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  1. As to the Ken and Karen show, at least he appears to have his trigger finger outside the trigger guard, whereas Karen looks to have her finger on the trigger. she needs to take a gun safety class. Even if they’re not charged criminally with menacing, they still might have a complaint filed against them by Missouri Disciplinary Counsel since it was reported they are both personal injury lawyers. 🙄
  2. I’ve got a mask and a gun, and always wear both of them in public. Just say’n 😎
  3. Found a dead one in the backyard this morning with its eyes gone. Looks like the local red tail hawk’s diet has progressed from doves (appetizer) to squirrels (main course). one down, four to go. 👍
  4. Looks good Ricer. 👍
  5. Wahoo

    WTF is this?

    sort of like Frame sliders for bicycles? I guess it makes sense with the price of some High-end bicycle parts. 👍
  6. Man, that bike looks so much better in the new color. 👍
  7. Highly recommend the museum in Anamosa. We were there in 2016. 👍
  8. Needles Highway and Iron Mountain Road. Do the loop counter-clockwise and On iron mountain road you’ll see Mt Rushmore Through the trees to the north. We stayed in Deadwood for six nights and did day trips from there. We stayed at the Hampton, but friends on other trips have stayed at the Holiday Inn. Everything is within walking distance from either place. Just about every road out there is a good ride. Watch for Bison in and around Custer State Park. They’re big and fast, and will run across the road in front of you in a heartbeat. One nearly took out the couple we were with going up iron mountain road.
  9. I was also going to suggest avoiding Chicago. We hit a lot of traffic rolling through there on I-90 a few years ago on the way to South Dakota.
  10. To keep the game moving, your photo is good. play on. New challenge?
  11. I normally carry motorcycle jumper cables but have only ever used them to jump someone else’s bike. I won’t wait so long next time. Luckily mine took a dump in my garage, not on the road. 👍
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