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  1. Uncle Punk

    Where to ride and with who

  2. Uncle Punk

    OR brings another happy couple together

    Wait, someone married the random chic?
  3. Uncle Punk

    ABS vs Non-ABS

    I set my cruise at 54mph, I probably had to turn the cruise off about half a dozen times for sharp curves I couldn't see around. Kinda boring for 469 miles and even though the new bike is comfortable going so slowly I didn't need to move around so it became uncomfortable. Gas stops were welcomed to end the monotony. It's a beautiful safe road that would be really fun if it wasn't so heavily patrolled and the fines weren't so big if caught speeding. Just like Deal's Gap I'm certain that there are roads just as good in the area that aren't patrolled as heavily with a realistic speed limit.
  4. Uncle Punk

    ABS vs Non-ABS

    Have ABS on the new bike. Don't care if it's there or not did not and will not buy a bike with that as a deciding factor. The ABS light goes off all the time like its doing something but I have never felt like it has saved me from an accident. I rode the old bike like I ride the new bike and never had an issue where I thought that I needed ABS. I might not tax my brakes enough to think that ABS is needed so it might be something for the faster, more aggressive riders. I like to think that I ride a fairly quick street pace but it's not because I rely heavily on hard braking to do it. That kind of aggressive riding is for the track where you are on the edge of tire grip when braking. Aggressive braking is where most mistakes are made, which is why I don't apply it on the street, I want to ride long miles and be able to do it again the next day. Speaking of long miles I did Skyline Drive and the whole Blue Ridge Parkway a few weeks ago. $25 to ride 105 miles with a posted 35MPH speed limit means that I won't be doing the Skyline drive again. The Blue Ridge Parkway is okay but just okay. If it was posted as 55MPH instead of 45MPH it would be better. Both were heavily patrolled and not worth the trouble if you would get a ticket on either.
  5. Uncle Punk

    New Bike

    Doesn't that bike come with bags? I know it doesn't but some salesmen have no clue as to what they are selling.
  6. Uncle Punk

    Handicap Stand your Ground incident

    Should be easy enough to plead down to involuntary manslaughter unless thinking he was immune from prosecution he made incriminating statements. Never talk to the police, never talk to the police, never talk to the police.
  7. Uncle Punk

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    Lawyer, who needs a lawyer? Let's just go slap some corporate bitches around until they pay up.
  8. Uncle Punk

    U P has a new bike

    Don't forget I steal all the white babies too. I left the Honda stock so I didn't have much to lose on accessories. I'm not going to be so lucky with it's replacement, I have about 4K in accessories on it which will be nothing but loss when it's time to sell.
  9. Uncle Punk

    U P has a new bike

    This bike is now sold. Put 21,000 miles on it and got $6,000 for it. This was a fun thread to reread and it is the origins for "Black Tod"
  10. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    Hahaha, you're right. We all have to compensate somehow. Lazy fuckers too, neither one used a clutch very much, it's almost like riding an automatic, might as well have a scooter.
  11. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    Random thought after seeing Jim post in another thread and tying it into the old age thing. I'm not certain but I think that combined age of the guys that rode in the first two spots for most of the ride is 115. Couple of old fuckers.
  12. Uncle Punk

    Where to order Ducati parts?

    Tried to edit the post above but can't figure out how to do it. Why does Casper keep breaking the software? Shad makes the factory cases for my bike so their stuff is good quality. The service from the USA distributor is a little lacking however unless you buy from them through EBay.
  13. Uncle Punk

    SR 800...

    Sections of 800 wouldn't have been fun on a sportbike, the adventure tourer didn't need to change its pace so the whole roads was just as good as it's always been.
  14. Uncle Punk

    SR 800...

    The one good thing about not having a sportbike is that these things just don't matter. I'm impressed with the BMWs ability to handle less than ideal roads.
  15. Uncle Punk

    Where to order Ducati parts?

    https://www.shadusa.com/collections/multistrada-1200 I have the expandable hard topcase sh58x and really like it. I have the sh36 side cases too along with the color panels that match the bikes color. There were way cheaper than the factory bags and much more functional.