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  1. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    Hahaha, you're right. We all have to compensate somehow. Lazy fuckers too, neither one used a clutch very much, it's almost like riding an automatic, might as well have a scooter.
  2. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    Random thought after seeing Jim post in another thread and tying it into the old age thing. I'm not certain but I think that combined age of the guys that rode in the first two spots for most of the ride is 115. Couple of old fuckers.
  3. Uncle Punk

    Where to order Ducati parts?

    Tried to edit the post above but can't figure out how to do it. Why does Casper keep breaking the software? Shad makes the factory cases for my bike so their stuff is good quality. The service from the USA distributor is a little lacking however unless you buy from them through EBay.
  4. Uncle Punk

    SR 800...

    Sections of 800 wouldn't have been fun on a sportbike, the adventure tourer didn't need to change its pace so the whole roads was just as good as it's always been.
  5. Uncle Punk

    SR 800...

    The one good thing about not having a sportbike is that these things just don't matter. I'm impressed with the BMWs ability to handle less than ideal roads.
  6. Uncle Punk

    Where to order Ducati parts?

    https://www.shadusa.com/collections/multistrada-1200 I have the expandable hard topcase sh58x and really like it. I have the sh36 side cases too along with the color panels that match the bikes color. There were way cheaper than the factory bags and much more functional.
  7. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    Sorry don't remember that specifically, you must have been on the FJR and we didn't ride together. I'm getting up there in age and can finally blame a poor memory on it.
  8. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    Young punk kid shows up on the ride with blistered track tires, no way was I telling him who I was. It would have been embarrassing to have some young kid school me on a street ride, I should have given him a fake name.
  9. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    Who told you that I was UP? That's not how I introduced myself.
  10. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    If someone throws a chunk of concrete at my girlfriend the article would have been about a shooting, she don't mess around.
  11. Uncle Punk

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    I will be in this area from the 22nd to the 25th http://www.thesnake421.com/ Currently have one big route planned and three short routes planned. Hitting several roads north of Tazewell. Will also be doing Back of the Dragon (16) between Tazewell and Marion. Staying in Tazewell for something like $60 a night for a room by myself because I hate sharing a room with smelly snoring guys.
  12. Uncle Punk

    Helping a returning rider.

    Find, borrow, rent or steal a scooter. This will help the bike control issue and give her the confidence back to handle and push the bike to her will without the thought of stalling. Tim is correct about the eyes and head direction.
  13. Uncle Punk

    Something you might be interested in...or not...

    Saw him at the Muskie bucket when Nivin planned a ride and didn't show up. He is still riding that same bike.
  14. Uncle Punk

    Something you might be interested in...or not...

    That wasn't our Ireland Auto Wrecking Ride?
  15. Uncle Punk

    Something you might be interested in...or not...

    Friday ride leaves a 9:30, is 130 miles in length and there is a lunch along the way. They should be able to be back to the start point after a gas stop with a half hour to spare before lunch. Put me down in the no partake column.