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  1. jbot

    My new friend.

    None of the words you two lovebirds say will sound right with each other's dicks so deep in your respective larynxes
  2. jbot

    Need a new home for our cat

    it really sounds like OP wants to do the right thing and doesn't sound like his kid provoked this cat nor did he raise his kid(s) to treat animals badly. the OP actually made that clear to me. Not sure why some of you are jumping on his dick over wanting to re-home this cat, even at much higher expense than necessary to do so to ensure a smooth transition. sometimes, animals just don't do well with children, anyone who has adopted dogs would know this. does this not apply to cats?
  3. jbot

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    but girls have cooties
  4. jbot

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    Maybe just do some scenic rides and take it easy with a nice meal as the destination or something. Maybe get a handy by whoever is riding behind you. I dunno, whatever works I guess.
  5. jbot

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    i plan to go out to a OMRL or whatever small bike event next time it's not too far (pitt or where-ever else is not too far). that said, in the future, let's keep the "big bike" not-compensating-for-anything track crack whore talk in the big bike track threads and the little bitty bike inferiority complex moaning in the little bike track talk threads. that should keep everyone from being all weepy maybe.
  6. jbot

    OR brings another happy couple together

    congrats, you crazy kids!
  7. jbot

    MotoAmerica Pittsburgh Round

    geez what a loser omfg
  8. jbot

    MotoAmerica Pittsburgh Round

    confirmed that go-karts are open as long as you're attending races hope you bitches are ready to get rekt
  9. jbot

    My Ride Today

    Come watch motoamerica race. That's the weekend before you go to whogivesafucktown Well, as long as it's not just me I guess. Just miss the eyes.
  10. jbot

    My Ride Today

    you cheap bastard, buy us sushi
  11. jbot

    My Ride Today

    Better than pacific east in Coventry?
  12. jbot

    My Ride Today

  13. jbot

    OMRL Adkins

  14. jbot

    OMRL Adkins

    ah poor timing. oh well, i'll try next year. then i could maybe bring my son if my daughter isn't into it (motoamerica is going to be the test)
  15. jbot

    OMRL Adkins

    when's the next time omrl is running or practicing close to cleveland area? is this track the closest to cleveland or are there other tracks? this one is 1.5 hrs away, so not horrible. do any of the other racers bring their kids/family, so if i were to bring my daughter, she could have someone to play with while i make a fool of myself?