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  1. Silly riding.

    you two would make for some fine passionate love making and hate fucking
  2. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    it was a joke. the emphasis was on just calling him old because he old as fuuuuuuck, and less on accusing you of any wrong doing. you were just an innocent bystander. i will send flowers
  3. IP's sense of giving a singular fuck has fallen by the wayside
  4. 1 bike for street/track

    CBR F4i? sporty like 600rr but more comfy for street. You can get adjustable rear sets probably, makes a pretty big difference. i'm considering a hypermotard for this same basic idea except i'm not sure what to do with my vette. i'll figure something out.
  5. Considering Android

    be bold. be young... AND old. GO NOKIA (or blackberry). or buy a zune.
  6. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    you're my favorite man-child
  7. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

  8. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    pointless to rehash the track/street all over again. that horse is so beat to death, even skeletor wouldn't fuck it. riding is riding. unless you ride some piece of shit cruiser or something... that's just traveling to your inevitable death on two wheels as slowly as possible. and if you ride a tarted up ducati... enjoy your gourmet coffee with those tight pants while riding you smug slow greasy pile of garbage. and don't get me started on dual sports... god, just pick road or dirt already, we know your mommy issues are the true reasons for your inability to commit. ah yes, riding sure is riding as long as you're riding what i like to be riding, on the bikes i like to be riding on, riding the kind of ride i like to be riding on with my riding buddies and riding group and my riding forum.
  9. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    i thought about posting something when you first posted this thread and changed my mind cause it was so ordinary and just not at all profound... which is a lot like what happens when you just sort of fall out of love with riding. that's not what happened with me, actually, but it sounds like it's what's happening with you, or maybe your other commitments and subsequent guilt is just getting to you. I dunno. it doesn't even matter. i've been street bike-less for about 3+ years now, and while I still find myself searching for random bikes I get it in my head that I am going to buy, my mind gets back to my current priorities. this is coming from a hardcore track slut for a good 5 years, straight to just absolutely no riding... ambition/running a business and/or kids will do that to you sometimes. a lot of my friends on track had kids and didn't stop riding track, but i've always been like that. i just don't have the emotional capacity to maintain multiple of anything that takes up my attention and thought and involvement. i'll get back at it one day once i'm feeling like i have that breathing room in my mind for it. right now, i'm too involved in making sure my kids start better than I did, that I'm present (really truly present) for everything while they're young, and making money while the money's good. and occasionally buying stupid shit when i get antsy. best of luck to you on your present conundrum. the monkey on your bike will never go away though... that much I know.
  10. My track bike conundrum.

    lest anyone forget, the zx6r has, by far, the WORST oil change setup and oil filter placement. ever. EVER. 600RR also handled better for me. so honduhhhhhh
  11. Buell 1125r school me

    i had a 1125CR. They're a bit different from the 1125R, but more similar than different, if i remember right. handled ok for being a big fat heavy bike. turn in was kinda cumbersome (it's a heavy liter bike), front brakes were ok not anything to write home about. maintenance was very low, was mostly reliable for me. past turn in, bike was very stable, held lines well, and accelerated like a big ole' v-twin should. I seem to recall the stock programming having some fueling issues on the low end, but i think this is typical for big v-twins. biggest turn off is if you're keeping this bike for any length of time, consider that EBR/buell is on their what.... 2nd 3rd 4th bankruptcy now? not sure what parts availability will be like. might be fine, might be non-existent. looks are... umm... they're not for everyone, but some people really love the looks. i actually thought my CR looked pretty gangsta, but then again, i had a yamaha FZ1, which must be the ugliest piece of garbage that was so comfy and pretty decent to ride "fast" there ever was.
  12. My track bike conundrum.

    but then how do you get the butt to wiggle around under heavy braking? that's no fun. lame.
  13. FZ1 - new to me

    if your bike doesn't look bad and easily fixable ask them what the buyback would be. might be cheap.
  14. you focus on getting better so you can whoop some ass on that red beast once more
  15. My track bike conundrum.

    1. smooth on throttle and brakes (this should address your spinning up the rear issue and "overworking" the rear suspension) 2. smooth on counter steering for corner entry. (this should address the "overworking" the suspension issue.) 3. get someone to take footage of your body position. if it's too hard to actually properly get into position, then do what you can as long as you can still properly smoothly work the controls. (this should help with the excessive lean angle issue) 4. once you get the first 3 up to a certain point, refresh front forks (unless already done) and refresh rear shock. set sag after. 5. if you think I am full of shit, and you really are riding the bike as fast as it can go, ask your next coach to ride your bike, and you follow on his (or someone else who's willing to let you ride their race prepped bike). After you get left for dead within half a lap or likely less, pull back into pits with a fresh point of view. Welcome to the track, where everyone seems to be faster than you, and there is so much to learn! The comradery and improving is truly the best part, I hope you love it as much as I did.