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  1. I love it so far and not that many miles but plan on riding it till it dies lol. I got the fender eliminater kit and integrated tail light on it now. Just need to put in frame sliders. Some other mods and a new full exhaust.

  2. Everything is going good on my end, carving up the tracks and canyons over here in sunny CA. How do you like the R6?

  3. Hey Evil just got my new r6 yesterday. How is everything going for you?

  4. We're all in California soaking up the sun, twisty roads, and plethora of riders who don't know how to work on their own bikes because it's just a something they do to look cool.
  5. I've seen this bike in person when I was at MMI; incredibly good paint job, but gay as f*ck.
  6. I watched that shit all the time when I was growing up in the 90's
  7. It almost never rains and I live 15 mins from the mountains, I'd say it's a rider's paradise *Edit* AND WE CAN LEGALLY LANE SPLIT HERE!...I'll never go back, lol.
  8. If you're mechanically inclined and a good salesman, and willing to move to Socal, this could be an excellent opportunity for you. Bazzaz Job Opening
  9. I'll take the one on the left and right, at the same time... with their guns...
  10. Wait, Rep has been brought back? Has IP been banned from using it?
  11. Alright if anyone is interested in pre-odering, my GM finally explain how the pre-ordering thing works exactly. You call us and tell us what system you want, we get all your info, including your credit card info, and we won't charge your card until we ship the unit to you. And we'll call you before we do that to make sure you still want it. So get your orders in, or I'll never get to develop a system for the 636!
  12. I'll have one for the 03, and I'm hoping the 05-06 harness will work on the 03-04 ZX-6RR since it had dual injectors and the ZX-6R didn't.
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