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  1. Uncle Punk

    OG the most hated guess bike thread after many years :)

    Don't care what you bought, the obvious answer for the criteria posted is T-Max, if you bought something else you are wrong.
  2. Uncle Punk

    $339.00 Arai Signet-Q Brett King Design Frequency Helmet

    Didn't they say never mind to the closing or have they said never mind to the never mind that I don't know about? At any rate those helmets should be gone, they discounted all the good stuff to go and this helmet was some of the good stuff.
  3. Uncle Punk

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    No one is going to believe this but it is probably my 2004 ZX12R. I always leave my bikes stock for the most part but I bought that bike used for a really good deal and it had a full exhaust system with a power commander and it had been dyno tuned, it also had the gearing changed to -1/+2. It was the most rowdy obnoxious thing in the world to ride but it was a blast. The crazy thing would get to 167MPH right now then just bang off of the rev limiter. I have tried to duplicate that ride several times because it was so much fun and have only been successful completing it when by myself. Something always seems to happen to cut the route short. I won't ever forget that off road excursion and can easily find it on the map. It's on Wolf Pen Gap Road, going from Suches to 19 at Lake Winfield Scott Dam. Biggest crash I never had.
  4. Uncle Punk

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    I'm comfortable using too much horsepower and riders aids to compensate for my age. My current bike isn't close to being my favorite but it sure is comfortable, for that it gets to stay a couple more years. You should have no problems making the new bike just as comfortable as any bike. Bonus is that it won't run out of steam up top unlike the tractor twins.
  5. Uncle Punk


    And just like that they are back in business
  6. Uncle Punk

    2019 Gap Trip.

    It seems that there is interest in people going but I'm suspect of the crowd. I got some weird text a while back that seemed too much like a grinder setup to make any commitment to when or where. If the drunk or stoner that texted me could figure out technology better organizing might actually appear organized.
  7. Uncle Punk

    RD Sale

    Sorry to hear of you closing up shop. I haven't bought much the past couple years but you guys were always my go to when I did.
  8. Uncle Punk

    Hardtail vs Full Suspension

    I read this at first and thought it was a gay Harley thread. Turns out I was wrong and it's a gay bicycle thread.
  9. Uncle Punk

    Hey Tpoppa

    200 miles on a Grom? I'm getting gas at 120 miles with a 5.2 gallon tank. There must be something wrong with my bike. I should use the cruise control more, that might help.
  10. Uncle Punk

    Are we still playing guess the new bike?

    That space is only because it isn't rented. It's the other half of our shop and once it gets rented it will go back amongst the clutter. Anyone looking for light industrial space to rent we have 5,200 sqft for rent in Grafton, Ohio
  11. Uncle Punk

    AR Pistols?

    Been thinking of the same thing. It would just be a toy and if it doesn't work well I have the means to make it work so cheap is where I've been headed. ARs are stupid simple so overspending isn't needed unless you want to go match shooting. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-10-5-5-56-nato-1-7-phosphate-classic-shockwave-pistol-kit-black-5165449130.html https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar-15-complete-classic-pistol-lower-no-magazine-black.html
  12. Uncle Punk

    2019 deals gap dates

    I am not volunteering to organize anything. I usually stay in Robbinsville, NC at Phillips Motel. It's a crappy place in the middle of town but it's cheap. You can walk to a Mexican restaurant, McDonalds and Wendys. It's close to the Cherohala Skyway and 17 miles from the Gap store. Back in the day the Busa Bash used to rent the whole place out. It has a new owner now so the prices have gone up.
  13. Uncle Punk

    2019 deals gap dates

    That fancy 1K should be able to keep up with anyone I can think of and especially now that a lot of the older guys have moved on to comfortable instead of fast bikes. If you are in the low 40 and Mid-Ohio you can keep pace with any street ride.
  14. Uncle Punk

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    Will you be able to work from home?
  15. Uncle Punk

    Hey Tpoppa

    Not that I ever ran times this fast but those little kids on the KTM 125's were running 1:35/1:36s for the rookie cup.