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  1. Uncle Punk


    I wasn't running into groups that large, mostly under 10 at a time. I mostly had issues with the ones by themselves. They are riding as fast as the bike can go, taking up the whole road and can't imagine someone wanting by. Slow cruiser guys are predictable and it's easy to pass them when they don't notice anyone behind them. The Grom nuts are all over the road and can't believe someone is behind them since they are going as fast as that bike can go.
  2. Uncle Punk

    2018 Goldwing

    If it wasn't for quick shifter/auto blipper I wouldn't still be riding. Looking forward to a motorcycle that has an automatic transmission as good as a PDK.
  3. Uncle Punk


    I had heard many tales about how the groms were taking over the Dragon and passing everything in sight. I thought it was plausible too since the worst spanking I've ever taken there was from a 2smoke 250. Different story once I was there to the point that the slow things are annoying and even less cooperative than the cruisers. To be fair I did happen to stumble upon several groups of them and it's normal for people in groups to act like jerks. I will say that it was way, way more fun to ride a 250 scooter there than a 1K sport bike.
  4. Told you it was too far from the good roads. You are there for opportunity that will benefit your family not good riding.
  5. Uncle Punk


    On second thought I might be wrong about that. People do consider those little 125 things as motorcycles. (Groms, Monkeys, Z125) While they might be fun they are annoying to be around, blocking any fun road that they are on.
  6. Uncle Punk


    This is one of the cool ridiculous things that could MORGA. Even get things moved to Ranting and Raving where the real fun begins. You might have been okay with the wheel showing statement without the mid corner added because a well set up Harley can move in a 1/4 mile but there ain't never been a Harley made to show anything a wheel mid corner. Nice try at being silly though.
  7. As it should be, for you specifically. This is extra funny since one of the first epic rides ended without a pre planned end or a complete loop to the original starting point. Monkeys go find your own way home. @Skinny guy has a hot bike!
  8. For some reason I can't edit the post above again. My brother moved his family to that area nine years ago for the future of his daughter. Good move Dad.
  9. I spent a month in that area from February to March this year, most of it at Duke. The Research Triangle is a great up and coming place. To bad it's so far from good riding but it's closer to the beach if you're into that kind of thing. I have family in Apex, just outside of Cary.
  10. Uncle Punk


    Don't tell me what to do....
  11. What have I missed and what am I missing? I thought you already left us and went to that state up north. I remember the Monster ZX6 that had a couple scratches on both sides of it the first time we rode together. Inyazz was there leading and I stayed back with you to keep you safe and connected to the group. Wow, have you improved since then and no longer need help. Thanks for all your advice in PMs and don't be a stranger, this internet thing works from everywhere you're at.
  12. Need to know the OR member that fucked you, the rest of the members can probably find a way to make them pay
  13. I usually find the member I'm looking for hanging between my legs.
  14. Not wanting to brag too much but my Hayden is better than your Hayden.
  15. If you have three Quantum Xs how is it you don't have this one already? If you don't it's too late now because I don't want to see you show up for a ride looking like we tried to dress alike.
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