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    2006 R1 - 2006 ZX14 - 2003 TL1000R
  1. DragonSix

    Fall Leaf Tour 2012

    Hey, Grayling needs you Guard guys or it will go broke..
  2. DragonSix

    Mid-Ohio Track day the 13th...

    CORRECTION: REDO---I would Split a garage on Tuesday the 14th... not there on Monday... Don - Alex 614.425.5613cell TL1000R YAM R6
  3. DragonSix

    Mid-Ohio Track day the 13th...

    I would split the cost of a garage on the 13th. Alex Don Barbee TL1000R YAM R6
  4. DragonSix

    Mid-Ohio Track day the 13th...

    I am going Tuesday the 14th, taking the TL1000 and R6.
  5. DragonSix

    MCIR Question

    Okay thanks. I plan on taking the TL but do not have a kill switch or leathers. I have tried calling MCIR a few times but nobody has ever answered. I plan on calling again but if nobody answers I'll just show up and see what happens. Oh and by the way, do they let bikes run side by side with cars?
  6. DragonSix

    MCIR Question

    I was wondering if you can run your bike for the friday Test and Tune at Marion County International Speedway? If so, what safety gear is required? (Leathers, boots, gauntlet gloves?) Thanks! -Alex
  7. DragonSix

    Checking VIN

    I did your NICB VIN check. Works!
  8. DragonSix

    Reviews on Superhawks, possible second bike

    Compared to a CBR600RR, it is a different but very capable weapon. Think of Ducati sophistication with a Japanese price!
  9. DragonSix

    Reviews on Superhawks, possible second bike

    What kind of riding and bike do you use now?
  10. DragonSix

    Riding and off roading around columbus? Anywhere good?

    I'm looking for a spot to ride if you find one!! Wayne NF opens 15 April... Perry SF opens 1 April..... Until then I am always looking! Don
  11. Aaron,

    I see you still got your 2004 CBR 600...

    I lost all my email crap and forgot my Userid.. so I got a new one this week..

    Do you know what my old userid is? Help!


    Don Barbee

    2006 ZX14

    2006 R1