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  1. Yamaha EPH-50 earbuds with Comply Foam tips. Works great to reduce noise/fatigue and I get much better audio through the Sena.
  2. Not a great place to live for trails, obviously. Allegheney NF is the closest GOOD trail network. Wellsville/Yellow Creek is another option.
  3. Great point. I'd wager that 95% of the group ride accidents I've seen were when someone was riding above their skill level, comfort level, or trying to keep up with someone when they should be riding their own ride. IF you want to test your limits, a track is a much better place to do it. You can pay for limit testing with runoff, leathers, and a safe environment with an ambulance nearby. On the street, you can pay for it with life-altering injury or death. Only place I'll ride above my pay grade is in the dirt.
  4. Wayne is fine solo, only danger there is 2-way traffic. Hold your fist up when you pass to let other riders know it's just you, and you'll be golden. Always someone coming by if you break down or have an issue....hard to get lost, too. It's maybe the best place in the state to ride solo. Perry is an entirely different animal - don't ever ride solo there unless you never wander off the main parking lot corridor. Learned that one the hard way.
  5. Congrats, I rode that puppy through Wayne last fall after Scott bought it, it's a good trailie...makes good power.
  6. Last time down at Perry I was riding my Strom through there...just screwing off, had knobbies mounted up just wanted to play a bit on the not-that-gnarly stuff. Came around a bend and two rangers in a SXS were sitting there. A girl ranger motioned me to stop, so I went over and stopped. She was like "Uh, have you been here before?" and I said sure, lots of times. "Oh, ok, because not very many people ride a street bike through this you might wanna take it easy". lol, I thanked her and said I'd be fine. Mostly just rode the main trails and climbed some hills. First time I've ever seen any rangers there, on the trails, and I've been down there a hundred times I'll bet.
  7. Congrats! Sharp looking bike...welcome to the dirty side.
  8. Range isn't the issue...it'll happen when we're bunched up in traffic. Occasionally someone disappears from the group. I've experienced range issues, they're precipitated by static, loss of signal, beeping as it tries to re-establish. This is different. Also, ANY disconnect from the group and re-entry (via switching to a call, someone's listening to music for a while, or we re-start things at a stop) things are screwed up. Sometimes you come back in to the 4-way group and you can only hear two guys, etc. Then, without anything changing, same guy drops out and back in, and it's working. Sometimes a soft reboot helps, but it shouldn't require that and it's a pain. It ain't just one bad unit, either, we've tested around that. There have been other bugs...like I'll take a call, and the group can hear my call (and whoever's on the phone with me) not supposed to happen. Even SENA's stumped about that one. I'm not saying every person who has a 20s has or will have these issues, obviously that's not the case but read the ADV thread posted - problems are rampant. I wish it wasn't the case, I want to love the unit but it's a buggy fuck...no two ways about it.
  9. I'm on my 3rd Sena 20s. Overall it's a good unit, and when it works it's just awesome....but I think it's a flawed product that could be a lot better. 4 of the 5 guys I ride with have the 20s, and group communciation is always a fucking pain...people drop off, pairings don't retain, we end up fussing with it at every stop. Annoying as fuck, everyone's technically savvy, all matching settings, firmware, they just don't play nice in a big group. Now, pairing with 1 other person? Pretty flawless, and the features rock. The other issue I've had is a bad base on one of my units (wouldn't ever seat correctly, lost audio on one channel). Sena replaced it, the second unit worked for a while but kept locking up, requiring a hard-reset with a paper clip...replaced that one too. The 3rd unit has been good so far. My experience is not rare, btw, here's a big thread on the 20s and a lot of people have had some niggling issues. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/sena-s20-experience.993790/ Would I buy the 20s again? Probably, it's so nice when it works, but I think for the $$ they charge, it's got too many bugs and the build quality isn't there.
  10. It's a good road, brings back bad memories for me I hit a couple dogs on that road and ate the pavement pretty hard a few years back.
  11. Learn to let that shit go, brother - if you become the aggressor or escalate a confrontation, you'll be the one who'll rot in a jail cell when it goes bad, or get ran over by a 6,000lb vehicle, or get shot when someone takes you up on a challenge. Almost every day someone does something on my commute I feel like braining them for....but I choose my battles wisely. 99 times out of 100, raging from the seat of a bike is a losing battle.
  12. Did your AR sell?

  13. Nice bike, not worth what you're asking. I'll give you $1150, but I won't come look at it.
  14. I'm torn. On one hand, Ohio barely deserves to have any of its roads called proper twisties....most are a haphazard re-route around someone's farm to make a series of turns kinda affair, or a small twisty section in an otherwise fairly boring road. Eh, we're not a mountain state, it is what it is. But then that site is full of weapons grade fail because they've ignored about 100 absolutely awesome roads that are world class twisties and chosen some that are tepid at best. Look at WV - SR50? All the epic roads in that state, and they chose 50? lol
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