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  1. jbot

    Dream Bikes

    vmax is just cool as hell. i think it's a little overweight, but they hold their value pretty well and they just look a little special.
  2. jbot

    New Honda CBR

    It's hard to be authentically sarcastic if you're also equally clueless.
  3. jbot

    New Honda CBR

  4. jbot

    New Honda CBR

    Fuck you groms are sweet
  5. jbot

    New Honda CBR

    You talk a lot of shit for someone who is supposedly so utterly non competitive
  6. jbot

    New Honda CBR

    So true. It was a big moment for me when I got the bump to intermediate group on 536. I'm 100% in A group for 800 though.
  7. jbot

    What did you do to your bike today?

    do you think the gloves are as critical if the grips are already heated? this is new territory for me
  8. jbot

    What did you do to your bike today?

    i rode my thicc boy diavel around a bit for errands today and tested out the heated jacket liner (firstgear/warm n safe) after i got everything hooked up. It is amazing. why oh why didn't i have one of these for all those cold ass mornings heading down to SEO and all those cold ass nights heading back home after the ride was over? so toasty and nice.
  9. jbot

    Shit Kent and UP do not care about.

    Is this the one that got blamed on Pauly? If so, that was DEFINITELY his fault
  10. jbot

    Shit Kent and UP do not care about.

  11. jbot

    Shit Kent and UP do not care about.

    How about.... THIS?!
  12. jbot

    Shit Kent and UP do not care about.

    We Tang clan ain't nothin to fuck with
  13. jbot

    winter bike ritual

    i'm thinking about getting heated gear but that would require me to actually ride in the very cold and let's not kid ourselves... i'm too old and too soft for that shit now
  14. jbot

    Lightweight bikes on the track

    There are entire 250/300cc classes of racing and they look like they're having a blast. You can also always do the minis through OMRL, they race groms and xr100s and other fun stuff. Talk about cheap and light.
  15. jbot


    Bbbbbut i just bought a diavel