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  1. ShotgunYoung

    Picture of your motorcycles....POST EM' UP

    It used to be white and an 883. Now it's a 1200 black
  2. what was i supposed to send you ?

  3. sorry i didn't get to talk with you today. Man, it's on the way......are you ready???

  4. ShotgunYoung

    Picture of your motorcycles....POST EM' UP

    Nice lookin bike. I have a 81 550L that I have been working on. Too many projects, too little time. That is a classic bike man, looks killer!!!!
  5. ShotgunYoung

    ne one riding today?

    I saw 3 Harleys and 1 Beemer today. What is it like 10* windchill anyway? I'll usually ride at 35* or higher but not days like this. It is sunny and dry though ;-)
  6. Do an introduction. And put in all of those sweet bikes you got. See you around bro. Can't wait to ride.

  7. ShotgunYoung

    Who rode yesterday?

    Hey Patrick, whats up man? I hear ya man, Im gonna take mt back wheel off tomorrow. Pain in the ass man, my tire ins'nt in that bad of shape. Oh well, thats the way it goes.......
  8. ShotgunYoung

    Who rode yesterday?

    Thats an Old School biker I rode the bike I have now for a whole summer with the tag from a friends bike.
  9. ShotgunYoung

    Who rode yesterday?

    Yea, I think that counts. You had the wind in your face AND you got the cops called on you. Sounds like a good day of riding to me
  10. ShotgunYoung

    Who rode yesterday?

    Between all of the wind and rain we have had, most of the salt is in fact, washed away.
  11. ShotgunYoung

    2009 Hocking Hills Poker run.

    Best burgers in the state. Cool little bar too. Good times for all!!
  12. ShotgunYoung

    Who rode yesterday?

    I got about 3 hours in. Nice day to ride. Would have got more time in the wind but, I got a flat rear tire I was lucky to be close to home. Turned out I foud a "key", like a house key stuck all the way in my tire. Still had fun though.
  13. ShotgunYoung

    Hey Jagr

    Phop5 is Patrick right? Just getting it together man.
  14. ShotgunYoung

    Hey Jagr

    Hey man, just wanted to see what was shakin with you. What does Patrick go by on here?