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  1. some parts i have im welling to take offer's and trade's you can text me anytime 614-805-5868 thanks i also have some yamalube 20-40 7 quarts of it brand new for sale http://columbus.craigslist.org/mcy/3875241391.html
  2. i messed up on my post its not 27 quarts im sorry its only 7
  3. i have 7 quart's of yamalube that was purchased for 5.70$ a quart ill let all 7 go for 25$ thats saving you 15$ let me know give me a text 614-805-5868 i also have some suzuki parts for sell
  4. dont quote me but i think its 20w-40 but could be wrong ill look next time i go to my moms house tomorrow
  5. i have brand new yamalube for sale enough for a oil change it was purchased from iron pony for 5.70$ a quart i have atleast 5-7 quarts of it let me know ill let it go for 3$ a quart im in westerville
  6. Ttt damn anyone make a offer lol
  7. bump anyone make me a offer...need the cash
  8. http://columbus.craigslist.org/ele/3382340304.html the price is 145$ for ohio riders hurry wont last
  9. because u see a bent front rim holding the forks up doesnt mean that was the rim on the bike lol bike wasnt in a wreck at all he's parting it out i bought the motor and plastics for my bike for extras
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