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  1. luvkawzx6-R

    tanks > bikes

    Looks fun! Almost makes me miss the sand box. NOT
  2. Man this sucks, not another one. RIP. I"m all for a collection for the family. Its the least we can do.
  3. luvkawzx6-R

    Pics of injury at work

    Steam burn. I actually had 2 pairs of boots on, leather work boots and rubber slip on boots( i work in a food plant). The steam burned through both pairs and melted my sock to my foot. Felt great when they scrubbed it off.
  4. luvkawzx6-R

    WTF News for the Holiday Weekend

    Good luck and stay SAFE!!!
  5. luvkawzx6-R

    Pics of injury at work

    No, I Think they were worried I was gonna sue
  6. luvkawzx6-R

    Pics of injury at work

    Your foot looks like mine when i got burned last year at work. I couldnt walk for about 4 months. I feel your pain. I hope you get better. Lucky i work for a good company that payed me while i was off, even overtime.
  7. luvkawzx6-R

    RIP David Hall. Marine killed in Afghanistan yesterday.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. RIP SEMPER FI
  8. luvkawzx6-R

    Anyone Riding tomorrow morning/afternoon ???

    I will probably be out and about tomorrow afternoon. Depends on what time i get out of work tonite.
  9. luvkawzx6-R

    500bhp Quad.

    WOW. I want one. Doesnt look to comfortable, but who cares.
  10. luvkawzx6-R

    I've been out... but I'm back!

    I feel your pain, I go through a bout with kidney stones every couple of years. They are no joke. Hopefully its only a one time thing for you. Hope you feel better soon
  11. luvkawzx6-R

    i'm not a fan of smoking, but this is still stupid

    I guess i better get my lawsuit ready for budweiser
  12. luvkawzx6-R

    Bikers have soldiers back

    This is something i always wanted to do since i got back from iraq in 05. My dad was a vietnam vet and he told me stories of being spit on at a airport when he returned home. He was ashamed to wear his uniform after that. That kinda shit pisses me off. What do you have to do to join?
  13. luvkawzx6-R

    how many miles so far?

    I'm right around 4300 miles so far.
  14. luvkawzx6-R

    New Guy

    Welcome and enjoy...
  15. luvkawzx6-R

    First year rider! well trying

    I cant be any help but WELCOME.