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  1. Dubguy85

    Time to get ready for the 2014 season!!

    Ya but the 250 had a bazzaz on it! It was way fast. My 600 was too fast for the slicks I was running.. I needed some of those moto gp bridgestones.
  2. Dubguy85

    Pickup decision, need some input

    Sounds like you are happy with what you have and like John said you have done all the necessary maintanance. You could get another 5 or more years on the one you have.. I say keep it and then by the 2012 or 13 (Whenever the last year they made them was) and you'll be good to go!
  3. Dubguy85

    Time to get ready for the 2014 season!!

    What if I told you that spending money on my bike was because buying new shit for my bike was fun for me, and adding bolt ons was my hobby? You think I had half the shit I did on my bike to go faster?? PLEASE SON! Let's be honest.. And this post coming from the guy who has a wheel purse? Your sales pitch is that you ride longer? But you've slowed down by like 6 seconds... That isn't a very good pitch! I say we cut the pyramid shit and let people keep supporting Riders Discount, Iron Pony, STG, etc and keep buying new shiny stuff for their BIKES
  4. Lol the front fender was just resting on the tire for the pic! Lol
  5. Attack painter lives in Gahana area I think.. Err New Albany?? Err something like that.. I've been to his house 3 times, but have no idea what city it's in. He's a sponsor on here and does fantastic work for great prices!
  6. My dads. I'm still bikeless.
  7. My dad came up with the design and attack painter made it come to life. Can't say enough about working with Paul. This is the 3rd set he has done for us and every time has came out better than expected!! Thank you again Attack Painter!! Sorry for the poor quality camera phone pics!
  8. Dubguy85

    Motorcycle Stuff!!! Lots Of Goodies Inside!

    Dear Jason. I will give u 25 bucks of this monies so u can buy an axle tool. Love Andy
  9. Dubguy85

    Motorcycle Stuff!!! Lots Of Goodies Inside!

    It is still available and would be a sweet pickup. I've had Suomy, bell star, shoei, etc and this is my favorite helmet. Super light and comfortable. I can send it back with Jason and u can try it on. If u like it take it home and Paypal me. If it doesn't fit no worries.
  10. Dubguy85

    Motorcycle Stuff!!! Lots Of Goodies Inside!

    Your post said that you were interested in the stand if I would ship. Since I would t ship I figured you weren't interested since you said if you ship. Max power said he wanted it and sent me money. Unfortunately that's how I sell things. I've been burned too many times hdig stuff for people. Cash is king.
  11. Dubguy85

    Motorcycle Stuff!!! Lots Of Goodies Inside!

    Axle tool and stand sold.
  12. Dubguy85

    Motoseries Round 8 At Putnam Park

    HAHAHAH!!! I feel the love!
  13. Dubguy85

    Motorcycle Stuff!!! Lots Of Goodies Inside!

    Hate you too.. Its yours!
  14. Dubguy85

    Motorcycle Stuff!!! Lots Of Goodies Inside!

    The Suomy is just a tad bigger than the HJC.. I like the HJC better for me but my head is tiny.. You would probably be a tiny bit big for it.