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  1. finally got it home last night loving it
  2. thanks hopefully weather will break soon so I can go pick it up
  3. Road glide has been on my want list for many years finally decided to pull the trigger. Yes very comfy ride
  4. 2016 Harley Road Glide Ultra
  5. Last I knew Ohio did not honor out of state permits for Ohio residents.... meaning if you are an Ohio resident you must possess an Ohio permit in order to carry concealed.
  6. Contemplating on selling my generator its a big one generac xg8000e and wanting to see if there would be any interest in it at $1000 (I haven't entirely convinced the wife on selling it yet). I bought it when we had huge power outage from hurricane sandy and haven't had to use it since. It's been sitting in the garage plugged in on the battery maintainer since(I start it and let it run about 30 min every few months). It has 10.4 hours showing on the meter. This thing powered my entire house furnace, lights, tvs, refrigerator, stove, freezer, washer, drier and never reached half load. This model has electric start 4/120v outlets 1/240v outlet and some cords. It still retails for close to $1400. The bad thing is I'm in Conneaut (way up in the northeast corner) and this is a heavy sum-of-a-bitch 255lbs dry and I don't have a truck or trailer. So if anyone would be interested in it let me know and I'll work on convincing the wife if not I'll just hang on to it. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_16808_16808?cm_mmc=Google-pla&utm_source=Google_PLA&utm_medium=Generators%20%3E%20Portable%20Generators&utm_campaign=Generac&utm_content=169139&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=169139&gclid=CI75xJbd5MYCFUUUHwodbIQDBw
  7. I don't know the wife keeps nagging me to cancel the directv but when I want to watch something I'd like to be able to watch it not wait a week.
  8. conn-e-rot

    Hulu ???

    How far behind are episodes of shows on Hulu? I've heard any where from a season behind to a day behind. Does it vary from show to show? What other options are out there besides hulu and netflix? I'm still contemplating dropping directv just not sure how much I'll end up missing.
  9. conn-e-rot


    And what's the android TV stick you mentioned?
  10. conn-e-rot


    Do you browse netflix movies and episodes through fire stick or does that require pc
  11. conn-e-rot


    So is the fire TV box or similar box better in that aspect?
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