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  1. Most of us Goldwing guys are older than you and need to stop to pee long before the gas tank is empty. Some day you’ll understand 😁
  2. Third day in a row that I got out. Just about 475 miles in all. Weather doesn’t get much better than this in early November 😎 looks like the weekend should be more of the same. Be safe out there folks 👍
  3. You need to talk to a different lawyer. Forgetting to cement the knee is different than opting between two different courses of treatment. Cementing the knee is a necessary step in any procedure. Your new surgeon can verify that. The expense and pain and suffering resulting from the second surgery was completely unnecessary but for the first surgeon’s negligence. His insurance carrier will settle long before you need to sue them. Just don’t wait until the last minute. Oh, you probably should also file a complaint with the medical licensing board people. In any event, it’s your business. Hope her second procedure goes well.
  4. If you’re thinking of going the lawyer route, keep in mind that Ohio has a relatively short statute of limitations for bringing medical malpractice actions. You only have 1 year after the date you discover the injury OR one year after the date of the last treatment by the negligent physician Given the length of time since the surgery, your SOL probably will be 1 year from date of discovery. Your lawyer will be able to figure it out but don’t wait 11 months and 15 days to go see a lawyer. You should document everything well.
  5. Congrats on the new ride Pauly. You will not regret buying it. Hope to get out for a ride with you and Tonik again one of these days. 👍
  6. Wahoo

    Dragon shortcut

    They were banned but several times each week you still see one on killboy. If the police are up there, they escort them thru then ticket them at the end.
  7. Wahoo

    Dragon shortcut

    Follow B-Mac’s advice and she’ll be fine. And, she can get killboy Photos to prove she slayed the dragon. 👍
  8. Another vote for Helen GA. Have only been to one of the German restaurants (Old Heidelberg) But it was very good, and the place that’s on the lower level near the bridge (Troll Tavern) is very good too. 👍
  9. I only ride after dark if it’s absolutely necessary. Too many critters.
  10. Really sorry to hear that. Didn’t know him, but we’re all in this together. RIP Troy.
  11. I do what Tim does if I’m on the VStrom. On the Honda, I keep it in my jacket pocket and hold it up for the reader. If two up, that is Mrs Wahoo’s job.
  12. Thanks for the offer, but I’m not going off road on this whale. I’m too old to be picking this thing up.
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