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  1. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    No worries I've been mistaken for someone else before. That is not my bike or video, the SDR is not jschaf's. I tried to follow him around one sunny day and it almost looked like the two in the video except there was never a time when the BMW was in front of the KTM. I still have the BMW, Jim's KTM SDR didn't like the way it was being treated and decided to part ways with him. Now I am stuck riding with the adventure guys.
  2. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    I'm slightly confused here. Did I just become Black Cuban Tod?
  3. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    Riding won't be as much fun without you but I understand the time away from riding after what you've been through. More Squidly fun.
  4. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    The S1000XR was able to keep the SDR behind him for a little while. More than I was able to do. @jschaf
  5. Uncle Punk

    2019 Gap Trip.

    I am a definite no for this year guys. Between home remodeling and another ride already committed to I can't find the time for this event this year. Have fun everyone.
  6. Hey you damn kids, WTF is a key bump? 415 uneventful miles on what turned out to be a beautiful day. Should have went to eat with you guys though since my nephew bailed out on our plans. That was probably the best epic ride route yet.
  7. Would it be possible for one of the moderators to put the time, location and route information visible on the first page? I guess if that's too hard just reply that information to me because I'm special. And another thing, the Gap threads are lacking information on the first page too. Am I gonna have to get Casper to fix all of these shortcomings you rookie moderators aren't able to handle without adult supervision?
  8. Uncle Punk

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    I don't know about the new bike but I am friends with an ex AMA racer that was an authorized installer in Iowa whose opinion I trust and respect. He swears that it was life changing for the old 1800. They even kept a demo bike on hand to allow test rides because the product sold itself. You should try getting to the shop in Georgia when you are down at the gap to see if your opinion is correct for this new bike.
  9. Uncle Punk

    Little Shepherd Trail Kentucky

    Where 611 quits being called South of the Mountain road and becomes Blowing Rock Road at 619 there is a little sign in front of an old garage that says "Blowing Rock Community". Every house you can see from there and the next three past 619 is family to me. Love that area and plan to spend more time there every year instead of the couple times a year I get there. I am familiar with the Pine Mountain Trail from the Tower to Elk Horn City well enough to be a guide.
  10. Uncle Punk

    Who has a Speed Triple?

    Baby is getting dirty just sitting around the shop. Full size passengers only. Let me take your woman for a ride to see how she likes a full size experience.
  11. Uncle Punk

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    What a wonderful opportunity working with your son. I worked with my dad for ten years and really miss those times. Are you going to Traxxion Dynamics the new bike?
  12. Uncle Punk

    Little Shepherd Trail Kentucky

    Next time you are in that area instead of taking 197 between Pound and the Breaks Interstate Park find your way to 611 on the Virginia side of the state line. It runs mostly parallel to 197. There is an observation tower up a dirt/gravel road about five miles off of 611 called the Birch Knob Observation Tower. I've hiked between the tower and Breaks park several times. I'm in that area along 611 a couple times a year visiting family about two miles from that tower.