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  1. Bump, 132 rounds of this for 100 obo.
  2. This bike would be a really good starting bike that easily could become a great commuter or fair weather bike if she does actually get into biking and buy a nicer bike down the road.
  3. I'm unaware of the age. I would guess it's a 90s bike and it has Shimano components with indexed rear gears.
  4. I have a raleigh capri that's a 46cm frame, should be a perfect fit. It's got some surface rust on some areas but just had a tune up and new brake pads all around. I'm looking to get 100 out of it. It would be a nice starter bike/ campus bike.
  5. I use a JetBoil. Definitely worth the money IMO. The small 100g canister packs into the cup along with everything else you need for it and you're good to go. Fits right in the outside pocket of an ALICE pack.
  6. Title says it. Comes with a remote. Price: 80 OBO
  7. I'm about 15 min North of OSU Campus.
  8. Pretty positive. The 3/4" thick glass makes this pretty heavy.
  9. I've got two filters, an overflow filter, two heaters that I can include at an additional cost of 40 as well as gravel and some driftwood. Tank is 5ft long x 23h x 19w and weighs at least 200 lbs dry. Definitely a tank that could handle catfish.
  10. Oceanic Brand 3/4" 100 gal tank. It's clean. Price: 100 picked up from me. You'll need two strong people to get it and a truck van or SUV. The stand pictured is included.
  11. Briar Rabbit in Zanesville is by far the best public outdoor within an hour of Columbus. OVO in Lancaster is about the only indoor range I'll go to.
  12. I'm definitely climbing tomorrow. I'll be there on the auto belays since I don't have anyone planned to go with right now but I'll have my rope with me just in case.
  13. I'm posting this for my roommate. I can say this is the most smooth bolt and trigger I've felt/used on a Mosin. Just a common USSR 1942 round receiver Mosin, all numbers match, barrel cut down to 22" and re-cowned at 11 degrees. ATI scope mount. bolt handle cut and tig welded professionally, a ring was welded to the safety to make it easier to engage. polished all bolt services. new wolf 18lb. firing pin spring. as well as refinished matte silver. all metal parts besides the bolt were beadblasted and gunkoted matte black. original stock is cut to fit shorter barrel, free floated and glass beaded action, adjustable comb height. stock could use a refinish. have original sling, front eyelets for sling could be added. rubber recoil pad. extensive trigger work performed. don't have a scale but it's deftly less than have of the normal 12 lb. Mosin trigger, and not gritty at all. Scope not included, currently running a 2-10x40 Minox. can fit a 50mm objective with low rings. $200 Ammo: surplus corrosive: 5 boxes 25rd/box 1968ish match ammo from factory 188. this is the match ammo used before 1n7 came out. definitely the best performing ammo for this rifle. steel core bullet, acts like heavy ball, probability about 180gr. $15/box 9 boxes 20rds. regular Russian light ball steel core (silver tip) $5/box Yugoslavian NNY 1985 heavy ball lead bullet (is supposed to be accurate based on research have not shot) 1 box 20 rds +2 extra loose $15 Commercial: heter's select grade (sellier and bellot) 180gr. soft point 17ds. $10 Winchester (sellier and bellot) 180gr. soft point 20rds. $15 sellier and bellot 174gr. hollow point boat tail 6rds. $4 brown bear 174gr. steel core fmj 17rds. $4 Can trade for 9mm, .45, .22LR .270 win or 12ga. ammo. Make me and offer on multiple items.
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