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  1. twisted12

    Dream Ride 2012: Feeler

    i can do sunday
  2. twisted12

    Stupid used bike dealers....

    The reason we don't like when the loan is paid of early is because the dealer gets charged back, it doesn't hurt your credit paying it off early as much as it may hurt the dealer
  3. twisted12

    Stupid used bike dealers....

    Well at a sale price of $2990 sale $210 tax 7 percent not sure what county 250 doc fee 33.50 30 day tag and title fee @6.99@36. Months Payment is about 108 They probably packed the payment a little bit for a warranty or a something but its close The 250 is what the state allows a dealer to charge as far as I know we all do it the only way it's lower is if the vehicle is under 2500 then it is 10 percent of the sale price
  4. twisted12

    2010 gz250 for sale

    A friend of mine is selling a 2010 gz250 black with 12 miles on it. I have not seen it he said it also has leather bags. Lady bought it never rode it. Clear title. If interested let me know located in bay village.
  5. twisted12

    5/20 Sunday

    Glad the damage was minimal, hope to see you out again just take something out of it.
  6. twisted12

    5/20 Sunday

    I am up
  7. twisted12

    5/20 Sunday

    Hope to get out on a Sunday sometime soon
  8. twisted12

    5/20 Sunday

    Ok I will be there at 10
  9. twisted12

    5/20 Sunday

    Who is going? I am in for sure, I know jeff is going also is there a prefered time?
  10. twisted12

    5/20 Sunday

    Well I would not feel comfortable leading but my buddy Jeff is capable of leading if need be. He may need help with the route though. Any preference on the route I would be good with either of the posted ideas. I was thinking of the usual meet spot at 83 circle k. Leave at 9 or 10.
  11. twisted12

    5/20 Sunday

    I am down with either, this is my first time out as well should be perfect weather, I know uncle punk you are up in the air would anyone feel like leading either of these routes, also I think Greg is looking to get out as well and my buddy jeff . Was thinking either 9 or 10 at the circle k at 83.
  12. twisted12

    5/20 Sunday

    Anybody planning on getting out sunday! Looks like killer weather! No route in mind but wouldn't mind doing 300 or so miles.
  13. twisted12

    Tryin to getter back together!

    gl hope to see you out there soon
  14. twisted12

    KTM mid ohio?

    Does anyone no if ktm is doing the ride the orange event this year at mid-ohio
  15. twisted12

    why did you get off the street

    I hear ya I know I will defiantly do some track days next year, but I do like the southern Ohio rides.