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  1. oomp

    AttackPainter .

    I had Paul Paint my Fairing and Hardbags for the RoadStar , and I can't be happier with the way they came out . I dropped them off on a Friday afternoon and he had them ready to pick up on the following Tuesday . the Paint looks awesome .... and I'm a Picky Bastard .lol thanks again Paul
  2. XS650 , there is a bunch of sites out there with some really cool parts . CBs are good to ( I had a 550 ) but I really like the look of the Yamaha .
  3. hey John ,thanks for delivering this . nice to meet you too , maybe next time we can shoot the shit more . nice Truck btw .
  4. I have the Pro Mag , Archangel Nomad Stock on mine . its not a bad Stock for a Plinker .
  5. oomp

    Shop Dog Cycles

    had a New PR2 Front put on the of the Yamaha today . anyone looking to get some of these contact Ryan , his Prices are really low . I took the Bike to him and shot the Shit as he did all the work thanks man .
  6. I just went through the same thing that you are , no Dealer could do it from the Vin and it was to much of a pain in the ass to take the ignition off . I ended up calling Brian's Lock Service 614-861-4825 he came to my house and made me 2 keys for $150.00 .
  7. oomp

    happy birthday jagr

    I'll be there , now you need to get Pfunk on the ball and go .
  8. oomp

    happy birthday jagr

    Happy B-Day dude .
  9. nice clean looking ride , I think you will be very pleased with it . I have an 06 that I use for my everyday ride . congrats
  10. oomp

    Keys Stolen

    I don't have that either . I found some New OEM Ignitions with Keys on Egay but I forgot about the Fuel Tank , it needs a Key too .
  11. oomp

    Keys Stolen

    I had both sets of Keys for my Yamaha FZ6 come up " missing " , what do I need to do to get new ones . anyone know if I can have some made by the Dealer from using the Vin number ?
  12. oomp

    Powder Coating

    +1 for Performance Powder Coating , I had him do some Rims for me . Jason does great work and he is a member on here too . he goes by procoater
  13. yeah , I had to have someone come get me but it was all good , I wish we could of talked more too .

  14. hey good meeting you Saturday . I checked out your pic of the R6, looks cool that color Green .

    I got a flat on the ride home Saturday Evening on 71 . kinda sucked

  15. I voted for him , but just for the record the chic on the Yamaha is way hotter than some Bald Headed Canadian .
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