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  1. Purchased brand new back in 2008 for $289. Asking $100. This was my first jacket with my starter bike. No crashes or scratches. Discontinued style, pristine condition. Barely used. Includes liner. Size is medium. I generally wear a large, I can still squeeze into this but it's technically too small for me. I live in SC but I will be in town between the 20th and the 24th this month. If someone is interested, I'll bring it with me. (shipping is a possible option but I rarely ship anything and it will be a pain to figure out the cost ahead of time). Best area for me to meet would be around the Kenwood Mall. P.S. Sorry I'm a little slow, what does LBTS GLWS actually stand for?
  2. Hello fellow riders, I have not been on this board in a long time. My bike needs new handlebars and a new contact breaker cover with emblem. I've already spent about an hour jumping from website to website trying to figure out what it is I'm looking for and I keep ending up with more questions than solutions. For the handle bars... I am looking for OEM (or as close to the original in terms of measurements and feel). My bike's handlebars in most online store catalogs comes up as part number 56110-01D51 and range from $80 and up. They are "Tracker" style, but I am interested in finding "moto" style if there is one that would fit my bike. I'd love to find something less than the catalog prices but I can't keep spending hours searching and not even knowing if what I am coming up with is what I really need. I don't have the original handlebars that were on the bike so I don't know the original measurements. If anyone on here has a bike like mine with OEM handlebars and you wouldn't mind sending me the measurements, that would help if I were to start looking for aftermarket. On top of that, if I need to order grips and balancers separate from those catalog sites, I'd definitely rather find used handlebars with grips and balancers on them already. The contact breaker cover and emblem, (in catalogs they are two separate parts, can't I just find a used one in good condition and not have to buy two separate parts.... ugggg).... Model numbers in catalog are: 11381-01D00 and for the emblem: 68233-01D00 I get so lost when I start searching because then I run into aftermarket parts with all sorts of other options and customizations. I think at this point if anyone can help me find the best priced handlebars and contact breaker cover, preferably with the emblem already on it, that would be of epic help to me. I am somewhat interested in crash bars also if anyone has any suggestions. If you know of any good used bike parts stores online, or bike junk yards I might try, or if you just happen to have access to any of these parts for my bike and you can sell them to me, please let me know. Thanks all.
  3. Which is probably why I lucked out and found them, they were the only ones left on the shelf at the time.
  4. I forgot, boots also! These are a Men's 8. Practically new. $10 for boots. $20 for everything (boots, mask, gloves, pullover). Again willing to separate. Must pick up 9-7-12, PM for phone number. Located in Lebanon.
  5. Large hoodie pullover Gloves are medium (I'm thinking its a woman's medium) Mask does not have a size on the tag, must be one size fit all. $15 for all, willing to separate, make offer. Must pick up Friday 9-7-12, located in Lebanon.
  6. They probably will. They came from a Medium Black Dahlia helmet. This one infact:
  7. Yeah, wasn't that a nice touch? And they even have Johnny Blaze on there in all his flaming glory but no mention of Ghost Rider anywhere. It really is a cool weapon for anyone into collecting that sort of thing. You just don't see them too often lol
  8. I have spare inserts from a medium scorpion exo helmet. Come get them if you want them or they go in trash. PM for phone number or directions, I'm located in Lebanon OH. They might need a washing but I didn't use the helmet too much that they came out from so they didn't get super sweaty or anything.
  9. I know this is probably totally sarcastic nonesense but... It's not used. pretty much stayed in the box the entire time I've had it because I never had a place to hang it up. It comes with a wall plaque.
  10. Some of the larger items I'm still trying to sell before I move out in two days. TV stand - $40 Couch $75 OBO (about 90 inches long ) Eureka Bagless Upright Vacuum with all attachments & manual + 1 extra belt. Powerful vac a little heavy, easy to empty and clean (wash filters with water, let dry, good to go) $30 Chain Whip $25 Huge collectable Cosmos Book $10 (30 inches wide when open) Sz 7 10K white gold with lab created Sapphire ring from Kay Jewelers. I have paperwork / receipt. Ring is valued at $125. Selling for $50, firm. Last but not least (it is in the gear shop board also)... Scorpion brand ladies M black dahlia jacket. Like new. $75
  11. here is an updated link: http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/for/3241300675.html I actually would prefer to sell everything with him, complete set up, terrarium and all. ...ohh.. but yeah your like on the other side of OH from me...
  12. Yeah, I should have been a little more gung-ho about selling in the beginning of the season but I'm also hoping someone into winter projects might be interested. You never know,
  13. Thought I'd give this a little bump. I need to sell him in the next 5 days, I have the craigslist ad, this thread, and I have a posting up on facebook, a warren county rummage sale group. If I don't get a serious response from one of them soon, I will be sending some PM's to anyone who posted in here that they might be able to take him.
  14. Cool, never paid attention to those numbers on back, never needed to. Thanks for tip.
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