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  1. Cdubyah

    no mirrors?

    Nope. must be affixed to the vehicle, motorcyle, or trackless trolley.
  2. Cdubyah

    Who wants to play hooky Friday (11/4)?

    Don't stop...Believin!!!!
  3. Cdubyah

    no mirrors?

    Gotta have a least one per Ohio law. Living the outlaw life with no mirrors...
  4. Let me know if you are interested, and I will refer your contact info. Job Requirements Experience in .NET programming language (preferably C#) Experience in web development using JavaScript (especially jQuery), HTML and CSS Strong SQL skills (preferably in MySQL database) and experience with relational database design concepts Experience in all phases of software development including analysis, requirements development, creation, implementation and ongoing maintenance in an Agile environment Experience with designing for large volumes of data (data warehouse experience is a plus) At least four years of work experience About Our Technology Stack We maintain web-based interactive systems, MySQL database and backend transactional processing systems. Internally, we are focused on high-volume design efficiency. Externally, we are focused on ease of use and customer friendliness. We manage our work with Trello and Basecamp. Utilize Linq, Entity Framework and other .NET technologies to manipulate and read file data and convert it to relational objects Develop interactive, efficient user screens utilizing the jQuery JavaScript library as well as Handlebars.js Manipulate data efficiently via queries, temporary tables, and stored procedures in the MySQL platform for reporting, auditing, and other processes Active focus on maintaining the architecture, patterns, and organization of the code utilizing SOLID principles and other best practices
  5. Cdubyah

    Cell phone providers

    T-Mobile is a very tempting offer. They are stupid cheap compared to every other major carrier, and you get a stupid amount of crap with their offers. Hell they even give away pizza, movie tickets, redbox codes, and other random stuff just for being a damn customer. Two guys that work in my unit have T-mobile. The problem is their signal strength blows. We are in a pretty small building on the ground level, and they don't get very good reception at all. Only a 3 concrete walls between us and the exit. They have to use the wi-fi calling option you spoke of. Also, when you go out of the metro areas the signal disappears as well. If T-mobile would work in Coshocton, for when I'm home visiting, It would be hard for me not to switch.
  6. Cdubyah

    Motorcycle Shippers

    I would agree. Upstate New York, isn't that far...
  7. Cdubyah

    Need Android Input

    Pretty sure this device isnt going to be coveredby a warranty. I've given up messing with it today.
  8. Cdubyah

    Need Android Input

    There are plenty of nerds here. They just hide well. Built in nerd defense... Also, the verizon force software apps assume the phone is turned on, and the current system is running.
  9. Cdubyah

    Need Android Input

    My Galaxy s5 was recently crushed by a crowbar. So, I purchased another used device from the webz. Long story short, it started to randomly reboot. Sometimes, it would get stuck in a loop until I would pull the battery, or it would die. So finally pissed off last night I tried to wipe it from the recovery menu. Apparently during the wipe, something became corrupted, as I can't get marshmallow to load at all now. Boots to the verizon screen, and then reboots. Attempted to reflash the stock ROM via Odin, and get an auth. failure. Apparently, there is a setting that needs to be disabled for this to work. Unfortunately, I can't get the phone to load to get to the menu. So that idea is off the table. Right now, I'm about to try to load the ROM via SDK, but I'm flying blind, as pushing command lines isn't really my forte. Any other ideas from the collective brain trust?
  10. Cdubyah


    That's gonna be awkward for MJ and Carie....
  11. Cdubyah

    New Mod Vote.

    Elitist...not racist Tim.
  12. Cdubyah

    New Mod Vote.

    6000+ members and only 41 votes... And you all rip on the mods for not doing their jobs...
  13. Cdubyah

    New Mod Vote.

    So the taco truck is doing well then?
  14. Cdubyah

    New Mod Vote.

    This is why we can't have nice things...
  15. Cdubyah

    New Mod Vote.

    Hidden behind the iron curtain, or jbots meat curtains, but never deleted.