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  1. More over moderation at it's finest. Why can't we be free to live our best life without moderators trying to save us from ourselves. 10K messages out to all the members? There are that many registered members? The other 9,992 members need to step it up it's awfully quiet around here.
  2. Those old guns belong in museums. The loose bitches can't be that picky so I can understand how they would be satisfied with inferior accommodations. I assumed all the 1911s were just safe queens since they are horrible carry weapons they don't need holsters.
  3. I have rode this bike, it is a backroad weapon. I can't imagine a better setup if you desire to ride rapidly through curvy roads.
  4. Why would anyone make a holster out of such an inferior old fashioned material like leather? This isn't the 1900s anymore.
  5. I can't believe that was so long ago, really making me feel old. I really wish I had the restraint Tpoppa has/had. Nothing bad happened but I regret showing some ass that day since part of it wasn't really all that safe. I hope I'm referring to the same incident otherwise, nevermind.
  6. King shit is still up for debate if the OP shows back up so you still have a chance. Sexiest is well taken care of, despite what Brad Pitt thinks he just can't hang with the OG of sexy.
  7. Yes, it was a circle jerk of a conversation which left me feeling abandoned and alone. ^^^ This guy right here is really trying to be the biggest shit stirrer in this thread. Sexiest? Please! It's a well established fact that BMW riders are the sexiest, especially black guys riding a white bike. The contrast makes everything look bigger.
  8. It can't possibly be safe to ride with someone that is this fast. All they are going to do is attract the police then they will run away so fast you are left to deal with the aftermath. This is why whenever possible you ride with people that are slower than you are. Perhaps the OP shouldn't have let the cat out of the bag about how awesomely fast he is if he wants others to play with him. Besides who rides a sport bike anymore, most of us are on slow old man bikes currently.
  9. Congratulations! Do what you think is best as far as riding goes, there will be plenty of time to get back to it if you still have the desire. I took a nine year layoff from riding and have now been back at it for nineteen years.
  10. If you would have put the trailer restraint in front of the rear tire you wouldn't have needed to remove the gate.
  11. My guess is hot tear. I think your pressures are too low for a street tire. You don't need warmers for those tires. Those tires should let you run an easy 1:42 at Mid-Ohio without warmers and more pressure than you are using.
  12. I thought it would be fun to have a 890 Duke and it would be once I make it to the curvy roads but it is slower than the BMW so unless I figure out how to have two bikes again that choice is out. Currently stalking the new ZX10R, it has everything I think I'm looking for. Too new for any deals yet so I'll wait. I could go with a leftover old generation bike and buy a tune that gives it an autoblipper but I like to leave my bikes stock. Thanks for the offer but I have pretty good resources for Kawasaki, BMW, Yamaha and KTM.
  13. I don't do it after "every" ride but for the most part I do. Most of my rides are 350 to 500 miles so it always gets done after any of them. It's a fast easy process when you don't put any type of grease or wax on them. Just clean them with WD40 and that's it. I haven't had a bike with over 21K miles so I don't know when they wear out. According to some taking care of a chain the way I do is bad for them and they won't last long. I don't know how long they are supposed to last but I'm happy with my results with so little effort.
  14. I had a Hayabusa that I put 16K miles on that only saw WD40 as a way to clean the chain. Never lubricated the chain with anything else after cleaning it. Even used a pressure washer on the chain when at a car wash. The exact routine was used on the CBR1000RR which I sold at 21K miles with the original chain/sprockets that looked like new. I'm using the same routine on the BMW and at 18K miles can't detect any wear. I do really like the BMW for an all around bike it does trips and backroad riding just fine. I really miss having a fast bike though. The BMW is quick up to 120 MPH but it just
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