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  1. ummm, (insert text) idk what to say about that waste of my time.
  2. +1 Now you know! Im just sorry you had to learn that the hard way. I hope your ankle is ok and STAY OFF THE BACK BRAKE! Good luck tonight.
  3. who cares about boundaries when your single! life's to short.
  4. Being friends with the opposite sex.lol I think its almost impossible.
  5. ^^ lol nice save! that reminds me of the other thread on here. Hes looking for a rear seat for a "J"ixxer i think.
  6. r6jess

    Rider Down

    I prayed for him. Im sorry this happened to him. I always wear my helmet. My husband also would not have survived if he wasn't wearing one! The chin,from what i have read, is usually the first to hit the ground along with your hands and elbows.
  7. Im sorry you have to go through all this. Ill pray for you.
  8. r6jess

    New Rider

    hey whats up why only between cinci and cbus?
  9. r6jess

    thank you

    yes thank you all very much. I did make it home ok this morning kawi kid.
  10. Hey Jess.

    Really good seeing you again, been a long time.

    Give all our best to TWL, hope he gets all better asap.

  11. casper should be posting it up soon. its on the 21 rst of june

  12. Definitely good to here. If i can, i will definitely try to make it. When is it?

  13. thanks he is recovering very fast. there is going to be a benefit for us down at the gap. Im talk to ben about posting it up on here for everyone. i hope you can make it.

  14. Hey. Just wanted to say that we all wish Twl a fast recovery.

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