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  1. Wahoo

    Who has edc experience with LCP?

    I have an LCP that I carry almost every day. Pocket holster or in an ankle holster. Fits in pockets great. I bought a stainless guide rod and a 13 pound spring. Much better to shoot that the stock guide and the 9 pound spring.. Put a Hogue grip on it and get a few extra 7 round mags.
  2. Wahoo

    Where to sight a rifle?

    I’m pretty sure ODNR closed the Delaware range for 2018. Not sure if it will reopen for 2019.
  3. Wahoo

    2nd gun out of these?

    Good to know. Next time I’m in a spending mood, I will check with you for prices.
  4. Wahoo

    2nd gun out of these?

    If the Smith & Wesson 380 EZ is still under consideration, Dunhams has them on sale today and tomorrow for $329, which includes a metal lock box (key not combo) to store it in. Price goes up to $349 after Monday. I saw it in the circular in the Sunday paper today. They also have Remington 870 shotguns on sale for $279 (12 ga or 20 ga). The best price I’ve seen on them before was $299 at Fin Feather in September.
  5. Wahoo

    2nd gun out of these?

    I have two 9mm Shields. One with a thumb safety and one without. I carry the one with the safety and use the other one mainly as a range gun. I have rubber grip sleeves on both and it makes a big difference especially if you have large hands. The 8 round mags work better for my hand, but it comes with both 7 and 8 round mags. Shoot one. You’ll buy it for sure.
  6. Wahoo

    What did you do to your bike today?

    In the Ozarks for 5 days. Great roads. Checking another place off the bucket list. Lots of this
  7. Wahoo

    First Gun out of these?

    The grip safety on the 380 EZ is no problem. Actually promotes use of a “proper” grip on the firearm, or else it won’t fire. We got one as part of a “package” which included an IWB DeSantis leather holster, a box of JHP rounds, a cleaning kit and something else which I can’t recall now. Price was $409. After deducting Cost of the “extras” we paid roughly $359 for the gun itself. My summer carry is an LCP 380 (pocket carry in shorts or ankle holster with jeans). Not a fun gun to shoot but very easy to carry. My other carry is a 9mm Shield. Harder to conceal with summer clothes but once temps drop and my sweatshirts come out of the drawer, it’s my daily fall/winter/spring carry.
  8. Wahoo

    First Gun out of these?

    If you are not locked into a Ruger, take a look at the new Smith & Wesson 380 EZ Shield for your wife. Easy to rack, shoots great, frame is large enough for a good grip, but small enough to conceal. My wife loves hers.
  9. Wahoo

    Pain while riding, or "I'm getting old"

    The only thing that bothers me (at age 60) is my knees. I take 3 Advil and I’m good to go. If its a long day (over 8 hours in the saddle) I’ll take a few more after 6 hours. If I’m on a long trip (10-16 days) my doc suggested taking a Pepsid to help the stomach out.
  10. Wahoo

    Coshocton/Millersburg area

    Depending on the amount of rain they have had, keep an eye open for 715 possibly being closed between Walhounding and Mohawk Dam. I was down that way a week or so ago (and met 2TallTim) and the road had just re-opened. Lots of dirt still on the roadway and there was still some standing water. If it had been raining the day I was there, the roadway would have been slick as snot. I didn’t notice any other closures. 62 was open,as was 39, 60, 206, 39, 520, 514.
  11. Wahoo

    Mapping Programs

    I use Google maps like Dan, but have also done the same thing with the Harley Route planner. I also still have an old copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips (circa 2011, I think) but it will only run on my old Dell laptop with WIndows Vista. Since Microsoft doesn’t suport the software any longer, I cannot run it on Windows 10 machines we own. Plan the routes, save as .gpx file and copy to Garmin and import from the micro sd card. Still works just may not have new roads or waypoints build in last 6 years. Rather than searching for a hotel, or whatever, I find something nearby that was there in 2011 and tie the waypoints to that. It’s worked for 32 states so far..... LOL
  12. My 9mm M&P Shield works well OWB in cold weather with a sweatshirt or fleece covering it. In warmer weather, i carry my LCP 380, either on my ankle (with jeans) or in a # 2 Blackhawk pocket holster (with shorts). I have an ankle holster that works with the Shield also, but the LCP is a much better choice for ankle carry.
  13. As I understand it, If the loaded firearm is accessible by a non-CHL person in the vehicle, it’s an F-4 felony offense in Ohio. If everyone in the vehicle does not have a CHL, make sure you have the firearm secured in a holster on your person under your control, or at least placed somewhere inaccessible to the non-CHL person (e.g. you are driving and you have the firearm in the driver’s door storage compartment). Not a perfect solution, but better than the glove box or center console. Do not leave a loaded firearm in an unlocked glove box or in the center console if the non-CHL person can access those areas easily. If you lock it in the glovebox make sure the non-CHL person doesn’t have a key to open it. I have my CHL, as does my wife and adult son, so for us it’s not an issue unless there is someone else in the vehicle.
  14. Wahoo

    What i did in guns.

    Nice grouping.
  15. Wahoo

    heated grips

    I have oxfords on my v strom. Work very well. Never had to use highest setting because medium puts out a lot of heat.