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  1. Finally found one on ebay.... coming from a bike salvage in tampa. Didn't wanna spend that much but sounds like a real good motor. I just wanna ride....
  2. Thanks. .... been looking. I'll email pinwall to see what they have.haven't had a success as yet.... just aggravated at the idiots that had this bike prior that were to damn lazy n stupid to merely change the oil..... which is what I beleive is its main reason of its demise. Got to much done to her to just leave it sit..... anybody that wants to or can get to it I'm willing to pay for the work bar finding another motor
  3. Hello..... Unfortunately im in need of a1999 R1 motor..... Previous owner just fkd up this one.
  4. Right...... Shes been sitn a bit. Maybe catch you guys at DQ one of these thursdays....... Once its finally on the road.
  5. Can't wait to show it to you in person. ..... gotta get it to cooperate first. LoL
  6. Reimbrandt

    My R1

    Everything nearly done and ready....... Took it out and ran it around the country block...... Ran great. Got back to the shop n now there is a knock in the top end that wasnt there...... GAH. Fml...... Hoping its nothing serious. (And yes before i get a moron comment, we did put the calipers back on the front first before i ride it)
  7. Reimbrandt

    99 R1

    Right..... see since I've never done halos before I was tryn to go a cheap route and get a used set...... so I they got fkd up I wouldn't feel as bad as screwn up new ones.
  8. Reimbrandt

    99 R1

    I'm looking for a headlight assembly for a 99 R1.... I have halos I purchased for mine but after removing the headlights found the previous owner had glued them when damaged when the bike was laid down. Need a undamaged one to do the halos.....
  9. Guess you'll have to wait to see it in person. There's very little space left for another file unless I delete the other pics...... sorry... tech challenged
  10. Thanks guys..... hopefully run into you running around town here sometime. Wanna actually hit a meet n greet if I can this year.....
  11. Fairings are eady to go back on......... As soon as i get the bike back from Zs......
  12. Right....... I really hoping to hold onto this for a while.......
  13. Gonna go with a walking dead theme....... Think im gonna base it in a harley white w gold pearl. (Since its paint i already have sitn around) splash it with a blood red graphic. Front rim will be painted to match since its bare aluminum along with the lower part if the forks. Wanna lower it a little more...... Got the usual to add like levers n such. Hopefully with this one i can get away from the mechnical issues i had with the other and just enjoy riding this coming season....... It Not spend half the time in the shop
  14. I traded it snot....... The thing was never gonna run right. Moved up to a R1...... Yeah it's multi colored. That pic was taken after I got all the damaged parts replaced and fitted BEFORE paint which I'm starting to do now
  15. From here........ Hasnt been on forever
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