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  1. cmh_sprint

    RIP wht_scorpion

    If I can shuffle a few things I may be able to make it. Working in Westerville all day so I should be able to head that way after work.
  2. cmh_sprint

    RIP wht_scorpion

  3. cmh_sprint

    2019 Katana at Intermot Today

    Yikes, that is hideous!
  4. cmh_sprint

    Off all week, who wants to ride

    Damn dude didn’t realize this is what you’ve been dealing with. Hoping for the best!
  5. cmh_sprint

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Probably not. Wife and I are looking at taking a trip for our 20th.
  6. cmh_sprint

    What a beautiful morning to ride

    What are you looking at? This was the culmination of 2 years of research and trying to see what fit for what I want do it came to this. More power, less weight than the ST and great ergos. Only complaints so far, no TPMS and the wind noise. The second should be an easy fix.
  7. cmh_sprint

    What a beautiful morning to ride

    Looking for a new dance partner?
  8. cmh_sprint

    What a beautiful morning to ride

    Yep. The seller took $500 less than asking and I’ll have less than that in travel costs down and home. Flew into Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday. You were 100% correct Florida and Souther Georgia suck ass. I don’t know why anyone owns a bike in Fl. Today was an awesome day, Wolf Pen Gap Rd., 129 to the Gap Store and then the Skyway. In Alcoa now, on my way to Richmond, Ky for the night. Florida and Georgia had me second guessing myself. The smile hasn’t left my face all day today. This bike is stupid fun.
  9. cmh_sprint

    Hi there!

    Welcome to a fellow Triumph owner.
  10. cmh_sprint


    Welcome !
  11. cmh_sprint

    Mr. and Mrs. Toniks epic 2018 trip.

    Have fun and be safe!
  12. cmh_sprint

    Out of state bike purchasing (input needed)

    Thanks for the input. The bike I’m looking at is in Aventura. North end of Biscane Bay.
  13. I have my eye on a bike that is currently located in Southern Florida and looking for input on several items. 1) Recommendations on how to handle the financial transaction. Wouldn’t want to carry the cash for numerous reasons. 2) How to make the bike legal, plate/registration wise, to ride it home. 3) Getting my gear to Florida. UPS/FedEx?