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  1. ReconRat

    What i did in guns.

    It's difficult to find what will not go right through walls. The only thing I can think of is air marshals carry low penetration 44 special. Shotguns probably penetrate more than you think. I've seen the aftermath of a drunken accidental shotgun discharge in a basic apartment. Shot didn't stop till it hit a cinder block wall, and cratered that. It held a tight pattern through the drywall and a solid wooden headboard. Didn't even think about slowing down. 12 feet from the muzzle to the first wall - Winchester 2 3/4″, #1 Buck, 16 pellets - penetrated 6 sheets of drywall and bounced off the 7th + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6clay9pFaw
  2. ReconRat

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    I quit riding at age 35 to 45 or something. I still kept two motorcycles around just in case. I thought the urban roads had gotten too risky. I pretty much assumed I'd ride again someday. When older I realized motorcycles are fun and I was missing out on that. Being older may or may not lower the risks, but you certainly take less risks.
  3. ReconRat

    Ammo Deals.

    Never had much of a problem with old or surplus ammo. Works better than some store bought reloads I've tried. Less misfires or low power shots than with my early attempts at reloading, heh. I will say that back in the 90s, we avoided Pakistani surplus 30-06. Like never. A lot of it was over charged with powder or wrong type powder, and sold as surplus. One thing you should do, is not fire any cartridge brass that is badly corroded. If nothing else, they like to get stuck in the chamber of the barrel.
  4. ReconRat

    What i did in guns.

    I thought about printing the part in water soluble, to make a mold, to make a casting in epoxy-carbon fiber. That would be strong enough. Could also go up one notch and make slurry casting molds and pour aluminum. Back yard stuff, it's going to be about the same as a kit to build a black powder rifle, soon enough. People just get smarter and more talented over time.
  5. ReconRat

    What i did in guns.

    That is indeed part of the current political argument. you can also print the receiver/frame of a weapon that normally has the serial number on it and all that. But unless you own a printer that prints metal instead of plastic, they just won't take the punishment of actual usage. edit: it would be also rather stupid to have a barrel made of plastic.... edit again: I should admit that there are decent plastic lower receivers for AR-15 available. Cast and machined, and really not the same as something that got printed at home.
  6. ReconRat

    What i did in guns.

    Anyone can make their own gun from scratch. It's always been that way. ATF rules. Standard limits of ownership apply. Even some one not allowed to buy one in a store, although that gets questionable, since then they would then be in possession of a firearm, which is not allowed for some. You don't have to put mark or serial number on it, unless you want to sell or transfer it. If you make several that all look alike, it would be wise to serial number them. If you make big batches with intent to sell, then you fall under firearm manufacturer rules, which apply to reloaded ammo sales also. 3D printed firearms... ok, expensive, difficult, fragile, not dependable, and require fitting and adjustment nearly worthy of a gunsmith. Most people probably wouldn't be able to figure out how to assembly the parts. Once completed, you have a firearm that might fire a maximum of 500 times before breaking in some way that might be hazardous. But if you want to print a grip or hand guard or a copy of some nice flip up sights, that's where this is at right now. The media believes it's load the software, hit the print button, grab the gun and go bang right now. Doesn't work that way. Except for the US Army, who are really really into getting this technology forward in the battle zone.
  7. ReconRat

    What i did in guns.

    Eight of the DefCAD firearms files for 3D printing were available for a few days before the new release. Injunction shut the site down for now. I'm guessing these were newest updated files. If your google talents are good, you'll find at least two mirror sites that have the new files.
  8. ReconRat

    What i did in guns.

