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  1. Uncle Punk

    The triple nickel

    With enough speed you can turn a scenic route into a fun curvy road with the extra added benefit of plenty of danger. 555 ranks for me in a listing of favorite roads but I know I'm in the minority there. I like the little bit of thrill you get from the blind rises. I will go out of my way to avoid Skyline Drive the rest of my life on a motorcycle.
  2. Uncle Punk

    Ride 7/12 or 7/13

    Damn you guys suck. Rubbing this shit in my face.
  3. Uncle Punk

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    I sure have been. Last I bought a bike that I thought would allow me to ride more since I don't have to clutch it as often as the sportbike. I rode a lot last year but have only rode twice this year. Took a decent trip to Maine but one of the days was in a torrential downpour all day. Have I mentioned that my "mother-in-law" is moving in with us today? She has two dogs that we have had for the last month while she has been in rehab. Will only be released to live with family or assisted living. We are doing so much work around the house to accommodate this new living arrangement that I don't know when I'm going to get out on the bike again this year. When I do get out I intend to do some hard riding, whatever that means with my comfy old man bike.
  4. Uncle Punk

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    Oh look someone with useful information. Thanks, this makes it sound interesting. Not sure about paying to ride roads I already know though. Why would you buy a Grom when the Monkey is available anyway?
  5. Uncle Punk

    Bridgestone Batllax T30 EVO F & R tires (new)

    You are right they will fit my bike, killer price too. If I was going to make a trip to California I would buy them in a heartbeat. When the stock rear wore out I replaced the rear with one of these. I hated the stock tires and this was only mildly better than that. They moved all over the place and never could find grip that I could depend on. Now to be fair to the tire I only managed to get 3,000 miles out of either one so I might have been pushing them past their intended purpose. I know plenty of people that really like that tire and I really like their sport tires so it's not a brand thing for me, it's just that using these sport touring tires as a sport bike tire doesn't do them any justice. Thanks for thinking of me but right now I'm a pass on them.
  6. Uncle Punk

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    Next thing you know someone is going to suggest that I get a Grom.
  7. Uncle Punk

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    If I have to ride slow enough that a Goldwing will do I'm looking for a new hobby.
  8. Uncle Punk

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    Why are you trying to talk to me? Part of this is your fault. One of the funnest rides I've had in years was trying to follow you and now you won't ride with me no more.
  9. Uncle Punk

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    I don't want to share no common values. I want to ride fast on curvy roads, pass people on double yellows for miles and miles at a time. All of the old guys are riding adventure bikes now and I'm too big of a sissy to take mine in the gravel.
  10. Uncle Punk

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    http://www.flybyweek.com/RegHomePage.html Anyone know anything about these guys? I just did a trip up into Maine and it's time to take the bike out again this year. I'm leery of new groups since they rarely are what I hope for them to be. It's hard to find a group of people that ride the same or want the same things out of a ride. I've tried to ride with my local BMW group but it just didn't suit me. Looking for a little more entertainment from a ride. I don't have the luxury of getting away for a big trip again this year so I'm looking to find something interesting to get into.
  11. Uncle Punk

    "Must Ride" Roads in Kentucky?

    I'm interested in this too. More specifically a good route from Ironton, OH to Elkhorn City, KY. Staying off of 23 and 119 as much as possible.
  12. Uncle Punk

    2008 FZ6; Best Offer OR.net Pricing

  13. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    No worries I've been mistaken for someone else before. That is not my bike or video, the SDR is not jschaf's. I tried to follow him around one sunny day and it almost looked like the two in the video except there was never a time when the BMW was in front of the KTM. I still have the BMW, Jim's KTM SDR didn't like the way it was being treated and decided to part ways with him. Now I am stuck riding with the adventure guys.
  14. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    I'm slightly confused here. Did I just become Black Cuban Tod?
  15. Uncle Punk

    Ok who was this

    Riding won't be as much fun without you but I understand the time away from riding after what you've been through. More Squidly fun.