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  1. Congratulations! Do what you think is best as far as riding goes, there will be plenty of time to get back to it if you still have the desire. I took a nine year layoff from riding and have now been back at it for nineteen years.
  2. If you would have put the trailer restraint in front of the rear tire you wouldn't have needed to remove the gate.
  3. My guess is hot tear. I think your pressures are too low for a street tire. You don't need warmers for those tires. Those tires should let you run an easy 1:42 at Mid-Ohio without warmers and more pressure than you are using.
  4. I thought it would be fun to have a 890 Duke and it would be once I make it to the curvy roads but it is slower than the BMW so unless I figure out how to have two bikes again that choice is out. Currently stalking the new ZX10R, it has everything I think I'm looking for. Too new for any deals yet so I'll wait. I could go with a leftover old generation bike and buy a tune that gives it an autoblipper but I like to leave my bikes stock. Thanks for the offer but I have pretty good resources for Kawasaki, BMW, Yamaha and KTM.
  5. I don't do it after "every" ride but for the most part I do. Most of my rides are 350 to 500 miles so it always gets done after any of them. It's a fast easy process when you don't put any type of grease or wax on them. Just clean them with WD40 and that's it. I haven't had a bike with over 21K miles so I don't know when they wear out. According to some taking care of a chain the way I do is bad for them and they won't last long. I don't know how long they are supposed to last but I'm happy with my results with so little effort.
  6. I had a Hayabusa that I put 16K miles on that only saw WD40 as a way to clean the chain. Never lubricated the chain with anything else after cleaning it. Even used a pressure washer on the chain when at a car wash. The exact routine was used on the CBR1000RR which I sold at 21K miles with the original chain/sprockets that looked like new. I'm using the same routine on the BMW and at 18K miles can't detect any wear. I do really like the BMW for an all around bike it does trips and backroad riding just fine. I really miss having a fast bike though. The BMW is quick up to 120 MPH but it just doesn't feel fast, I'm constantly waiting on it to accelerate. I haven't done as many long trips as I thought I would so the traveling comfort isn't as big of a plus as I thought it would be. It's main selling point for me was the quickshifter/autoblipper which is starting to pop up on most bikes currently that are fast and don't have the weight penalty the BMW carries. Bike sales and inventory are crazy this year which will most likely have me stay with the BMW longer than I want to since I haven't come across any great deals worth switching for. The BMW is right at 18K miles and will be getting the 18K service done before riding it next season which is a major expense.
  7. Is it a bad thing that I don't even know what kind of oil is in my bike. Actually I don't even care what kind is in it, I don't keep a bike forever. My current bike probably won't see 25K miles with me owning it.
  8. I've only had chain/sprocket issues with bikes that I've bought used. I had to replace one chain because it was so rusted and neglected that it had kinks in it. I had to replace a rear sprocket on a different bike because it had an aluminum sprocket. Any bike I've bought new kept the original chain and sprocket until sold. Maybe I don't keep them long enough to wear out a chain or sprocket. My last bike went 21K miles and the bike prior to that was 16K miles. My current bike has 18K miles and the chain/sprocket look like new still. I do clean them between every ride with WD40 though.
  9. I really want to be ^this^ person but I just can't right now. Too many issues and time constraints that make it almost impossible. I am almost on self destruct mode this year and none of my riding is for group consumption. Time will quelch the issues and this too shall pass. I am the benefactor of good people spending their time and knowledge with me as Pauly is offering above. I hope to someday have the opportunity to repay that generosity in kind. I do know that he has the knowledge and skillset to help anyone that will listen and try what's being offered.
  10. Nice video and good riding. I completely understand the desire for them to have your speedometer covered up but that desire should be secondary if it means that the tachometer needs to be covered up. Stupid policy.
  11. I'm sure the other Goldwings are great bikes and I might go that route when I'm really, really old and about ready to stop riding. Yours however is not appropriate and will be made fun of every chance I get.
  12. Goldwing bashing is always on topic. We don't want this site to become just for the old codgers.
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