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  1. cmh_sprint

    2009 Victory Kingpin Tour $5,000 (see details)

    Good people that take care of their stuff. LBTS GLWS. 😀
  2. cmh_sprint

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    You get what you pay for like everything else. My Morton cost $$ but I’ve had zero issues.
  3. cmh_sprint

    2006 FJR 1300

    @max power
  4. cmh_sprint

    Need help/recommendations with gear

    Take a look at the Scorpion Yosemite and Yuma lines
  5. cmh_sprint

    Casper might be getting a new one BAN Contest

    So it has happened. 5 day ban for Tonic when the correct guess is received.
  6. cmh_sprint

    Anyone (besides Gump) tried Caberg helmets?

    I had a Caberg before switching to my Nolan. Zero complaints. Actually had a better sun shield than my Nolan.