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  1. copperhead

    For Sale: Glock 19, Gen 2

    I tried looking for other Gen 2s to compare to, and between Glocktalk, Armslist, Gunbroker and AR15.com I couldn't find any for sale at all, so there is some rarity there now. I thought that would be a fair place to start, and am certainly open to offers.
  2. copperhead

    For Sale: Glock 19, Gen 2

    I've got a Gen 2 Glock 19 for sale. Has some holster wear on the slide, otherwise in good shape. Has OEM Glock night sites, about a year old so still very bright. I sent the slide in to Glock to have them installed, and I sent it in stripped so they replaced all of the slide internals. I still have all of the original parts, and they go with the gun, including the original sites. Also have other random spare parts that go with it. Has rubber Talon grips installed. They can easily be peeled off. Has a smooth face trigger and dot connector. I forget which spring I have installed, but it's a very nice feeling combination. Also have the original connector and several other factory springs that will go with it. Comes with one 15 round mag and one 17 round mag. Comes with locking OEM case (not the original to the gun) $450, or even trade for M&P 2.0 Compact 9mm. I'm located in Johnstown, which is just a bit NE of Columbus.
  3. copperhead

    Old member, first bike

    I think I need to work up to that. So.....anyone have an oem exhaust for this they don't want? It came with a danmoto pipe on it, and I'd rather not wake the neighborhood when I leave for work at 4:00am
  4. copperhead

    Old member, first bike

    Thanks everyone. I think I answered my own question, found an adapter here: http://www.adventuretech.biz/adventure-to-givi-adapter.html
  5. copperhead

    Old member, first bike

    Hi all, I'm Mike. Casper had me join many years ago when the forum was new, but I never had a bike so I never posted. I just picked up a 2012 V-Strom 650 from a Chrysler dealership in a small town near Canton that they got on trade in. It looks to be an Adventure model, which comes with oem Suzuki luggage mounts and side boxes. I'd like to add a top case but don't really want the Suzuki one. Does anyone know what my options would be if I want to keep the original side cases but use a Givi top case? I'll try and get some pictures up soon.
  6. I posted a link to this thread on Stillman's facebook wall a while ago. He knows me.
  7. Completely OT here, but any idea why I can only send one PM every 120 minutes?
  8. Any chance he mentioned his screenname over there? I couldn't find it.
  9. First name Zach, last name meyers or miers or something along those lines, dunno the spelling
  10. http://www.ohioriders.net/member.php?u=4428 Rider4life161 He bought a Jeep off me a while ago, and I guess he left my number in his phone because his girlfriend just called me saying that he was killed today. I believe he was in the military. I know no other details.
  11. copperhead

    Official Wayne National Dirt Day 2009

    bump, one week away