    Dang it. I had one of those. Saved up my pennies to buy it. I think my parents didn't like it and threw it out eventually. It fired little plastic snap in bullets on springs in cartridge cases. Sort of dawn of airsoft stuff. Probably worth a lot now as a collectable. So sad.
  9. ReconRat

    Windows 10

    Yeah, supposedly the last Windows op sys, but not the last platform op sys. I heard they will move over to something else. And Windows 10 is free from Microsoft, if you know where to find it on their website. I downloaded iso images to make install disks/USB sticks.
  10. ReconRat

    Handicap Stand your Ground incident

    I saw it in local news, even if it's rather far away. And I'll say all three people were wrong. All three displayed too much aggression. They were all determined to have a confrontation. They got one.
  11. ReconRat

    1968 Honda 350 Scrambler

    I had two CL350 scrambler and one CB350. I really liked these. OK, sidecovers missing, air cleaner box missing, air pods installed. Front fender missing, that will cause the two cables to flop against the tire and wear through the protective cover. Rear tail light bracket and plate holder missing, some sort of "other" installed. Nice to have the stock exhaust. Nice seat, probably re-covered. Stock seat would of had "HONDA" in faded gold letters on the back. Check underside of seat pan for rust, and if the hinges/latch still work. . Be sure to check the wiring for crazy hack jobs. And the tank interior for condition. Lock Tite the screws holding the heat shields on the pipe. They had a habit of vibrating off. Use little fiber washers to prevent heat transfer. Timing was best set to full advance of 38 degrees. If seeing timing too far off at idle advance, get new points. There was a design casting/machining flaw on one of the cam adjust shaft bores. With age, once the valve train wears in a bit, the adjuster won't quite close the gap far enough. Don't set the exhaust valves too tight. Looser worked better. Otherwise air cooled engine would heat up and hang the exhaust valves open when warm. Scrambler was max speed of around 95, but had decent torque and handled quickly. 380 pounds and could throw it around. Easy counter steering. Easy to pick up in the field when it's on it's side. Pretty durable, hard to damage. edit: And those drum brakes should be cleaned out and lightly sand the glaze off every year after Winter. If you don't you'll get brake squeal. No big deal.
  12. ReconRat

    Hillary Just a Thought.

    Ok, I did think of something similar. A lot of it is not in the history books. Preferred to be forgotten. Labor Wars in the late 1800s. Lasted 10 years or less. Very violent, very political, corporations vs employees with political activists thrown in, along with some federal or state intervention. Much of it was a visibly Socialist movement in America. One reason it did not continue is that the American public was shocked at the level of violence. There were a lot of beatings and murders. Big street fights were common.
  13. ReconRat

    Hillary Just a Thought.

    I think it was there before this, but now it's concentrated and aimed at a single target. Driven by fear and hatred. Expanded to include anyone chosen for attack, it no longer matters. Yes, hysterical, psychotic, and sometimes criminal. Very odd to see it happen. Can't think of anything similar in history. But, most of it is isolated to a small portion of the population, which attracts way too much attention. Media isn't helping the situation. I didn't even get to vote, and I still have to defend myself, from what I'm not sure. Way too much attacking going on. It's like I must declare myself a righteous party member in the struggle. sounds socialist to me, no thanks.
  14. ReconRat

    Where to order Ducati parts?

    I went with a Krauser top wing and case. Unfortunately, the company restructured and I've not seen much gear sold for years. Still working on hacking a copy of the mating part to use on a smaller cheap top case. Side case frames are the SW-Moto quick release with locks. Old style round tubing instead of the flat frame. Rigged two types of Pelican cases to fit. Might add fuel/tool tubes under or inside frame. Any motorcycle luggage is crazy expensive. And did get waterproof bags to strap on top. Will rig tie downs or make racks on top of the cases. Now I just need to go camping somewhere...
  15. ReconRat

    YaOT (Yet another oil thread)

    Did not know there was another ester based oil. Mobil One was the only ester-based I knew of. Oils have a 6 year shelf life at room temperatures, on the cautious side. Can last longer at cooler temps. No clue if already run through an engine. Mineral (dinosaur), synthetic, and ester. 3 types. And yes, synthetic isn't pure synthetic, it's mineral plus whatever percent synthetic. Quality and performance (especially wet sump gearbox) varies a lot in mineral and synthetic, but ester based seems to be top tier stuff. And should mention that a bunch of 15w-xx oils are for diesel use. Not the droid we're looking for.