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  1. Uncle Punk

    I have MS

    Very sorry to hear about this, I have a bit of knowledge on the subject and would suggest that you seek help at the Cleveland Clinic Mellen center. I'm a little surprised that it has been determined which of the types you have so quickly. At one point in time they identified five types of MS now they only classify four types. Treatment and prognosis is as different for each type just as how differently each type effects individual people. Do not think that your future looks just like anyone else you know or hear about. Modern treatments and outlooks are getting better at a rapid pace and you should take some comfort in that. Currently it can be very expensive to be on maintenance medication. One of the problems you will face is that the best latest medicine isn't recognized by all insurance carriers and the out of pocket expenses can be extraordinary until it gets recognized at which time the next best thing is out in the market. Not to worry though most of the drug companies have good reduced rates even for people with high incomes. My advice would be for you to kill this thread. If you are honest with future employers about your social profiles and they find this you could find yourself getting passed over for jobs or promotions. An employer never knows how often you will have an episode or for what duration it will last. It's hard to depend on the workload you can produce. I know the legalities of those decisions and I also know the realities that go into those decisions. Just a friendly piece of advise.
  2. Uncle Punk

    Guess the new bike thread

    Okay Paulie don't get your panties in a twist. The KTM Super Adventure is just as fast as my bike but it doesn't have enough cylinders so I find it nearly impossible to ride plus it doesn't have the wind protection the your bike has. 4 is the proper number of cylinders if you want to ride a motorcycle anything else is a scooter. I could see you liking the RT but just for the same amount of time you are going to like the R. I could own a RT if I did any amount of two up riding. She only rode with me one time last year and that was just a trick to get me to go to a dog show where one of her friends was showing for the first time.
  3. Uncle Punk

    2020 Cleveland IMS

    I knew that just can't remember that far back. Something, something about getting old. Streetfighter V4S It just seems like it would be a blast to ride. I'll probably never do it since my days of multiple bikes is over and I doubt I would enjoy it for every type of riding that I do but dang is that thing optioned out just how I would want a hooligan bike. If forced to I can still ride a little like a hooligan, just can't do it all day like I used too without paying for it the next day.
  4. Uncle Punk

    2020 Cleveland IMS

    This will be the first time I miss this show in years. Just have too much work. Watch me say that and end up there Sunday afternoon. Ducati has a bike I'm very curious about this year. For the first time in my life I actually like a Ducati (for me). I can't wait to be a royal douchebag.
  5. Uncle Punk

    Guess the new bike thread

    I you were BMW curious you should have rode mine this past summer. Paulie hated it but I kinda like it. It's not perfect but it does what I ask it to do. If they would put my bikes engine in Paulies bike with all of the wind protection his has I think I would have my perfect bike.
  6. I can't be much help then. You can use my trailer, if you can get a tow vehicle you'll be all set. The trailer is a little less than eight miles from your house so if you come up with something text me if you need it since I don't check in here as regular as I used to.
  7. Does the Lincoln have a hitch?
  8. Uncle Punk

    Fontana Village doing a 50% gift card sale 1/3/20 only

    They called back. I now have a $1,000 gift card. Should be good for around nine nights in a lodge room. I can't really plan when I can go this year but if a good weekend comes up it will now be a no brainer trip since it will be cheap to buzz down.
  9. Uncle Punk

    Fontana Village doing a 50% gift card sale 1/3/20 only

    Thanks for posting this. I called but they must be swamped because they took my number and asked if they could call me back. I'll update if they call me back.
  10. Uncle Punk

    A date which will live in infamy

  11. Uncle Punk

    Dream Bikes

    That reach on mine was intentional. I wanted to be able to put more weight on the front end so I rotated the bars forward, they are too wide though. I ride regularly with a guy on a KTM 1290 Super Adventurer which has the same wheels and tires your bike has, I am shocked at how well that setup makes it through the back roads. No matter how hard I try I can't get away from him so I'm certain that you won't have any problem on the BMW being one of the fast guys.
  12. Uncle Punk

    Arai Corsair X Hayden Laguna Helmet

    My current Arai dated out in September. Unless Arai announces an updated version of the Corsair X before March this will be my next helmet. Don't any of you guys make it weird when we ride together and have the same helmet like we are some kind of couple.
  13. Uncle Punk

    New Honda CBR

    I don't hate the track. The only reason I am a skilled rider is because of being on a track. It was an invaluable tool in my progression of being a safe long term rider. Like most people that no longer go to school after they graduate but still use the education I don't feel the need to visit the track after I achieved the level of competency I was seeking. I no longer enjoy making the sacrifice needed to make it to a track. I ride when convenient and the weather is good. Just like an education I spent more money riding on a track than I have ever spent riding on the street and no longer wish to expose myself to those liabilities. If I can recall correctly the last time we rode together I ended up having a long conversation with a LEO because of your shenanigans. I bet you would send people home or away from a group ride now if they weren't ready too, you fucking meanie.
  14. Uncle Punk

    New Honda CBR

    WTF dude, it's been a while where did you pick up all this knowledge?