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  1. Mapping Programs

    I use Google maps like Dan, but have also done the same thing with the Harley Route planner. I also still have an old copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips (circa 2011, I think) but it will only run on my old Dell laptop with WIndows Vista. Since Microsoft doesn’t suport the software any longer, I cannot run it on Windows 10 machines we own. Plan the routes, save as .gpx file and copy to Garmin and import from the micro sd card. Still works just may not have new roads or waypoints build in last 6 years. Rather than searching for a hotel, or whatever, I find something nearby that was there in 2011 and tie the waypoints to that. It’s worked for 32 states so far..... LOL
  2. My 9mm M&P Shield works well OWB in cold weather with a sweatshirt or fleece covering it. In warmer weather, i carry my LCP 380, either on my ankle (with jeans) or in a # 2 Blackhawk pocket holster (with shorts). I have an ankle holster that works with the Shield also, but the LCP is a much better choice for ankle carry.
  3. As I understand it, If the loaded firearm is accessible by a non-CHL person in the vehicle, it’s an F-4 felony offense in Ohio. If everyone in the vehicle does not have a CHL, make sure you have the firearm secured in a holster on your person under your control, or at least placed somewhere inaccessible to the non-CHL person (e.g. you are driving and you have the firearm in the driver’s door storage compartment). Not a perfect solution, but better than the glove box or center console. Do not leave a loaded firearm in an unlocked glove box or in the center console if the non-CHL person can access those areas easily. If you lock it in the glovebox make sure the non-CHL person doesn’t have a key to open it. I have my CHL, as does my wife and adult son, so for us it’s not an issue unless there is someone else in the vehicle.
  4. What i did in guns.

    Nice grouping.
  5. heated grips

    I have oxfords on my v strom. Work very well. Never had to use highest setting because medium puts out a lot of heat.
  6. I think the decals are only good for non-staffed park areas. For the parks with enterance gates, you still need to show the pass itself. We have the decal but needed to show the card at RMNP, Black Canyon and at Mesa Verde last summer. Maybe each park (or the rangers at the gates) handles it differently. ???
  7. I would suggest riding up The Hill to the cemetery. Walking up (like I did) was not a smart choice on a hot afternoon. LOL
  8. We did SD and WY in 2016 and CO in 2017. Your itinerary is fairly aggressive but you’re going to be on a lot of great roads in SD and CO. We went to Crazy Horse’s place but it was a rip off in my opinion. Save the bucks and get a photo from the road. Deadwood has a ton of small casinos and the historic district is a fun place to walk around. They do re-enactments of gunslingers shooting it out in the street several times a day, and there’s always “interesting” people walking around. The super 8 is a little further south from the historic district, but I think they have trolleys that your can ride into town for a small fee. In deadwood, go to the top of Mt. Moriah and see the graves of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane. Pikes Peak will be cold at the summit. It was 36 / wind chill 26 at the top near the end of July last year. Mt Evans will be about the same. We did 4 corners just to say we did it, but it’s pretty lame too. Mesa Verde NP near Cortez has the cliff dwellings, which are about 20 miles in from the park enterance. The park poiice run radar on the road leading to the cliff dwellings so don’t go blasting thru the NP. Million Dollar highway was great... Just avoid the sheer cliffs with no guardrails. Black Canyon of the Gunnison is worth seeing also. Sorry for the long babbling post. Mrs Wahoo and I may go back to CO either in 2018 or 2019. We loved it there.
  9. Each person on the trip should consider buying a National Parks annual pass for $80 before you go. We usually buy one at Cuyahoga Valley NP. They’re available other places and on-line. There has been a lot of press coverage indicating admission fees for many of the parks you’re going to visit are increasing to $70 EACH next summer, so you’ll save a bundle by having the annual passes. Also, it’s a lot more convenient at the park gates. Anyone 62 or older can get a lifetime pass for $80. Otherwise, like me, you need to buy one each year for $80. They are good for 12 months from whenever you buy it.
  10. Local (to NEO) camping destinations

    THere is tent camping at Mohican State Forest above the covered bridge (not the side towards Rt 97, but the other side closer to Pleasant Hill Dam). I’ve never camped there but there are usually cub scouts or other groups there in the summer.
  11. Neighborhood Dirt Ride

    Mrs Wahoo and I spent 9 days in Colorado this past summer on our couch rocket. Rocky Mountain National Park, Breckinridge, Montrose, Durango and Colorado Springs. Beautiful country and some of the best roads in the country for sure. Made it to 4 corners, and hit 3 of the 4 national parks in the state. The ride up to the top of Pikes Peak was something I’ll never forget. Only down side was 3 long ass days of 500 miles each to get there, and three long ass days to get home. 16 days total for a little over 4,300 miles.
  12. Ammo Deals.

    Dunhams Thanksgiving Day special - 9mm Remington 115 gr FMJ buckets (350 rounds each). Sale price $69.99 plus a $30 mail in rebate. Net cost $39.99. Limit 3 buckets. My son and I got 3 buckets each.
  13. Scam. We’ve seen similar crap with cars listed for sale. The “woman” you’re dealing with is actually a dude at a keyboard in Nigeria. Run....away....as....fast....as....you....can...
  14. 2018 Goldwing

    We’ll be looking at one but I’ll probably hold off until I retire in 2 years to pull the trigger. My 2008 Wing has 65,000 miles on it now so I’m in no hurry to part with it. By the time the 2020 models are released, they should have the new model bugs worked out. It looks nice but they reduced storage capacity by 25% or so. Wonder how long it will take the aftermarket folks to design a trailer hitch ?
  15. New Goldwing Leaked Images

    I'm planning to retire in a little over 2 years. That ought to give Mother Honda enough time to work the "bugs" out of the new design. If that really is the new design I like it too. I'll probably keep my 2008 Wing until the 2020 models come out, then make the jump. By then we should have visited all of the lower 48 states on our 2008 Wing, so we can start over and do it again on the new one.