steve Butters

    how far to work is too far...

    I made the same choice... After about 3yrs the drive never got better and I was never really satisfied... If the drive is "killing" you then don't move further. There will be other houses. I used to commute almost 2hr each way to live in the house we loved. Eventually it wore on me hardcore.
  10. Steve Butters

    Tonight at 12 AM....

    I know for sure I celebrated midnight eastern time... My wife says I made it until midnight here, but fuck if I remember that part of the night 😂 🥂 Happy New Year, fuckers.
  11. Steve Butters

    FS - 2003 Honda CBR600RR $2500 OBO

    $350 and an xbox
  12. Steve Butters

    Shoei Neotec II Modular Helmet

    RD has a website??? 🤔
  13. Steve Butters

    Funny vids, post them up.

    I can't believe I watched all 10 minutes of this. With a look of disgust. 🖕🏻
  14. Steve Butters

    Shit Kent and UP do not care about.

    Why does this not say ex-wife?
  15. Steve Butters

    Morgan County Here

    Welcome noob