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  1. I use a Ogio No drag back pack for commuting. It easily fits my lap top and other junk. I can even fit all my softball gear in the summer with my laptop (glove, cleats, jersey, shorts, etc..) I use a icon tank bag as a tail bag for sport rides. (bungee corded under the pillion seat). It easily holds a second visor, snacks, a water, tire gauge, map, cell phone, wallet, keys, etc...)
  2. RedCloud

    just a little ranting

    Seriously, where do you find this shit?
  3. RedCloud

    07 CBR 600rr

  4. RedCloud

    The Triple Nickel has been repaved!?!?!?

    78 between Glouster and ringgold was wonderful though!
  5. RedCloud

    The Triple Nickel has been repaved!?!?!?

    I would stay away... I went yesterday, almost every corner is covered is sand. Not just little either, thick like you can't see the yellow lines or white lines... We need a good rain storm now. (ride report in the columbus section, if you want all the nitty gritty details)
  6. RedCloud

    Ride 2/7/09

    Ride Report: (not sure if you guys do those here, but oh well) Roster: Just me, Pauly scared everyone off Route: 204E, 668S, 93E, 216E, 78NE to Ringgold, 555N, 669NW, 256/204E Mileage: 161mi Notes: The roads had standing water in spots, and some had some nice sand/salt debris. Good ride overall, really helped me focus on smooth throttle control and being flexible with my lines due to water and gravel. Was sliding a couple times... 204: Passed a cop, a cager was nice enough to give the old headlight flash warning. Also passed one of those 3 wheeled can-am spyder(yellow) things, my first time seeing one in person. 668S: was fun, hit some traffic, instead of trying to pass everyone the bulk of the time I pulled off for a minute and 'surfed the gap'. Probably about 50/50 dry and wet. 78: Made the entire ride worth it! 90% of it was bone dry, with no debris! No traffic either. FYI: There is a new nasty pot hole, north bound lane after the back to back 15mph corners, if you are tight on the double yellow line setting up your next turn, you should be fine. 555: A complete disaster. Stay away, or don't go below 37 on it. Pavement was in good shape, but every corner was covered in sand. Not just a little either, the entire road way... Often the lines were not even visible. It was tough to keep the old SRs in check in this section. The peusdo slab home on 256/204 got a little cold. Anyway got home about 3:00pm and got the bike hosed down and the chain cleaned and lubed. Here are a couple lame cell phone pics of my muddy bike at the A&B station on 555, and my dumb forehead by the 555 sign.
  7. RedCloud

    solo ride 2/7/09

    Bad cell phone pics from solo ride 2/7/09
  8. RedCloud

    what do you think of these boots

    I agree much much better than tennis shoes! I guess I am kind of a gear stickler... I always wear my full boots (currently sidi b2). I leave my dress shoes at work, and put flip flops in the back pack when I go to meet people. When I was kid I watched my mom put a dirt bike peg through her calf (wearing tennis shoes, trying to hill climb), thus my boot enforcement....
  9. RedCloud

    The Triple Nickel has been repaved!?!?!?

    Route is, well different, some parts aren't bad, but it tends to go through little WV hill towns with traffic lights etc...
  10. RedCloud

    The Triple Nickel has been repaved!?!?!?

    I'm originally from that area.... I can vouch for the patrol. I have been pulled over there a few times. It is 50 or 55(can't remember), but they mean it!!!
  11. RedCloud

    new pipe suggestions

    I guess I'm a little late on this thread. Back when I had an SV, I had a high mount scorpion. Scorpion, isn't not the best make, but I appreciated the high mount. If you are into track riding, the stock pipe can drag... Although if you are more into sport touring, the high mount kind of rules out saddle bags.
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    Ride 2/7/09

  13. RedCloud

    Ride 2/7/09

  14. RedCloud

    Ride 2/7/09