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  1. Weather App poll

    but it's such a dumb pointless question
  2. Weather App poll

    this thread made me lose faith in humanity. like, who would think this thread was a good idea, or that it even made sense? i wish OP would've just eaten a baby or something instead.
  3. The return of csc and tragedy on a trailer.

    we are just embarrassed to type it all out, mostly on your behalf. sort of like if your name was "insaneclownposse69" or "pauly walnuts". hahaha how ghastly.
  4. Pre-Black Friday Sale

    they're not even real, OK?!
  5. Pre-Black Friday Sale

    snagged a pair of the white/red boots. god bless my lovely little hobbit feet for fitting into 42's. also, i guess the white boots have more red than pictured. i can finally replace my thoroughly destroyed pairs of sidi vertigo corsa's. loved those boots.
  6. Tuned or turbo’d civics...

    so does that mean they're not going to recall the 3.0 ecodiesel?
  7. All inclusive beach vacations

    $3K? but you can buy a whole 1.5 months of daycare for a 3yr old and 11 month old for that. FML
  8. NEO attorney/compliance?

    consider working for federal gov. DCMA, DCAA, DFAS, and other smaller agencies have a significant presence in the cleveland area. assuming you haven't considered those options. A few friends with their JDs work for insurance companies and they seem happy enough there. Also had a few friends who worked for various firms and the money is sexy but the hours and pressure, not so much, especially if you have kid(s). good luck on your search
  9. Weather App poll

    still don't understand why this thread was even posted
  10. Weather App poll

    but why? why have you done this?
  11. Weather App poll

    what weather app are we talking about here?
  12. i love that all our mods are super fucked up.
  13. bike 2012 Triumph Street Triple R - $6000

    wait, but @blue03636 plays destiny on PS4. do we have a traitor in our midst? what next, he has a kawasaki AND a honda? disgusting