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  1. lol thanks. alot of people like the sticker. :)

  2. if you was on 275 around 7 dismorning one of the guys i work with like the sticker on the back of your helment lol

  3. thanks i was thinking about repainting it. but not for sure yet. thinking about the now z06 corvette orange

  4. welcome. never seen or heard of a 2000 636. thought 03-06
  5. work in a body shop lol
  6. i do body work for a living
  7. layed2low


    i have a set of black widow stand i think the work good. i paid 90 for them from discount ramps.com
  8. o ok he must have just bought it then
  9. ok so the guy that awns it now names not ryan?
  10. i looked at that bike last year when it had all the racing plastics on it. it dyno at 110 at the wheel last winter at prostock.
  11. i order all my stuff from woofersetc.com or dealer cost car audio fast shipping with both sites. i order 3 12 kicker comp vrs and got them for 177 dropped off at my door.
  12. ive had 2 of those lights. both got wet and went out. cant change the bulb in them either. i got a frame with 4 led's in it not real bight but work and havent been pulled over for it
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