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  1. I got the tank sealed temporarily, thanks to some JB Weld and some tank sealer. Hasn't leaked a drop in over 24 hours so I'll see how long it lasts for now. My only thing is I didn't prep it that great before I stuck the JB to it.
  2. I tried some tank sealer but it was the putty crap and slowed it a lot but still a slow leak now. I am trying to stay away from welding and buying a new one. I priced them and ouch, the cheapest I seen was like $560. As for actually seeing the leak no but with the tank completely off and fuel level below the petcock and everything else it's dry until the hinge area. That leads me to think a seam or something but I'm far from an expert on this situation. I appreciate your inputs and any more ideas would be great.
  3. I just picked up a 1999 SV 650 and it has a fuel leak. I checked into it today and was hoping it was just a hose or something minor but the tank is leaking by the hinge. Does anyone have a used tank or know where I can find one cheap. I was also wondering about welding it or other possible solutions on how to fix the tank I have.
  4. I would love to have one of these for my XD(M) 40! It's a pretty sweet design being extremely minimal, the smaller the better since the gun isn't all that little.
  5. Rode the fall leaf tour, it was an awesome route and finally got to meet a few of you guys on here that actually came. Thanks Greg keep up the great rides!
  6. A few months ago my account got overdrawn, they got a little over $2000 out of my account. It supposedly went to a website based out of Great Britain and the messed up thing was the site didn't exist yet said it was under construction. Took the bank about a month to do the whole fraud investigation and refund my funds.
  7. I've had a cop pull up to me one day and I was thinking "oh shit" then he was like you'll never get this light to trip so he pulled in front of me and tripped it for me.
  8. A few years ago about 2 weeks before my motorcycle Ohio course I broke my arm in a quad accident. I showed up to class in a cast, they looked at me like I was nuts and asked me if the DR. ok me riding I told them no but was still going to take the class. Then they asked if I was going to be able to operate the bike safely, I said I'll try. Long story kinda short, I passed with flying colors actually the highest score in the class 100%. If you feel like you can handle it, go for it. Ride a short distance and see how it feels. If its not too awful ride more just don't hurt yourself cause you want back on. On a side note my DR was pissed when I showed back up to the office with my cast packed with mud from hill climbing and flipping the quad.
  9. Buell isn't out pf business, they just aren't with Harley Davidson any more. If I recall right Buell is producing one this year and then next year or so going to add more models to their lineup.
  10. I have the Droid X and love it! So much you can do with them and I don't know half of it. I do have some nice shooting apps on it that calculate my yardage or gets my windage and everything for long distance shooting and gives my hold over where I need to put my crosshairs to hit my target according to my surrounding environment.
  11. After checking into this sight more wish I had time to come down there and take it off your hands.
  12. Too bad I don't live closer or else I would be meeting up with you to check this out.
  13. It all depends on where im at if I carry concealed or open. I mainly wear my blackhawk cqb serpa holster and with the XD(M) 40 its kinda hard to conceal that way, if im on the quad or going out hunting I use a tactical drop down leg holster and don't care who sees it wherever I go.
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