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  1. Within Temptation and The Gathering. both awesome female fronted bands.
  2. Oops, I must have missed the "wide glide" bit on the first read through! Awesome! Thanks, man!

  3. No worries, man, and I definitely appreciate even that bit of advice!

    You already answered one of my biggest questions: That the stock light will work. I don't mind inventing up some mounting brackets at all! (already planned to) I like the suggestion of repurposing the headlight mount, and I already have a good lock on how I'll do the headlight.

    You don't remember if you ordered a narrow glide or a wide glide one, by chance, do you? I don't know if it actually matters or not, TBH.

  4. I haven't had that bike for 3 years, and it's been 5 since I put that on. :) It really did look awesome though. I know I built custom brackets for it though out of 1¼ wide aluminum, two on the sides and one or two on the bottom. I don't remember what I bolted them too except that I cut up the bracket that holds the headlight and just mounted the stock headlight to the fairing. I really don't remember how though, I would need to see it again and I live in Virginia now. Send me some pics of the headlight and I still may be able to help you out. I think I also had to cut out notches for the turn signals. I am also pretty sure it is the wide glide version. Sorry, I didn't keep any of that info, I never thought in a million years I would need it. :)

    Hopefully I helped a bit. Good luck!


  5. Hey, man, so I just made an account in order to ask you about the old Honda Shadow you had. I noticed you had an Arlen Ness fairing on it and I've been wanting to put one on my bike. I don't see many of them around, so I wanted to ask you for any tips in doing it: Which version of the fairing (narrow, wide?) Any advice on fabbing up mounts, and did you change the stock headlight or it's mounting around any? Any help would be amazing, man.

  6. Cool. I worked in the sign industry for 12 years and this was one of my tasks(I used to be the OR decal guy). Just a heads up though. If you are planning are planning on selling logos like the Kawi and Duc, etc, just be aware that you are breaking numerous copyright and licensing laws. If you are doing stuff for yourself I don't think it is a big deal, but you need authorized permission to reproduce and sell stickers of logos. I see you are in Columbus, OSU is notorious for tracking down people for unauthorized reproductions. These companies are not going to spend millions on branding so anyone can use it, they also spend millions on lawyers to protect it. So I guess be cautious about selling to people you may not know or anyone at all.
  7. Buy borrow or steal two flat mover's dollies. They really come in handy more often than you think. I use mine quite often. Even just moving a couch around to rearrange can be an easy one person job with them. here are some cheapies.... http://www.harborfreight.com/1000-lb-capacity-movers-dolly-38970.html
  8. how goes it bro?

  9. 70 through the mountains in Colorado west of Denver is not a typical highway. It is actually a great ride. There is so much to see around you, it is actually nice to not have to always have complete concentration on a twisty road. As far as getting there, Nebraska and Iowa are a better ride than Kansas, but if you really want to swing south I suggest taking 40 to Albuquerque and then heading north on 25. I have never taken that direct route, but 25 is one of the best highway rides I've ever been on south of Albuquerque along the Rio Grande. I would imagine north would be a decent ride as well. You would also get to see some Route 66 stuff that way. You could even ride to Flagstaff and head north from there and then take 70 east through the Rockies. I rode 70 and 15 from Vegas and enjoyed it quite a bit.
  10. I just moved to the DC area and was excited about it...until I learned I have to go back to Ohio for the weekend. I've heard it is pretty cool, I'm hoping next year.
  11. Sweet, glad you guys are using this one. Did I give you the 5 cent ride artwork? That might be a cool one too down the road. Gray with black for sure.
  12. my dad is looking for these, if bacchus doesn't buy let me know and i will tell him to get in touch with you.
  13. Im not really a gun guy but support the right to carry, but also believe in leo safety. You did the right thing informing the officer you were carrying, perhaps it is Missouri procedure to hold the firearm until the stop is completed. no harm no foul, it wasnt like you needed it while pulled over anyway. Im sure it is a safety rule for the officer, but what is fucked up is that the people with a ccw are generally law abiding citizens and quick to let an officer know they are armed for the leo's safety. it is the thugs carrying illegally that might be a danger to an leo, but of course they would never tell the officer and be armed for the entire stop. I assume you are a law abiding citizen; so don't stress about giving an officer a few minutes of stress free time when making a traffic stop. sucks you got a ticket, but don't speed and it wont be an issue.
  14. It's almost healed already, looks like a scrape that will barely be a scar. Must have given me super healing powers in addition to the power to shoot large wads of white goo.
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