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  1. The tail has two relays one for the fuel cut off and the other is a bank angle. Take the relay from the high beams its on the left side front and swap it with the two relays in the back. Easy way to rule out the relays. They are all the same so no worries.
  2. Thanks. It is a nice system
  3. I'm selling just the cycle vice off my Handy lift looks like the picture except its black. Works perfectly and can be mounted on other lifts. I'm asking 125.00 prefer pick up but will ship at buyers expense
  4. c7fx

    two YSR's for sale

    Spring time bump get it out of my garage
  5. I'm doing well in biotech
  6. My opinion the only thing HF stuff is good for is sitting on the curb waiting for the garbage truck to pick up.
  7. c7fx

    two YSR's for sale

    red one still for sale blue sold
  8. still have one stand great condition 75.00 pick it up
  9. Back in 2009 I had my 09 R6 reflashed. Doing so matched everything that the YEC ECU did. I also had a PC that I used to dial in the motor on the dyno. This worked for me and was cheaper than going the YEC route. The Yamaha R6's needed to have the ECU's refreshed if you really wanted to unlock lost Hp. I'm not sure how the newer bikes are since I have been out of the game since 2011.
  10. c7fx

    Tire wear....

    yep thats Mid-ohio as owndjoo stated. I would try a little more pressure in the front and see if it gets better say 34 hot.
  11. stand is still available pm me if your interested I don't check this all the time
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