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  1. take your upvote and get out
  2. jbot

    Anyone else looting?

    i bet you wouldn't be willing to contract coronavirus like a fucking legend and then breathe the same air as your elderly or otherwise vulnerable family member or friend because deep down, you're not as retarded as this image.
  3. Maybe consider sending gif files so they can be extra throbbing veins, really capture the kegel patterns
  4. I just hope you tell him all the hurtful things I said about your penis, in graphic veiny detail
  5. anyone notice how they're all white dudes? This is why I think it's finally time @Uncle Punk became mod. we need to get a black guy on the mod team. he'll be like our Obama, and then I'll bide my time until i can begin my unadulterated fascist reign of tyranny
  6. it's always a good thread when @Uncle Punk has to come on to say his bit about how over-moderated this site is. someone types up greatest hits highlights list of memorable OR moments, and @NinjaDoc writes up a nice long heart felt love letter to OR, and somebody has to appeal to our good nature for the sake of the noobs. also, it was 1.86$ or however idiotic way that dildo wrote it back then
  7. what if instead of disappearing threads, we just replace all the text with boobies?
  8. Ok. Since I own this thread, I want all the posts in the thread (except mine) show boobies instead of whatever drivel was written.
  9. I'll accept my role in derailing the thread. Obviously, for anyone who actually knows me (admittedly, few anymore) should know I was absolutely kidding about rounding up all the racist/stereotypical jokes being directed towards @TimTheAzn and sending the examples to their respective employers. And yes, I know you think they were harmless and certainly didn't intend ill will probably. If you look in my post history, I've made plenty of naughty problematic jokes and have no actual problem with them for the most part. So that all being said, can someone explain why the thread was closed and disappeared? I won't make assumptions, I would like an explanation.
  10. jbot

    Anyone else looting?

    I think you know that you don't want to go down this income, wealth and affirmative action road in terms of the upper echelon of higher education because if you look past just this very short dead end you're going down, you know it looks very bad for this line of reasoning as soon as you zoom out and look at overall distribution of wealth along racial lines and college admissions in Ivy's especially Harvard. We can waste our time on this if you want. If we're speaking to guidance counselors and teachers as a whole, you are absolutely right. I doubt specialed as an individual is particularly overtly racist based on what I've seen of his comments, but I don't know him personally (at least, I don't think I do). But at the institutional level, data shows this mechanism of overly relying on narrative feedback from a predominantly white educational structure for specifically Harvard admissions (though I'd guess this failure extends to other similarly desirable schools) for Asian vs white students is racially discriminatory for asians. Do.you disagree?
  11. jbot

    Anyone else looting?

    Yeah a level playing field would be nice. https://www.forbes.com/sites/evangerstmann/2019/10/01/why-the-asian-american-students-lost-their-case-against-harvard-but-should-have-won/
  12. jbot

    Anyone else looting?

    honestly, it doesn't seem like a horror movie virus in the eyes of those of us that were hit the least hard like in not super densely populated Ohio that went into lock down early or those of you in nice dry heat states like Arizona so I get the sentiment. But I think any front line health care worker in places that were hit super hard like in parts of China, Korea, NYC, Italy, etc will probably tell you different. Personally, I can tell you that my in laws who live in Brooklyn live right across the street from a major hospital and they have seen the lined up body bags as they walk by. But i agree with you, sometimes it's hard to see how bad it is when you just don't see people around you dropping like flies. An honest earnest question here: what would it take for you to truly empathize with the people who could get it and likely die from it and truly believe why this is a real problem, beyond what's been parroted on MSM? more personal experiences, immediately family members getting it, friends or their family getting it? or information presented from a different source? Obviously, I'm not wishing any bad health on you and yours and I'm thinking if you had contracted it personally and suffered from it like What did, it would be easier to empathize but since you're younger, you're not very likely to feel severe symptoms even if you did get it. So outside of that, what do you think would change your mind about this?
  13. jbot

    Anyone else looting?

    Look man, you're a cool dude and we always get along. I'm not trying to condescend to you. But I'm asking an honest question to understand your view. Likewise, you should consider being intellectually honest and not hide behind something like "I never said I disagreed with masks" when you clearly did and do and probably will continue to do so after this conversation. I don't like mandating anything either. But from a conservative or libertarian perspective, I think I could make a stronger case for mandating masks vs not in a scenario like this in preserving personal freedom overall. I'm open to having this conversation and understanding where you're coming from. I'll be honest and open to ideas and perspective if you are willing.
  14. jbot

    Anyone else looting?

    And did someone say they didn't want OP (solid snake) at the ride? What's that all about.
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