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    1998 VFR 800FI, 2002 KLX300R

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    I have a large garage I could rent out a small space to any one who may need it. The only problem with that may be that I am not always home to give access.
  2. Yeah I am usually one of them pickin as you city folk come drifting through
  3. If you are starting out in the Athens area go out 550 towards Amesville. Stay on 550 till you get to 339 take 339 into Beverly then go out 83 or 60 till they meet up with 78. Take 78 to Glouster. Take 13 towards Chauncey and then head out 685 towards Buchtel. Then take 78 into Nelsonville to hop on 278 towards Zaleski and then run 56 towards Athens. This is a great route lots of bends lots of hills lots of fun. I can run this route all day long on the VFR
  4. Any VFR riders around the Athens area wanna do some rides together sometime?
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    My Rides

    Just some pics of my rides
  6. I purchased a 98 Honda VFR800 FI. I am looking for some riding friends to possibly do some long distance riding on some long weekends. Drop me a line if your interested
  7. Looking to get some riders for a first ride 09 march 14th. Any one interested?
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