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  1. Uncle Punk

    New Honda CBR

    I don't hate the track. The only reason I am a skilled rider is because of being on a track. It was an invaluable tool in my progression of being a safe long term rider. Like most people that no longer go to school after they graduate but still use the education I don't feel the need to visit the track after I achieved the level of competency I was seeking. I no longer enjoy making the sacrifice needed to make it to a track. I ride when convenient and the weather is good. Just like an education I spent more money riding on a track than I have ever spent riding on the street and no longer wish to expose myself to those liabilities. If I can recall correctly the last time we rode together I ended up having a long conversation with a LEO because of your shenanigans. I bet you would send people home or away from a group ride now if they weren't ready too, you fucking meanie.
  2. Uncle Punk

    New Honda CBR

    WTF dude, it's been a while where did you pick up all this knowledge?
  3. Uncle Punk

    Dream Bikes

    Not really wanting a twin but Wow is that bike well sorted out. I would love for it to have the power of the KTM Super Adventurer but other than that it just flat out feels like quality from the moment you start moving on it. I'm really surprised Pauly like it well enough to buy it though. He couldn't get off of my bike fast enough and the seating position isn't too much different.
  4. Uncle Punk

    Funny picture thread.

    Open carry is stupid but not as stupid as carrying an old piece of shit 1911. People that carry those old antiques ride cruisers and don't give a shit about performance.
  5. Uncle Punk

    Dream Bikes

    The bragging bastard already sent me the picture. I rode his new bike first though so there is that.
  6. Uncle Punk

    Dream Bikes

    I expect any moment now some asshole will show up in here showing off their latest conquest. I hate him and envy him at the same time.
  7. Uncle Punk

    Dream Bikes

    There are two bikes that I am lusting after, one is the Kawasaki SX SE Plus and the second is the BMW R1250GSA. I will own at least one of them, .....someday.
  8. Uncle Punk

    Happy birthday to me.

    I could machine that for you. I could get rid of either one but the low hanging one would be easiest.
  9. Uncle Punk

    New ducs

    Don't be too bummed there is a Bavarian equivalent that out runs the Italian and is cheaper. It might not fit everyone but it's more comfortable than the little unicycle bikes on longer trips.
  10. Uncle Punk

    Nerding out over new gear.

    This is my winter to replace some of my gear. Helmet for sure since it timed out in September, boots probably, gloves maybe. When it's time for a jacket and pants Klim will be first on the list. I hope Arai comes out with a new model to replace the Corsair X by March. I currently have a V and wouldn't mind skipping a generation. I have a pair of Sidi Vortice boots that won't make it through the season because of the soles and truthfully are a complete pain in the ass to put on and take off. Probably will be replacing them with a pair of ST air boots. My current gloves are going to be twelve years old next season and would easily make it through another season. They are Held Phantoms but it appears they no longer are selling gloves in North America so I'm open to any good suggestions.
  11. Uncle Punk

    Shit Kent and UP do not care about.

    I honestly don't know if it was his first bike. He rode just fine for about 65 miles until his get off. It wasn't a ride that I organized so I knew very little about anyone involved except for the guy that organized it. We refer to him as Jinx since those types of things happen on almost all of the rides he participates in.
  12. Uncle Punk

    Shit Kent and UP do not care about.

    The Buell was somehow sold to a nice local kid to me. He wrecked it on his first group ride. There was a second wreck within a mile of his wreck on the same ride. In fact the Buell wreck had two people go down on the same curve. There was carnage everywhere that day. The kid on the Buell dislocated his hip but was otherwise okay. The other two guys didn't get hurt. This was one of the events, stacked up with other similar events and culminating with my nephews wreck that stopped me from doing group rides with unfamiliar people.
  13. Uncle Punk

    Shit Kent and UP do not care about.

    Any and all pro sports
  14. Uncle Punk

    Shit Kent and UP do not care about.

    I'm with Kent. Prior to seeing anything about them here I had never heard of the WTC and don't care enough to find out anything about them. I have heard of the Cure but couldn't tell you anything about them or any of their songs. I also have never heard of the Smiths but somehow have heard the name Morrissey, don't remember anything I've heard about him but that name has been mentioned around me sometime. I do know the bikes in the models though and I have pictures of a Buell in my phone.
  15. Do not recreate rides with Jim. That fucker is crazy!