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  1. ReconRat

    Helmet coms 2019 - noob questions

    Might do an OR search for "sena". There's a bunch of threads on com units. https://ohioriders.net/index.php?/search/&q=sena I have the SMH-10 kit for a BELL helmet. Plugs into the side.
  2. ReconRat

    Who knows how European companies work?

    And then there's this, weak... but input nevertheless: https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/velmec.com with this response in the comments: "I verified that both their addresses are fraudulent, the management companies in Los Angeles and Boston have confirmed. The two people Thomas Cochran and Sharon Stark are fake. The two phone numbers, the land line and mobile line do not match the individuals or company name. Verified domain registrar is in the Ukraine. Cannot get a response via phone or email.<br /> <br /> 100% Scam " Attempting to do similar checks should lead to similar results if it's a scam. my opinion... Canadian website, under construction, for somebody in Kiev Ukraine, claiming to represent North American interests for a small Italian company. Yeah, no thanks, alarms going off all over the place.
  3. ReconRat

    Acf 50

    Us aerospace weenies prefer this one: BOESHIELD T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection/Inhibitor and Waterproof Lubrication, 12 oz. https://www.amazon.com/BOESHIELD-Corrosion-Protection-Waterproof-Lubrication/dp/B001447PEK/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=acf-50&amp;qid=1551634863&amp;s=gateway&amp;sr=8-5 There's a few places on an aircraft that it's mandatory to use this. Probably close to exactly the same formula, that the ACF-50 uses.
  4. ReconRat

    discount card

    dunno, might look at google map of motorcycle in toledo and see if something is familiar: map link
  5. ReconRat

    OR Bluetooth communication choice

    SMH10A, the one that plugs into a BELL helmet. Worked with my old phone, but the old Android phone wasn't up to taking many voice commands over bluetooth. Still had to push buttons. Did not get the model that has an mp3 input jack wired in, but have read that the input jack breaks and fails way too easy. New Android phone doesn't seem to have voice command problems. I installed the matching helmet speakers. Did not see the problems with volume that I had read about. Loud enough I'm using earbuds for mp3 player with them when I want to. I suspect might not hear well at higher freeway speeds, but nothing ever did. Have not tried bluetooth to my TomTom navigation yet. Navigation apps on the phone seem to be usable over bluetooth. Have not tried bike to bike pairing. edit: Battery charge probably not good enough for long rides and trips. Plan on having USB charging available on your bike.
  6. ReconRat

    1955 Triumph Ariel HS

    I did find a BSA Victor 441 selling local, a parts bike, not completely assembled, but it's got a Pennsylvania title. Useless in Florida.
  7. ReconRat

    1955 Triumph Ariel HS

    Yeah, but which one, lol. You know it's shifter and brake are reversed. Not easy to adjust to using those. Besides, they sell for 4000 to 10000 depending on condition, it's a scam... edit: ok, I found the real one in California selling for $4000. https://www.cardealfinder.com/other-vehicles/motorcycles/1955-triumph-ariel-hs-54082.html
  8. ReconRat

    1955 Triumph Ariel HS

    Saw this local, $1800. It's an old flat track bike. Wondering if I should buy it. I've worked on Brit stuff before. Although I doubt I still have Whitworth tools. Don't know if it has a title, but it looks like it has a plate. And... in searching for an exhaust and muffler that would fit it, I ran into the same bike, nearly the same picture, with the same background, same price, in Maine, not Florida. Waste of time... edit: Worse... in the other picture, I can see an address and phone number on a door. It's Ventura, California, and a Santa Ana phone number. edit again... found the same bike for sale in Texas and Alabama. Probably an offshore scam. 1955 Triumph Ariel HS
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Earls-91008ERL-Temp-Curved-Cooler/dp/B0049D7WS2 https://www.amazon.com/Earls-71006AERL-Temp-Curved-Cooler/dp/B0049D4F78 edit: oops, there's a bunch of different sizes: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dautomotive&amp;field-keywords=curved+oil+cooler ok, they are all from Earl's in Australia, can find them on Amazon, or at Jeg's or Summit Racing. here's the website: https://www.earls.com.au/product-category/cooling-systems/oil-and-transmission-coolers/
  10. ReconRat

    Fiberglass question

    Was just thinking, the next time you fly in a Boeing 777, 787 Dreamliner or the Airbus A380, realize that the main fuselage is almost entirely adhesives, plastics and composites. Lots of carbon fiber. Wings still have metal and fasteners, which handle high loads and stresses better. Except Burt Rutan stuff, he's proving it can be done.
  11. ReconRat

    Fiberglass question

    It's called a bonding product in industry. 3M pretty much has the market cornered in manufacturing and automotive. Metal to fiberglass is an issue on the Corvette forums, and other fiberglass cars, and has a variety of answers. Some say epoxy, but not sure that works well on both epoxy and polyester fiberglass. But I would use epoxy of the correct type to REPAIR fiberglass to fiberglass. Instead, people seem to use what OEMs use, 3M SMC/Fiberglass Repair Adhesive, Part# 08274 for metal to fiberglass panels. Probably strongest. People also use 3M 08115 or 08116, which is panel to panel adhesive. Probably not quite as strong. Or even 3M Super Fast Urathane Part# 08609, which is used for window glass to panels. Sounds weaker, not sure. The good news, is you can just ask 3M on line, or at a 3M supply store, and they will tell you the answer. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/bonding-and-assembly-us/ There's also a two sided adhesive tape you can use, common in trailer applications. Handles high dynamic loads. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/bonding-and-assembly-us/applications/panel-to-frame-stiffener-to-panel/ Most of the adhesives probably require clamping till set. So you'd have to rig up something to push/clamp in place. Like the rod thing that pushes and epoxies a mirror onto a windshield, and sets up overnight. Or maybe rig up a tie down strap somehow.
  12. ReconRat

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    Quit, retired, resigned... call it what you want. What part of being 68yo and ex-military says Mattis can't do whatever he wants, when he wants? I'm the same 68yo and ex-military, and I'm sure Mattis has also quit, retired, resigned multiple times, all for good reasons or simply because he wanted to. We get tired of the crap, and want to do our own thing.
  13. ReconRat

    AR advice needed

    Well shoot... I'll probably get an adjustable gas block also. Weighs the same anyway. I won't be able to switch the gas block later. From what I read on it, people use anywhere from stock parts to a different buffer spring and weight, to go with the lightweight BCG. Many combinations work. The difference is in recoil. Barrel jump or drop. edit: And that's probably the same BCG I bought. It's not all that much lighter, so I wouldn't expect much problems using it.
  14. ReconRat

    3D print a motorcycle

    Not ready for prime time, 3D printed electric motorcycle, but whatever... made from 15 printed parts. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/3d-printed-motorcycle-is-like-nothing-youve-ever-seen-yet
  15. ReconRat

    Ammo Deals.

    Have not used much Blazer of any type. I would think it's fine for target shooting. As with any ammo in a semi-auto, it needs to feed and function reasonably well. Older weapons do not like some of the newer design shapes and can fail. If anything, I've had more trouble with Remington, but only in certain semi-autos. I prefer brass casings, to be used for reloading. Hornady FTX Critical Defense (and other FTX designs) and Sig Sauer V-Crown are both highly rated defensive ammo. Both meet FBI criteria. There's some talk of FBI and government switching to one or the other brand. Basically, the newer design hollow points just work that much better than the older designs. Previous designs were known to fail in the presence of heavy winter clothing.