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  1. yes, or if they aren't, they will be soon.
  2. I've used this and other solder devices. But not on something that moves and vibrates. Aerospace crimps everything, using no solder on connectors and connections. Only on circuit boards. Vibration and motion cracks solder used on connectors and it fails. Lesson learned in my early years, wire nuts do not work on cars, they just vibrate and fall off.
  3. NADA lists prices. Back to 1959. And value probably varies in different parts of the country. https://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/Manufacturers Honda used to stock parts for every bike they ever made. They no longer do that. I keep looking at vintage, but not doing anything about it.
  4. CDC just said in their week 17 update, that COVID is no worse than a bad flu year, for the over 65 age group. Less for all others. That's for the entire country, including the epidemic centers like New York. So it's two thirds less than a regular flu, for the entire country, outside of the New York area, which has more than 60% of all cases so far. I'm not sure we could have done this better, but I think we should have done this better. Too much damage was done.
  5. Only see one so far, Bud's Gun Shop mail order. https://www.budsgunshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/411559293 I never found any more 00 or 000, I picked up a big box of Fiocci LE #4 instead.
  6. Bought shelf stable milk. A bunch. Won't last forever, but will last a long time warm and longer cold. Find it in the coffee/tea isle with the powdered milk. And powdered milk lasts a very long time. Also picked up dehydrated eggs. Those will be an experimental learning experience, to use it in cooking. Like baking bread. Things are happening slower or later here. A trip to the local grocery yesterday in the pouring rain, I found most stuff in stock with purchase limits, but no canned vegetables, canned fruit, and all the bread was gone. Your results will vary, my area is basically small town /county / rural. Won't be going back till it's over.
  7. Not much, looking at suppliers for space launches, and military aerospace, specifically the unmanned wing man stuff. There's been some advancements in the military AI programming for unmanned aircraft. I'm just an aerospace nerd. I'm switching to a broker that invests quite well, and gonna forget about it. And he researches my recommendations and mostly agrees and buys in. He doesn't know much about space and military and aerospace stuff. edit: I need more silver... I just like to have it around.
  8. NASA is trying to invent a dual electrolyte fuel, that you can pump and go. Two fuels, two tanks, one is positive and one is negative. Plus two waste fuel tanks that you pump back at the fueling station to reclaim (recharge). These inventions don't always work out, but if it does, all the electric vehicles will be obsolete. Suddenly, just like that.
  9. Haven't tried it yet. I've noticed good performance from American Eagle. Which is Winchester made cheaper.
  10. When the brine or road salt is distributed on the road, just forget it till springtime after a couple of hard rains wash it away. That stuff gets in everywhere and everything on a bike. It's bad enough to want to get a beater bike for riding in the winter.
  11. I think bolt action is a good choice. Probably doesn't have to be new. My most accurate 22LR is an ancient Mossberg bolt action tube feed with an old 4x Weaver scope. It easily places all shots within the size of a quarter at 50 yards measured. (Prone w/bipod) Ammo selection is critical, find what works. For me, it's Winchester 22LR SuperX that works.
  12. The left and right combined are a minority compared to the independents. But the left and right has the money and power. Fix it.
  13. ReconRat

    Google Fi

    I left Verizon when I retired. Using Google Fi. Pixel3 is a winner. Black Friday price with a rebate. Didn't pay usage fees for a year. Using it only at home on wifi mostly. If I'm out somewhere and bored, I kick on the access, and I haven't yet run into a lack of coverage. I understand the limitations I might run into, but haven't seen them. There are a surprisingly large number of free wifi access. Sometimes have to ask the guest password. The object was to dump a minimum coverage of $60 from Verizon, and cut costs to $20 with Google Fi. With usage rollover, and pay for data as you use it without penalties. And so far no throttling of anything. All the usual, free unlimited phone and text, and the phone works world wide. And I hacked my old Verizon DroidX to work wifi and text on the Verizon image. Verizon killed the ability to use the phone without their service, with their last update. Not that I couldn't hack the hackers with yet another way around it, but I lost interest. An old phone can have quite a few capabilities and uses. So yes, I think Google Fi is a bargain and works well for me. edit: the old Verizon phone wouldn't even work with wifi phone dialer apps. As soon as the phone sees you dialing, it switches you to a Verizon operator who asks you for money. I sorta kinda hate them. edit deux: There is an option with Google Fi for one or two free SIMM cards. For your tablet or computer, but I suppose it would work in a SIMM phone. Data usage goes on your existing account. Oh, and tethering is free too. So I can run a Waze map on a tablet in the car, and use the phone for other. Which I never do, I just run the Waze on the phone like everyone else.
  14. ReconRat

    Check Ya Nuts

    does not apply to this, but for prostrate cancer, ever heard of the new proton beam therapy? I think there's one up in Detroit. Definitely sounds like some one was playing with your balls while you were unconscious. And they left you with that Chinese malady... Won Hung Lo.
  15. no no, he said bike cranks but won't start. Don't bother, it takes two or three jumpers to do it right with a schematic. Take your registration and ID to a good key shop and they can make a new key from the vehicle number. Usually... If not, take the ignition lock in to the key shop for a new key. Last resort, buy a new ignition lock and install. (or find the freakin' key) I've done all 3 over the years...
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