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  1. We specialize in the sport bike market, but also offer upgrades and options for Touring, dual sport, adventure and off road. Quick turn around times are to be expected and satisfaction guaranteed! Thanks!!!
  2. Time again to do your off season services and maintenance, we have service specials and will be more than happy to suggest servicing and upgrades tailored to your needs. Please inquire at 35motorsports.com for personalized service and an Ohio Riders discount.
  3. Hello all, the riding season is waning, so it's time to think about service that you've been putting off so that you can continue to ride. 35Motorsports has some attractive suspension service and upgrade packages and offer any sort of motorcycle related repairs and services. There is a suspension soulution for just about any budget, from oil/seal changes to full cartridge kits and aftermarket shocks. These upgrades are for sport/touring/adventure bikes as well as whatever other bikes you may have. Let us know if there are any questions on a particular model or if you'd like to know what your o
  4. I can do either way. To measure and set up the sag, I would need the bike, but otherwise I can get it close. R&R forks is $60, R&R shock is $60. Thanks.
  5. Sounds good fellas! I'll be around to take care of you. Thanks!
  6. Hello all, here are some of our off season specials, packages and deals. We are offering some off-season specials, all with a 20% labor discount, here are some of the deals that we’ve come up with: Suspension service: Basic fork service for which includes all parts and labor at -20% off regular price. $148.95 Basic fork service + springs set up for your weight, add $109.00 ($257.95) OEM shock service: $100 -20% =$80 + parts Aftermarket shock service: $100 -20% =$80 + parts (Ohlins TTX add $25) Suspension upgrades (forks): Ohlins FPK 20mm fork kit: (includes FPK compression & rebound pis
  7. Hey thanks! That is awesome. Looking forward to it.
  8. I'm sure it's possible, but honestly, you should put the money towards a better shock. I don't think that you'd be satisfied with the results of reworking that shock.
  9. Attention Ohio Riders! Now is the time to think about servicing your tired suspension. I have many suspension service options available to make your bike work better than new. Packages are available for all ranges of budgets. Please check out my web site and let me know if I can be of service.
  10. No, Brian is right that is for cartridges only.
  11. For a limited time, while supplies last. Ohlins FGK25mm kits are on closeout sale to make room for the new FGK30mm kits. These kits were the top of the heap for 6 years from Ohlins. Kits are $1000 installed! Bikes available include: 07-08 Kawasaki ZX6R- FGK133 07-08 Yamaha R1- FGK134 07-08 Suzuki GSXR1000-FGK136 -08 Triumph 675- FGK139 2009 Triumph 675- FGK147 KTM RC8 (all)- FGK141 2009 Suzuki GSXR1000- FGK146 07-08 Honda CBR600RR- FGK135 Get em' while they last. Please inquire for availability. Thanks.
  12. FGK-TTX combo package If you're looking to get a great deal on top of the line suspension upgrades for your sportbike/track bike, now is the time. 35Motorsports is offering Ohlins suspension combo package including TTX36 rear shock and FGK 30mm front cartridge kit for $2299.00!! That is the latest and greatest from suspension leader Ohlins! Normally this package would run $2925.00. That is over a $600.00 savings! 35Motorsports is offering a special fork kit installation price of $150 (includes new fork seals and Ohlins R&T suspension fluid) If you want to bring the whole bike to our shop,
  13. You can email me through my web site and I'll work up a couple of options for you on your particular model with prices. The main things are how much performance increase do you want and what is the budget you have for suspension? Also what is the rider weight? The 2007-08 GSXR1000 comes with decent springs for a typical rider's weight. If you are under 150lbs. or over 190lbs. you should perhaps go with different spring rates. STT-Brian is right about the rear shock, you can't beat the performance of a Penske or Ohlins, but I do have a reworked rear shock that is much better than stock. Dependi
  14. Please take a look at the suspension packages section of the 35motorsports.com site. I have a compression holder replacement kit for the 2007-08 GSXR1000 that I use in my personal bike that works great. It is listed in the add-ons in the package section as well. Thanks.
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