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  1. My place of employment (JCI/Johnson Controls formerly SimplexGrinnell) has several positions open, two in my department (FA SERVICE), one in fire alarm inspections and my supervisors position is actually open. Fire Alarm Service Technician: http://k.rfer.us/JOHNSONCTRLGzjUb0 Fire Alarm Service Technician: http://k.rfer.us/JOHNSONCTRLWIbUb1 Fire Service Supervisor - Sprinkler and Electronics: http://k.rfer.us/JOHNSONCTRLwRiWDK Fire Alarm Inspector: http://k.rfer.us/JOHNSONCTRLqQ2WDL David Rosso, david.rosso@jci.com Fire Alarm Service Technician
  2. Read that they (Coincheck) are repaying most of it back to their users. Something they probably don't have to do, we all know and accept that there is risk involved.
  3. See my comment about the lottery Gamble. Yes. Potential for profits. Yes. Potential for loss. Yes. All the buying, selling, trading I'm doing right now is with profits I've already made Once I'm ready to hold on to what I have, I plan on keeping it in cold storage offline, away from hackers reach.
  4. Lol, well, you know what they say about the lottery... you can't win if you don't play I want to buy some more Ripple/XRP since its affordable, maybe sit on 500 or so coin, I currently have 100, and just let it ride for a few years and hope for something to happen with it like Bitcoin did
  5. I have received your summons lol. I have a little bit invested in Bitcoin, around $500 current value, and a little less in XRP/Ripple, around $134 current value. I use two different exchanges/services, Coinbase and Binance... http://davidrosso.com/coinbase/ http://davidrosso.com/binance/ My only advice is don't invest more than you are willing to lose, treat it like gambling or the lottery. I've made money and lost money with it so far.
  6. The above link is not valid any longer. You can still play this game/app using this invite link... http://www.davidrosso.com/firefan/
  7. I created a OR league on FireFan... https://www.firefan.com/player-invite/placekicker/ohioriders
  8. I don't play fantasy but I'm playing on a new app called "FireFan". If anyone else wants to join I can create a OhioRiders League, right now I have my own league called "TeamROSSO". I'm not a big sports fan but have found playing this app to be fun and addicting.
  9. Took me over 3yrs to reply to this post so just shows you how slow I really am But I'm still here bitches! Log in maybe once a year lol.
  10. We've got two ROKU sticks. Had a ChromeCast originally, didn't care of it. The Roku is nice.
  11. Road thru Hocking yesterday, Rt 56 was closed in two locations. Tried to upload a screenshot showing the closed sections but uploading not working. If you look at the route link below you can see two spots where I turned off of 56 and came back on, those were the two detours. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByjzHycnyru_eVpBQWFkVmRWN1k/view
  12. Lol, saved and sending to Chris (moose)
  13. The bike IS sold. Meeting Moose tomorrow to make the exchange.
  14. Yep. Doesn't bother me. BTW, this transaction still hasn't taken place. Not sure at this point if it's going to happen, still waiting to hear.
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