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  1. Sporty105

    Sportster 883 - too small?

    You can buy an 883 and do a NRHS 1250 kit to get the extra power. Bike would still be registered as an 883 for insurance too. Cheaper than buying a new 1200.
  2. Sporty105

    DTM Brian Dyno Tune

    Everybody probably already is well aware of how great Brian is at tuning bikes, I just wanted to say Thank You again to Brian for the work he did on my bike this morning. It is a completely different bike and runs way better than it ever has before. Brian took the time to fine tune the entire range and not just WOT. What a difference it made. If anyone is thinking about getting a tune I highly recomend they talk to DTM Brian.
  3. Sporty105

    Keep f***in' that chicken! (News fail)

    Sounds like the old "Chicken Fahker" prank from Super Troopers. His buddy probably lost $20 because he actually said it on live TV.
  4. Sporty105

    how many miles so far?

    just under 4,000. Probably over after this weekend.
  5. Nice looking bike. Like the gunmetal paint the best of the 100th anny options.

  6. Sporty105

    places to post my bike for sale?

    I put my old bike on Craigslist with a few pictures and an accurate discription and had several replies within the hour. Be careful though, there are some wierdos out there.
  7. Sporty105

    8-30 2 Pulls for $20.00

    I am going to to be there. Will it be possible to change settings on my fuelpak between pulls? I have 2 different values from V&H and want to see which one is better.
  8. Sporty105

    81 or 82 Maxim

    If i remember correclty, and that's a big IF, i think they were at the front of the tank or even slightly under it close to the frame. I'm going to see my cousin this weekend, i'll check with him and see if they have an update.
  9. Sporty105

    81 or 82 Maxim

    I use to have an 82 Maxim and my cousin has an 81 with the same issue. They think it is the coil as well. Not sure on a fix except a new/diffferent coil. Thats all i know for now.
  10. Some of you may have already seen this and I didnt find anything in the "search" for it so I apologize if its a repost but I thought you might get a laugh out of it. http://www.gixxer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=226570
  11. Sporty105

    Is there a hooters bike night tonight on Rome Hilliard?

    There is. Just started last week I think. http://www.ca-hd.com/event_calendar.asp
  12. Sporty105

    So what is your preferred ride!

    not at all, I love the back country roads where there is a nice combination of twisties and some nice flat straightaways to open it up once in a while:D Hate having to constantly watch for and deal with crap in the road, makes the ride not as much fun.
  13. Sporty105

    40 members.......

  14. Sporty105

    Damn, I love our economy

    Who did you refi through? My wife and I are looking into doing that as well and are looking for the best people to deal with.
  15. Sporty105

    Honda Fury: 2010

    Not a bad looking bike, i would put street sweepers and a bigger tank on though.