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  1. Look where I was today at 11:55. If I would have seen a Goldwing in the parking lot someone could have gotten lunch.
  2. Wait! Do you have three bikes now or did one go towards the Busa? (Please don't let it be the XR, I really want a new one) I have had a Busa and understand you wanting one kinda but kinda not. Mine was a 2005, the bike fit me better than any bike I had ever ridden, I put the most miles on it in the shortest period of time than with any bike I've ever owned, 15,000 miles in 16 months. It was a fantastic bike for riding on the street, I did my first three track days on it, totaled it on the third trackday. What a fun capable bike that does the backroads better than expected. What I don't get other than your cultural issue is the ZX14 gave you everything the Busa has. PS. Watching you ride the XR in your posted videos I'm impressed with how well you handle that thing.
  3. You old white guys can't tell the difference between a Busa and a ZX14
  4. Damn, under "normal" circumstances I would take you up on such an offer. I happen to have a memorial service for someone that is impossible for me to not be part of during your trip. Have fun
  5. Really??? He already has a 890R and a second gen S1000XR. What the hell is his problem? I'm really jealous of the new current XR.
  6. When you boys are out on your next sex run there are other options hidden in out of the way places. http://www.gilchristemporium.com/
  7. Where you guys in Amesville?
  8. You are correct. I read the story wrong. I now have a better picture of what took place. The BMW guy probably lacks much riding experience, he was frustrated riding along with the Goldwing guy because the BMW is too tall for him, the jealousy takes over and hijacks people's brains when performing complex tasks.
  9. I have stopped someone from putting diesel in their motorcycle, the guy and his wife both thanked me a couple of times. This was in Tellico Plains, TN, most folks down there are nicer. Why is it always a Goldwing rider though?
  10. Have you been introduced to our lord and savior the BMW R 1250 GS A
  11. Congratulations! No more scraping parts when riding at a brisk pace. Riding a GSA will make a believer out of anyone, I anticipate owning one someday. Hoping for the rumors of BMW putting a triple in them with some horsepower to compete with the KTM and Ducati, if that happens I will be an early adopter. Our ride down south turned out perfect, 1,260 miles for the three day weekend and it seemed to be raining where we weren't. Didn't get to try out the new Klim rain gear. No tickets, close calls or breakdowns. The guys I was with rode through a roadside car wash where a waterfall comes over a cliff beside the road and were surprise by how cold the water was but they rode through it on the way back. We rode up and down the five mile dirt/gravel road to hike up Birch Knob Tower to see supposedly five states from where we were standing. Got to try our skills out against the squids hanging out on 421, had trouble passing a Kia Sportage and Chevy Cruze, those locals can hustle through the backroads. Ate some decent meals in Tazewell, VA where we stayed Saturday and Sunday night.
  12. More over moderation at it's finest. Why can't we be free to live our best life without moderators trying to save us from ourselves. 10K messages out to all the members? There are that many registered members? The other 9,992 members need to step it up it's awfully quiet around here.
  13. Those old guns belong in museums. The loose bitches can't be that picky so I can understand how they would be satisfied with inferior accommodations. I assumed all the 1911s were just safe queens since they are horrible carry weapons they don't need holsters.
  14. I have rode this bike, it is a backroad weapon. I can't imagine a better setup if you desire to ride rapidly through curvy roads.
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