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  1. SOLD: Mens Sidi Way Rain boots Size 45EUR/11US - $85 shipped obo. Purchased them new in mid 2008.. In very good condition. Velcro, zippers, and insoles all good, very light wear on boot shell, shift pad still like new. Light to normal tread wear on outsole. A couple scuffs from an occasional toe drag (see pics). Mainly worn on a couple multiday adventures and a handful of day trips. Never became a daily wear or commute boot. They've seen everything from random angry clouds to hail and standing water and raingear failing downpours but the toes remained dry. Only reason I'm selling them is they are a tight fit for my 11-11.5 shoe size.. I bought on the smaller side on what turned out to be bad newbie advice. For day long rides they squashed my feet to the point of pain and in cold temps I couldn't wear thick socks or double up socks. As I've acquired other boots (including other Sidis), the discomfort of ill fitted boots means they just sit in the closet season after season. They deserve a chance to see more of the world. Will ship as priced anywhere in lower 48 states.. Offers accepted for local pickup or meet up. I bit dusty but otherwise very clean. size tag and clean inner shell shows no breaks in waterproof lining. Insole shows light use and kept clean and dry. Light tread wear but otherwise lots of meat left. Road gravel included optional. free of charge! close of to show stitching is still solid and intact.. Shift pads are still like new. Flash even really makes any dust/dirt/blemishes really pop to prove I got nothing to hide. Back shot to again show solid stitching and the reflective pieces. Simply put, I ride a sport bike and developed a bad habit real early on. I've since worked hard at breaking this habit
  2. here are my 2 cents. 1. gear is king.. your leaving in march, and doing a day trip.. if you know the bike has the reserve, heated gear can save on bulky suits. This is important because your favorite gear may be great for all day adventures on your bike and configuration.. but slapping on 3 layers and a snow suit may actually very constricting and uncomfortable in the saddle. Base layer, heated gear, and a windproof layer keeps it light yet still effective. 2. make sure to have a Plan B route with waypoints that have more main arterial roads or slab to your destination or for an bailout point.. You can wish to ride the epic ride, but there comes a point where if the conditions, weather, fatigue, etc. cause too much delay or create too high of risk and you just need to get to point B. You just never know when a bridge is washed out, a county road is closed detouring you an hour out of your way.... And its cold.... And it's raining.. and damn, are those snowflakes in the distance? always have a plan B.. Be it an alternate route, an bailout point, or a predetermined lodging point. In the last 7 riding seasons, I've exercised Plan B more than I care to admit. But it has always been better than rolling in to my destination, miserable, stressed, and over fatigued way after hours.
  3. Dear right brain, I got us a car with a 270hp turbocharged engine.. And apparently could pull a redwood up Pikes Peak. Through nearly the entire powerband. feel free to check their website yourself.
  4. wow... don't know what else to say..
  5. hmm.. painted front wheel orange? ya'll on your own for that.. I ain't got that kind of patience or skillz to photochop that.
  6. Black upper, black rear fairing, black front fender with black V fairing.. My personal taste... That all turned out much better than I had hoped.. Especially with my kindergarten PS skillz.
  7. you were talking about the rear fairing right??? or the V behind the front wheel? Here's the black rear fairing
  8. Agreed.. Not many bikes designed to be full faired look good naked. The 800 has too nice a shape to ruin like that.. Although I did see an old school VFR 750 fightered a couple years back at a Knoxville Lube bike night. That didn't look horrible..
  9. the brighter orange concept kinda reminds me of the kick ass black/orange 600RR paint scheme.. Though it really worked on the 600rr, I don't think it would look right on the VFR.. Screw it, fighter it, problem solved.
  10. I'm not a photoshop person but maybe something vaguely along the lines of this?
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