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  1. ReconRat

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I was looking at one that comes from an outfit up in Alaska. Where did you get yours from? My bike seat is intolerable after 600 miles of steady riding.
  2. ReconRat

    Mesh/perforated jacket recomendations?

    I picked up a cheaper Joe Rocket synthetic mesh in all silver and white for the Florida heat. Flows air and stays cool quite well. But, bought a small instead of medium and discarded the liner to fit. Got a better fit on arm length for whatever reason. Two issues with it, the shoulder pads were down on the arms. Pinned them up where they belong. Makes no sense considering it was a size smaller across the shoulders. The back bunches up a bit, most likely the back pad. Haven't fiddled with that yet. The area around the collar whips in the wind at freeway speeds. Annoying, but haven't messed with that yet either. I think it should be stiffer in some way. Overall it works well in sun wind and rain. It didn't cost that much. Joe Rocket sort of invented mesh jackets, so it's pretty much what I expected. On the other hand, my Field Sheer textile denim jacket pretty much works nearly as good, even though it's quite heavier. Lots of zippers for airflow. My only leathers is an old Brooks set from the late 60s. Probably collectable.
  3. ReconRat

    Trunks top cases

    In a stiff crosswind, my 450 lb bike leans into the wind. Oddly, with a case or box up high in back, it stabilizes a lot and isn't pushed around as much in the wind. That was a surprise to me. I was guessing it's like the tail rudder on an aircraft, inputting a steering correction.
  4. ReconRat

    FL. Drivers??

    The driver that sideswiped was found and apprehended also. Illegal alien. I don't remember if he has license or insurance. Will be turned over to ICE eventually. He dismantled his car, to hide. Didn't get a chance to finish it off.
  5. ReconRat

    Pocket knife obsession

    Guess I've got a few too. Nothing too expensive. More fixed than folding. Military bayonets and combat blades. Some for fishing and hunting. Some stuff I'm working on making. Several hatchets and axes. (Walther axes are freakin' sharp.) My Father's WWII Ka-bar. Not going to abuse that one, it's about 75 years old. And a first run 1 of 200 official Walking Dead Michonne katana. White leather. Don't want to get it dirty. My typical carry is a Swiss Army Recruit.
  6. ReconRat

    California is at it again...

    All rules of engagement, both civilian and military, require orders. Some are specific orders in the military, like attack in force or defend in place, But those are rules of combat engagement. Not really the same at all. Some are general orders, duties and behavior at all times. Even a guard on guard duty might have orders to protect and defend a position with extreme deadly force, without necessarily being attacked. A fleeing enemy is a target if they are still armed. Still not the same as civilian. A military comparison to civilian would be military police or air police. "Military police protect the lives and property of military installations. They enforce military laws and regulations and operate similar to a civilian police officer -- only they are on a military base." All types of police will react with force to an observed or discovered felony, or alleged felony. And that list is long. Tickets or summons to Article 15 for misdemeanors.
  7. ReconRat

    WTB Magnepan 3.6/3.7/3.7i

    Had a friend buy a pair of flat panel speakers, when they first came out on the market. Big ones. We found that they were very directional, they had a small sweet spot where you could hear stereo clearly. He added two more for back speakers, which opened up the sound.
  8. ReconRat

    Random Thoughts thread

    I'm now in Florida. The roads certainly are flat. Haven't run into big bugs yet. The number of old people drivers is about the same, except in the Winter months when Northerners come down. Biggest thing I've noticed, is that people are super friendly and polite. Most just are not in a hurry. Way better than Ohio. And a big one, I do not see people driving the wrong way down the rows in parking lots. Maybe it's just the county I'm in, It's probably different over in Orlando.
  9. ReconRat

    Need security system asap

    My experience is that some apps work well, and some don't. Some apps work with only a limited set of cameras. Most cameras come with apps, that generally work, unless the app was poorly written. (Cheap Chinese webcams.) I had to run two apps to get indoor and outdoor cameras running. And in both cases if wasn't the apps that came with the camera. No big deal. Although only one of the two apps would send alerts to my phone with pics or vids. The other would send only an alert. The best apps allow the user to bracket out part of the view for alerts and alarms. This is good both inside and outside if there is a lot of animals running around or road traffic in the view. It's also nice if you can remotely reach your computer or app to reset or change settings or even reboot. I set up mine to access from other computers as well as my phone. Set your security computer up to restart on it's own (some computers won't), and to also restart the security app at startup. Get a backup power supply to keep things running if the power goes out. All cameras should work well in the dark using infra-red. Some indoor webcams are useless pointing out a window, the dark and the bright light both can ruin the images.
  10. ReconRat

    New Guy...

    Lifting the tank was an old school chopper thing. Not sure why tho. Would guess to show off an engine. I like the 48.
  11. ReconRat

    Lets discuss oil filters...

    I would try a Wix, if I ever see one. I have used Purolator One, but am inclined to stop that, since some of them run an extra finer filter element, which I believe causes the filter to go into bypass earlier. Not a problem if you change filters a lot. And I now see the info about Purolator auto filters not handling motorcycle flow and pressure rates correctly, oops. (plus the change to the sealing surface, that might not work anymore.) I use a lot of AC Delco, and did find a factory source of unmarked AC Delco motorcycle filters in either gloss black or chrome, purchased in six packs. And in general, I use the longer 3-1/2 filters. I've wondered about heavy NAPA filters, NAPA.filters are little armored tanks. Oh, and everything FRAM sucks, wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. And I don't use K&N, I don't need a filter with a nut welded on it.
  12. ReconRat

    What i did in guns.

    That Tasco target varmint scope is highly regarded for it's purposes. I run that on a Winchester bolt 22-250.
  13. ReconRat

    Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    Yup, and maybe a better count, listing only a single interpretation of homicide. Each country defines differently. Wondering if murders are mostly a major urban thing, but that's where the people are anyway. Maybe murder is a density of population thing.
  14. ReconRat

    Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    But, a quick look at populations vs numbers per capita, it looks like the Australian murder rate is twice as high as the US... statistics can get really twisted, dunno...
  15. ReconRat

    What i did in guns.

    I did see Korean war surplus sold, Back in the 80s. They went really fast.. Very popular. Sorry I didn't get one. Did not expect imports to get banned like they did. Oops...