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  1. taking control of those things away from states would be pretty unconstitutional though.
  2. it's not ok to riot in the streets of portland and it's not ok to mob the capitol building. why is this hard? get it together, people.
  3. my Mattis rookie card is worth big money now, not sure where you're getting "overrated" from. it's worth like tree fitty at least.
  4. you don't get to give me any lip about old people vehicles you filthy slut
  5. Sounds like I can start my very own food truck/bike service
  6. but AT THE SAME TIME?!??
  7. what if i told you kozmo and doc are the same person?
  8. If they're still riding together right meow I hope they kiss (passionately) and make up.
  9. Clue: his first name is a palindrome
  10. i wanna know what did or didn't happen that made you think they hated each other. this fan-fic ain't gonna write itself haha
  11. Since unfettered drama mongering isn't panning out, I guess I'll have to start writing fanfiction of Casper and Tonik and Pauly going on a most excellent polar bear adventure.
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