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  1. My wife is always "cold," maybe that's why she stays thin
  2. Finding the stripped threads for the oil pan drain bolt yesterday, makes me want to use the previous owner's dick skin as thread tape so the bike won't leak oil.
  3. Video of bus riding deer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxHEwr-yXDs "I tell you man, I was abducted by aliens"
  4. I'm pretty sure every law in the US is still up for interpretation, thus the existence of the judicial branch, and that common sense still applies. Its stupid shit like this that prevents congress from making any progress. "Well... uhh... if.. a donkey shits on the road, during an odd numbered Friday in the month of July, in a leap year... then someone could rape your first born and legally get away with it!" STFU and stop spreading friday donkey shit. You're ruining the road for everyone else
  5. I'm loving this thread, and dying with anticipation. Keep up the good work!
  6. I haven't been active on here, but just checking on my riders back home occasionally as I do my thing in the Navy. I really wish I hadn't found this thread, because I'm honestly hurt and my stomach sickened. IP, jbot, and others, I'm thankful you're hear to articulate thoughts of reason so well. I love to hear how much of a piece of shit I am due to serving in the military, when I've spent the last 2.5 years training to save other people's lives. In a few months, nearing 3 years of training, I'll finally accomplish my goal of becoming a Navy special amphibious reconnaissance corpsman. I bet it was a challenge to sit on your ass watching the Discovery channel's "Surviving the Cut" episodes of Marine Recon, and combat diver training while I was living it. You fat fucking dependapotamus. Asking why this guy was special? wtf? "huh, whats so special about the published Navy SEAL whose death made national headlines?" Kyle was a chief petty officer (higher enlisted), SEAL (small community), sniper (even smaller community). A group of bikers, friends, etc doesn't have shit on the brotherhood that exists in these communities. If the military is one big extended family, then the special operations communities are the analogical equivalent of immediate family, and chiefs our fathers. So put it simply, yes, its very fucking personal. Anyone else have problems? Send them my way with your name and phone, I'll be sure to forward it to the SEAL medics I work with every day. I probably shouldn't even post this, but I needed to vent... and its already typed out so fuck it. Sorry for reviving an old thread.
  7. Long time no see. I have been off this forum for some time now but I'm back on it. A lot of people are gone.

  8. Why isn't there a sticker/t-shirt/merch representative?
  9. I agree, and why is he bringing this up years later? I get that they missed the notify customers step of this, but when he contacted them they were already working on the issue. They provided him the option of downloading the new firmware as soon as it was available.
  10. Where the hell are you??

  11. Things are good and crazy all at once. :lol:

  12. Good to see on here that you're still out there riding, man! I hardly get on here anymore, so sorry about not responding to your message forever. I joined because I was getting sick of my situation. Poor as shit, trying to make it through school eating bullshit to survive. I got sick of sitting in a cubical all day, I had to get out of it all. I'll go back to school eventually, but I'm on a crazy ass journey with the Navy right now. I'll PM you details on that. How are things with you and the fam?

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