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  1. Wahoo

    CBus peeps help?

    Your photo with the Gov is on Cleveland.com with the article on the new law. Nice job, Jim.
  2. Wahoo

    Funny picture thread.

  3. Wahoo

    Any lawyers present?

    Have you considered contacting the Ohio AG’s office? They have a consumer fraud section (criminal prosecutors and investigators) which investigates fraudulent contractors. Yours may not be the first complaint they have received on this guy. Local police and municipal prosecutors are not really set up to do this. Redkow is correct, your lawyer’s opinion as to whether you have a good criminal case is somewhat irrelevant. (I’m a retired 35+ year federal prosecutor, so I have a bit of experience on that front). Not sure exactly where you are located but the AG has offices in most of the larger cities (Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland). Call them - maybe they can help.
  4. Wahoo

    New Year = New Bike

    Congrats on the new ride. 👍 I’ve been looking at new wings but not sure I’m ready to change. I have somewhere around 73k or 75k on mine now and it’s set up for exactly how we want it. Who knows, maybe In a few years....
  5. Wahoo

    RIP Ghostrider

    i am Listening to ghost rider first
  6. Wahoo

    RIP Ghostrider

    Looks like they are free for download until Jan 28 per Amazon thanks for the heads up
  7. Wahoo

    Tuesday, Jan 14 Ride

    Better be careful Pauly, if I recall correctly, that’s how Dan got hooked 😎
  8. Wahoo

    What i did in guns.

    I have by it but never shot there. If it’s anything like the range near mosquito creek (grand river area) it should be good. I’ve shot there. you may want to check the odnr website. The Grand river range is closed from Jan 1 to march. Not sure about Woodbury
  9. PayPal just sent. Tim, thanks for coordinating this for Dan.
  10. Wahoo

    Emergency fall trip.

    Looks like a residence inn. Nice. That’s usually our first choice when traveling. Getting a suite at the government rate is even better. 👍
  11. Oops I meant safflower seeds. Sorry. The seeds cost about $4 a bag at the local farm market.
  12. Put saffron in the bird feeder instead of the mixed seeds. Squirrels won’t touch it. That is how Mrs Wahoo solved our problem of those furry bastards devouring all of the bird seed. I wanted to shoot them with my .22 air rifle but we live inside the city limits and can’t even shoot an air rifle here.
  13. My 2008 wing has the same 8000 mile oil change schedule, but over the past 10 years i’ve noticed that beyond 6,000 miles the shifting doesn’t feel as smooth, so i try to change it every 6000 miles or so. It’s usually pretty dirty when it comes out so I don’t feel bad about doing it early. Never had the oil analyzed so no idea what the chemistry is....but oil isn’t expensive, so i just change it.
  14. Wahoo

    Funny picture thread.

    Is that an African swallow or a European swallow?
  15. Wahoo

    Vote for Sunny! In the finals!

    Voted again at work
  16. Wahoo

    Vote for Sunny! In the finals!

    Turned off wi-Fi and voted again
  17. Wahoo

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    Nice. That blue color really looks good too. 👍
  18. Wahoo

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    Congrats on the new ride. Where did you end up buying it ?
  19. Wahoo

    If you were me...

    On The Edge Honda in Amherst had a DCT demo model last summer but I never took it out for a test ride. Call Dale at 440-985-3343. I didn’t buy my GoldWIng there (I bought it from a private seller) but I have taken it to On The Edge for some service I couldn’t do as well as some recall work. They have always treated me well....
  20. Wahoo

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    Good luck with the new ride, Pauly. It’s a great looking bike.
  21. Wahoo

    What i did in guns.

    Ho Ho Ho. Santa came down our chimney a month early. He must have been on a recon mission, 😎
  22. Wahoo

    Who has edc experience with LCP?

    I have an LCP that I carry almost every day. Pocket holster or in an ankle holster. Fits in pockets great. I bought a stainless guide rod and a 13 pound spring. Much better to shoot that the stock guide and the 9 pound spring.. Put a Hogue grip on it and get a few extra 7 round mags.
  23. Wahoo

    Where to sight a rifle?

    I’m pretty sure ODNR closed the Delaware range for 2018. Not sure if it will reopen for 2019.