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  1. Thanks, guess that is kinda important!! Yes and yes Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  2. Took it as payment for some work I did, a dent in the gas tank, pictured. The gig I got it from cleaned the carbs but not the tank, so the carbs and tank need cleaned. The bars on it are just there, not mounted yet, have factory bars that I will be selling with it and I'm keeping the drag bars. Bike is currently in Moraine, and I do have the side covers for it as well. in Moraine 9376832307. Open to offers and I have a truck can help with delivery if you have a ramp! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. VanDy

    I'm back!!

    Go all In or go home! It's not ballsy if you do good work -VanDy
  4. VanDy

    I'm back!!

    The plane in the pic is an arrow iii, basically a Cherokee with more power and retractable gear. -VanDy
  5. VanDy

    I'm back!!

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to riding another European bike!! -VanDy
  6. VanDy

    I'm back!!

    so I sold my ducati like I swore I never would.. But now I'm a small business co-owner for an aircraft maintenance business! And am pickin up a 1999 BMW K1200 next month, so I'm back! Just wanted to say hello again, but the new business will have me working my normal job + the new one, which I won't be collecting a paycheck from for at least a year... But wanted to say 'I'm back' anyway!! Me working! -VanDy
  7. Columbus (motohio) and Cleveland -VanDy
  8. The super sport line of ducatis are where it's at! Although they do have a bit of an aggressive seating position. -VanDy
  9. VanDy

    Too much fun!!!

    Any more pics of the plane in your avatar? -VanDy
  10. VanDy

    Too much fun!!!

    You have no idea!!! It was a blast!!! -VanDy
  11. VanDy

    Too much fun!!!

    Very safe, no parachute required, wait the weight of two parachutes you'd have to have a really skinny pilot and pax! -VanDy
  12. VanDy

    Too much fun!!!

    I wish it was mine, I might have to add it to the list of stuff to build later in life! -VanDy
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