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  1. DAC

    Goodbye OR

    Why you no have bike?
  2. DAC

    Acf 50

    I use ACF-50 every spring on the CB1100 since it has chrome-plated metal fenders. Except I didn't last year, 'cause, ya know, I'm a dumbass.
  3. $20 for three ear plugs? Pffft. What's the third one for? Do I want to know? Cheapest is to buy a bunch (can usually get box of 200 pr.) of 3M EAR, Howard Leight, or whatever, for $20 and throw them out after every ride. The foam can retain bad stuff and ear infections aren't fun. At least for most people. Short rides and commutes are okay and methinks it's good sometimes to listen for bike gremlins. I used to get minor irritation from foam plugs after long stretches and when they seal well, you'll get an ear pop when you pull them. Saw the MotoGP guys licking the disposa
  4. Look, I told you. It's "ohiofirearmsandpointlessbitching.net". Tonik bought the domain name. Back to your regularly scheduled nonsense: "Blah, blah, blah [insert incoherent political bullshit here] blah, blabbity, blah"
  5. DAC

    Nice save.

    Some of the best racing is in Moto3. The last laps in Moto3 at LeMans, including Kornfeil's Evel Kneivel save, was pretty vicious.
  6. DAC

    Oh the irony.

    Time for the Euros to pay to defend themselves. Germany struggles to spend 1% of their GDP on defense. We're at something like 4.5%. Oh, and by the way, our hemisphere (western that is) is relatively peaceful.
  7. Which one? Oh never mind. Just pick whichever one suits. Or whichever suit won.
  8. DAC

    My MotoGP trip

    Nice Trip for you there Cooter. And good on ya for riding your almost new hyperbike - I'm too much of a wimp to try that. Looks like you were at turn 15? Cool place to watch. The kid and I did the variety pack or whatever where you sit someplace different every day. (Turn 1, Turn 15, Main Grandstand.) Enjoy the bike!
  9. If you don't get sore after a let workout, you're doing it wrong. Rising out of a chair 2 days after legs should make you cry.
  10. Tonik and Casper - like an old married couple. You need them on your forum.
  11. This is interesting, as I'm considering going to Apple. Wife and kids all have Apple and my extended family all have Apple on the wife's side. My parents and brother are android but are so incommunicado they could have Windows phones for all it matters. Got a 2014 vintage Motorola MotoX that is similar to the Google phones in that it Moto was owned by Google at the time (I think) and so the OS is pretty clean. Or so the story goes. It's got actual wood on the back too. (ooooooh aaaaaaah) But much as I like the phone, battery life is getting low and I didn't get enough memory when I
  12. I first met Jerry when I rode sweep for him during my first Epic Ride when he led the slow group on his 'wing. A fine gentleman. I look forward to riding with him in the future. Get well, Jerry. Beat that thing. I will remember you in my prayers. David
  13. Interesting. I'm currently reading "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I'm not too far in, but it's interesting how the Democratic presidents were handling things beyond slavery. Like Polk drumming up a Mexican war so that he can extort the land that ultimately became California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Nice win, but ill gotten. Maybe we should give 'em back?
  14. Enjoy those 80mph speed limit slabs in TX.
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