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  1. Wahoo

    Dragon shortcut

    They were banned but several times each week you still see one on killboy. If the police are up there, they escort them thru then ticket them at the end.
  2. Wahoo

    Dragon shortcut

    Follow B-Mac’s advice and she’ll be fine. And, she can get killboy Photos to prove she slayed the dragon. 👍
  3. Another vote for Helen GA. Have only been to one of the German restaurants (Old Heidelberg) But it was very good, and the place that’s on the lower level near the bridge (Troll Tavern) is very good too. 👍
  4. I only ride after dark if it’s absolutely necessary. Too many critters.
  5. Really sorry to hear that. Didn’t know him, but we’re all in this together. RIP Troy.
  6. I do what Tim does if I’m on the VStrom. On the Honda, I keep it in my jacket pocket and hold it up for the reader. If two up, that is Mrs Wahoo’s job.
  7. Thanks for the offer, but I’m not going off road on this whale. I’m too old to be picking this thing up.
  8. New York has a 14 day quarantine if you come from Ohio unless you have a documented negative COVID test. we were planning a few days in the finger lake region, but this ended that plan. the rest of New England (Vermont and New Hampshire) doesn’t want us up there either.
  9. Nice day for a ride from Lake Erie down to Mohawk Dam. Hit some of my favorite roads in the area and explored some of the gravel roads off of 715. And finally, rode the gravel road that accesses the base of the dam. Only 225 miles, but hey, I’m retired. I can go again tomorrow. 😎
  10. Pauly, the Rox risers I put on my VStrom didn’t do that. You should send that photo to Rox and see if there wasn’t a manufacturing defect of some kind, or they sent the wrong parts.
  11. The photo of the wet overlook with the sunny hole in the clouds is a great shot ! 👍👍
  12. As to the Ken and Karen show, at least he appears to have his trigger finger outside the trigger guard, whereas Karen looks to have her finger on the trigger. she needs to take a gun safety class. Even if they’re not charged criminally with menacing, they still might have a complaint filed against them by Missouri Disciplinary Counsel since it was reported they are both personal injury lawyers. 🙄
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