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  1. What i did in guns.

    That Tasco target varmint scope is highly regarded for it's purposes. I run that on a Winchester bolt 22-250.
  2. Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    Yup, and maybe a better count, listing only a single interpretation of homicide. Each country defines differently. Wondering if murders are mostly a major urban thing, but that's where the people are anyway. Maybe murder is a density of population thing.
  3. Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    But, a quick look at populations vs numbers per capita, it looks like the Australian murder rate is twice as high as the US... statistics can get really twisted, dunno...
  4. What i did in guns.

    I did see Korean war surplus sold, Back in the 80s. They went really fast.. Very popular. Sorry I didn't get one. Did not expect imports to get banned like they did. Oops...
  5. Let's see your $100 (or less) handguns

    duh, just remembered. Bought hipoint from neighbor's son for cheap (under 100). Never even fired it, nor want to. Favorite is a pocket full of Bauer 25acp, bought back in the 80s & 90s for 25-40 bucks each. Also a pair of Sears catalog style 38S&W revolvers from the 1900-1920 Chicago era. Cheap, broken, repairable, but nice to look at a bit of history.
  6. What i did in guns.

    It's a Citadel brand, manufactured by Chiappa in Italy. I thought I saw a cheaper copy cat brand sold for a short while, but not finding it around anymore. edit: just saw that Iver Johnson made some in the past. Never seen one of those for sale. https://www.chiappafirearms.com/p.php?id=202
  7. What i did in guns.

    Me too. Almost went for the M1 carbine in 9mm. Wasn't sure about the manufacturer. But will let the demand drop a bit first, plus on the chance that Ruger releases either a 10mm or 45acp carbine. I would like to see that.
  8. What i did in guns.

    omg... according to MSNBC, you can't use a handgun against a rifle, because the rifle bullet has a higher velocity (and a big boom sound). https://www.msnbc.com/velshi-ruhle/watch/how-does-a-handgun-compare-to-an-ar-15-1170777155570?cid=sm_npd_ms_tw_ma so, I should want a laser rifle? Because... faster
  9. Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    Yeah, like I said, I see all different statistics. The UK data I looked at was 5 years newer. Both countries had serious declines in totals during that time frame. Noticed that UK appears to be 4 times lower than the US. Also noticed that difference is .03 of one percent per capita. Statistics will do whatever you want them to do. Some include suicides. Or firearms only. Or include shootings by law enforcement in the line of duty. Or do so for one and not the other. Those details are hidden. The noticeable trend, is to push an agenda with modified statistics, that is about 8 times worse than it really is. So back to where I started, not believing most statistics.
  10. 14 Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel

    Well yeah, in the Grande Cherokee. New to the new Wrangler, they had to stretch the chassis/frame to get it to fit. Should be ok. It's a German design, if I remember right. Less moving parts than other 8 speeds.
  11. Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    I hear a lot of stats about Canada, UK and Australia. But when I look it up, it's seldom true. Looked the UK up recently, and their murder rate was about the same as ours (per capita), at the time of their firearms ban. It then went up for a decade or so, as high as a 70% increase for a while. Now back where it was. Knife attacks and common crime is out of control in places like London. So no, UK is the same or worse regardless of restrictive laws. And no idea why murders jumped higher for a while. Australia confiscated, but admitted only a fraction of the known weapons were turned in (nor the unknown weapons). You could see in photos, a lot of it was pure junk. Have also heard new firearms sales tripled the amount that was taken away. And yes, their crime stats jumped for a while also. Odd, because some cities can have success, but an entire country is difficult. But not all of them, as in Chicago. Never even bothered looking up much about Canada, it's just not the same.
  12. 14 Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel

    I like it very much. I'm thinking about one of the new Wrangler Unlimited. Might wait a bit till assembly gremlins go away. Would like to hear impressions of the new 8 speed automatic.
  13. Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    Don't want to give up anything without gaining something in trade.. That's the way it works in compromising. That's not the way it works in politics, apparently. I did wonder about the age brackets of shooters, and if a raised age limit for certain firearms would work. Apparently other people wonder the same thing. Also noticed Ann Coulter sees that 47% of mass shooters are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants. Doesn't even count gang member actions, or "ordinary murders". That percentage is too high. Deal with it.
  14. Buying a Bike that has a lien against it?

    Yup, same here. Went to his credit union, paid his balance, and they transferred the title to me right there.
  15. Heading to Pittsburgh this weekend, what to do?

    I always wanted to visit the Fort Pitt museum. One of my ancestors was the commander there, way back when. http://www.heinzhistorycenter.org/fort-pitt/ Other than that, maybe something off the "Things to do in Pittsburgh list". https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g53449-Activities-Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania.html The Monongahela Incline tramway might be fun. Maybe the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Maybe the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Maybe the National Aviary. Dunno... Architecture? https://www.visitpittsburgh.com/about-pittsburgh/architecture/ https://www.ranker.com/list/pittsburgh-buildings-and-structures/reference