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  1. email is on it's way. Thanks guys.
  2. Longtime no talk and it seems a longer time no ride. Since I have been busy with my new career I haven't had a chance to get my SV back on the road. What I need done is a complete fork rebuild. It had leaking seals and I decided if I'm opening them up there getting completely overhauled. I have everything I believe I need to get the job done. I now need someone who has the time and know how to do it. I will send or deliver all the Racetech stuff I have already plus the forks. If something else is needed I'll get that also. So...... Anyone want to do this, make a little money and make my 2013 riding season begin? Let me know.
  3. I have the RK chain tool. From what I hear as long as you use it properly it should last forever for someone who's just doing their own bikes or friends bikes. Check the site sponsors for pricing.
  4. Now might be a good time to refresh this thread. Somebody go find Bad's totem pole.
  5. My new turf- Harpersfield Covered Bridge- Parked at Pymatuning State Park Morgan Swamp- Until next time.....
  6. I can't even rationalize this kind of thing into fruition. I'm just not cut out for it.
  7. We need to create a M/C and tag our turf. I want to the the mostest gangster 1% sportbike club in bula.
  8. Good Luck with the sale. I have always like them Z's. If you just want it to get ridden I can take care of that for you.
  9. I was up and down there yesterday. S. River to 528, north to river, west to Blair, do a loop down thru there and come back east on Ford to Ross. Finishing up on Cold Cork Springs. Footville Richmond is alright also for some decent corners.
  10. My dogs roam the home freely when we are home and not. If an intruder came in with my wife, 3 children and myself there the dogs will greet them and alert us and next to my bed is a loaded 380. Pop the trigger lock off and make my presence known that I'm armed and will shoot. Wife has been told to do the same. Once the family is secure call 911. In all honesty if I needed to fire my weapon and my dogs are in the the way. Bye bye dogs. Although with a snarling German Shepard and a Leopard dog looking you in the face I doubt they'd come in the door. If it came to the dogs safety or my kids and wifes safety the dogs come in last. People who know us for years won't (again) attempt to come in the house when their not invited because of my mangy mongrels.
  11. 50 degrees in NEO today, really?
  12. Well, this kind of addresses my point of mentioning I was a plow guy. Reason being no matter what the sky decided to drop on us I had to get to work, no excuses. If I couldn't get to my truck I would be fired and never had I not been able to go do my job. Like most everything else it's has a lot to do with the driver. I used to love driving in the snow to the extent I couldn't sleep if I knew I would need to plow. With my Subaru L wagon on the other hand I was driving from Mentor to North Bloomfield (46 miles one way) Mon-Fri for two years and never had any issues getting to work all the way thru the whole stinking snow belt. Awd is a wonderful thing. Maybe next year I'll throw some snow tires on there and put it to the test. Although I will miss the 4 wheel drifting I have become accustomed to with my all seasons.
  13. Harsh winter- Sure isn't happening here. At least not yet! hahaha
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