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  1. New Bike - 2005 Triumph Sprint St

    Gotcha. Thanks
  2. New Bike - 2005 Triumph Sprint St

    The guy I got it from did many upgrades: 2 Brothers Carbon Pipe, K&N, Triumph Off Road Fuel Map, Upgraded Mosfet Regulator/Rectifier, Heated Grips, Re-Valved/Rebuilt Rear Shock, Custom Shim Stack in Front Forks, Powerbronze Hugger, Speedo Healer, Upgraded Sprag Clutch, Double Bubble Windscreen, Givi TankLoc Tank Bag. The folks and shocks are set for 185 and I need them up 35-40 to about 220. Haven't looked into that yet.
  3. New Bike - 2005 Triumph Sprint St

    Thanks. Ive heard the stock lights are terrible. Gonna try some different bulbs but dont plan on riding too much after dark.
  4. Hopefully the pics come thru....i was looking for a cross between sport and touring....this one does it. Looks great with out the bags and good with them. Price didn't hurt too much either.
  5. gear HJC IS-17 XL, Eastside Columbus

    Just ordered a new shoei so I'll accept best offer on this. Would love enough to buy two new pin inserts in the shoei...thats less than asking price.
  6. What did you do to your bike today?

    that sucks man, glad you're ok.
  7. FZ1 - new to me

    Good looking out, I'll be reading up until I make my final decision
  8. FZ1 - new to me

    I was out on the CSBA ride in August and things were going well. Coming down 537 about 50 yards from 26 and locked up the rear, which I rarely use, and ended up doing an endo so I didn't go over the guardrail into oblivion. Anyway, had to get the bike towed to Woodsfield. Ins company sent it to Marietta. Long story short it was gonna cost about $4500 to fix so they totaled it....it really didn't look that bad. Their check to me is in the mail so I'm on the hunt. Looking for a mid-weight Sports tourer or naked I could put bags on if I want.
  9. FZ1 - new to me

    I'm actually eye balling FZ1's myself now that my zx6r has been totaled. I've always like them and they seen to be at a good price point.
  10. I did something stupid

    Congrats on the new whip...any chance i could get that VFR12 for less than $5k? Pretty please :-)
  11. gear HJC IS-17 XL, Eastside Columbus

  12. gear HJC IS-17 XL, Eastside Columbus

  13. gear HJC IS-17 XL, Eastside Columbus

  14. gear HJC IS-17 XL, Eastside Columbus

    Hey guys, Selling my barely worn HJC-IS17 helmet. I've worn it about 5 times and never got comfortable with it compared to my old Shoei RF-1000. The helmet has an internal sun shield as well so it's not Snell rated. Price - $100 XL Will try to post pics shortly Thanks Ebon
  15. Christian Sport Bike Assoc. May 27th ride

    I scored tickets to the graduation so ill be out of town