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  1. What do you have against Ginsburg that you celebrate her death? I'm assuming that's what this is about. If it's about something else then let me in on the joke bruh
  2. So you're capable of looking up stuff and believe the info presented on the leftist science site but not the why? How do you pick and choose what to believe of this dastardly leftist science/black magic?! As for the things that are closed, let's talk about that. Can you do a quick search for "covid deaths nursing home" and tell me what you get? It might provide an answer as to why they might be "closing" anything where large numbers of those susceptible to complications from covid-19 gather in close spaces, they tend to catch it, spread it to each other and die? Do any of those places/businesses on that list sound like maybe what I just described could happen? That's just one way you can figure out why some of these things like closures and restrictions may be happening. And one last time, because I know I told you this before but you seem to ignore the salient points of anything at all: I was not a fan of how the closures took place, and I would probably have favored a strict isolation of those at risk and let those who want/willing to risk it for money/livelihoods sign a bunch of waivers and get to living life with some restrictions. But maybe if I knew the things those leftist sciencey witches at the head of state and federal government knew, maybe I wouldn't? I dunno. Ok, you keep going on about how you did the research and know the numbers and cited the sources... If you took any of this shit seriously, you would know that just about any peer reviewed health and medical research shows that masks work to reduce the spread of covid (containment of droplets, discussed in the very article you posted) and how the fact that people infected with it can spread it without knowing they have it (asymptomatic spread) and why social distancing is important (reducing concentrated exposure to respiratory droplets) and why we need to keep it from spreading for the sake of those who are at risk (read literally any article breaking down the mortality rates by age and comorbidities). And I asked before, but seriously, look up the mortality rate again. I mean, I know you already did but your chest beating ego just can't handle it, but I just want you to read the numbers and compare it to what you believed this whole time. If you read the data and the science behind the spread and can cite it (except, you know... the parts you had wrong up until now) but you still think masks while in groups in close quarters is just too much damn trouble? What exactly are you reading? The one who is finally catching up to the plot is you. It's ok to be wrong, we are all wrong sometimes. It is NOT ok to find out you're wrong and yet keep spreading the wrong information while knowing the CDC and every other health resource disagrees with you after dedicating all their resources to solve this thing since the pandemic started. You don't like being told you're wrong by some stranger on a bike forum, fine. I wouldn't believe me either, why would you, so many hurtful words were said. Go ask a doctor or a nurse. Ask an ICU nurse if you should wear a mask. Ask them to explain how masks work or don't work. Email any of those people cited in the CDC write ups or that video I posted showing how respiratory droplets spread during even quiet conversation. What is to be gained by lying to you?
  3. just so we're not losing context here, the "100% sealing mask" was brought up because i was pointing out that widely available masks do not seal 100% which is why we have distancing guidelines, which should not be difficult to grasp but apparently was for "it's a jeep thing" guy. so if you're about to show me some very expensive, specialized, not available to the general public mask, then you are missing the point of the discussion. that all said, please show me these masks that i could have been using this whole time that is 100% sealing.
  4. Way to address the core of my responses. Lol show me this magical 100% seal mask that people can feasibly buy and use in public. Don't move the goalposts, of course there will be restrictions, I'm pretty sure I pointed that out? And tell me what businesses are still closed? Also did you miss the part where I noted that I disagreed with the way the shut down was handled? Get it together. Seriously, look up the .026 number. It's not that hard to get it right. And you're critically misunderstanding why people talk about the fact that it's so widely asymptomatic and why it makes it so dangerous. Learn. To. Read.
  5. Don't act like you've been the perfect cordial gentleman here in this thread. people who act like snarky assholes don't get to complain when others respond in kind. i've tried to answer your 5 extremely google-able questions below with minimal snark. but really, this stuff is readily available to read on the internet from reputable medical and health resources that have no reason to lie to you. 1. Because like everything else, and as even you have mentioned, there is no mask that is 100% sealed. What it DOES do is contain respiratory droplets, and when everyone is wearing it, it does it really well. Seriously, watch those videos about how the masks work, there are many posted on youtube, including the one i posted. 2. umm what's shut down still? NFL? seriously? 3. .026%? where did you get that number from? also, i'll bet something shiny that if you knew you had contracted COVID, and you had someone you loved who was elderly, immuno compromised, or had worries about risks, you wouldn't go near them because if you've read enough about this to see the .026% somewhere (still not sure where that came from?) Why do I say that? Because you're probably mistaking .26% which was a number listed as a possible estimated mortality rate of COVID by the CDC (I mean, you were only off by like 1000%, but whatever) which is roughly DOUBLE the mortality rate of seasonal flu which already kills hundreds of thousands of the type of people i mentioned earlier. I know I wouldn't go near someone who's at risk of seriously health complications from even something like the flu, much less something like COVID which can basically decimate the population of a nursing home if left unchecked like it did early on. so why would you wear a mask? the same reason I have a CHL, WHY THE FUCK NOT? shutting down the economy? well, we shut down parts of the economy that were deemed non-critical which sucked. i didn't agree with the way it was done either, but considering the rush to act, i understood. it definitely could have been done better. 4. I want to make sure you understand what asymptomatic means. it means you could potentially not feel a single symptom, and yet, be spewing it out into the air as you rant about masks or genders to your poor grandparents or other friends/family that have diabetes or high blood pressure or have COPD or asthma or god knows what else that are high risk for serious complications if THEY contract COVID from you who were lucky and were asymptomatic. at least with the flu or a cold, you get sick and you know you're sick so you know to stay away from other people so they don't get sick. With COVID, you could be infected, but not know it and THAT is why it's so dangerous. This shit is all out there in google land. 5. Like what? The flu, which even by the most conservative estimates is HALF the mortality rate? Are you aware that every year, millions of vaccines are shot in to the arms of people so they don't get sick and possibly die? It kinda sounds like we take it seriously. are you aware that small children get vaccinated against all sorts of illnesses and by doing this, we have all but eradicated very serious illnesses that have killed millions of people in the past? ever had pneumonia as a complication of the flu? me neither, but i've read and heard enough about it to know i don't want to get it and don't want my little kids to get sick and develop pneumonia. or may elderly parents (67+ yrs old) or people who I work with that have COPD or diabetes or whatever else that have co-morbidities with respiratory illnesses like the flu and obviously, COVID. if we had a vaccine for COVID we would all be shooting up like it's meth in ashtabula or southern ohio.
  6. English may not be his native/primary language based on what appears to be a lack of basic comprehension of the "discussion" taking place here.
  7. I certainly am confused and scared of these sheep. I LOVE that someone is considering you to be a leftist. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT GENDER YOU ARE OMG. hahahaha
  8. No but really, why do you think the masks don't work? It's scientifically established that microdroplets are the primary transmitter of the virus, and it's established that even simple cotton masks are effective at containing and reducing microdroplets. Seems like a straightforward concept. We don't even need to get all complicated leftist science here hahaha
  9. "Only by adopting a new path—which means, in truth, returning to the original path of our founding ideals—will we again be a country admired and respected at home and abroad" - General Mattis
  10. What's the bike? should not be difficult to buy bikes right about now? Or is inventory super low on bikes too
  11. jbot

    2008 Yamaha Fz6

  12. jbot

    2008 Yamaha Fz6

    You just bought a 125cc scooter from me.
  13. i know. it must mean that masks and science are useless and absolutely not that it is extremely contagious and even people who know a lot about it and take precautions against it can still contract it when they're around so many people. you've uncovered the deep state, bro.
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