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  1. I personally like riding on our xx's, they are comfortable enough to take the long ride and not be too sore the next day, it handles the twisties around home just fine and has the pace to keep with newer bikes. Not to mention they can be found at reasonable prices.
  2. Curby have you been jumpin in on some of my matches? I keep seeing FiddyCal pop up when I shoot people, but can't ever remember who it is!
  3. well i moved down here, then my computer decided to stop working. then i started working a crapload of OT at work, then I played a lot of xbox, and finally got the computer working again, but the power cable quit working, so i had to order one, and eventually it came... which explains the working computer now. but basically no specific reason/place
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exNsfd4UWtw
  5. whats up whats up? apparently i haven't been on and i got emailed saying how much everyone missed me (which i know is false) but anyways... I'm back?
  6. apparently not... I didn't see signs anywhere for em... and not the heart to ask anyone either. haha
  7. I'd assume all mystery sales are final.
  8. So.... uhh... any word on the mystery? Or do I have to go gets me one and figure it out.
  9. maybe I'll go and brag about what I got in my mystery bag at bike night... that way more people come and find out whats in it.
  10. re.... aw damn I forgot the 'system' was gone. Make sure to claim your points next time we happen to run into each other. haha
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