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  1. The bike sold to Kanatuna on the Assfaultjunkies. You guys should have bought this bike.. . It fuckin' rails!!!
  2. get a bike! I had a beautiful bike that looks like Frankenstien now... get a bike...
  3. R1_MP


    I have a set of Metzler M3s with half a track day on them ("3" 20min sessions). I'm looking for $150 picked up ( I can meet you somewhere) or $165 shipped. Pictures upon request. You can reach me at: michael_hundemer @ yahoo.com or 859 445 4454 P.S. Gixxie750 can vouch on the quality of this set of tires. (they're at his house! HA!!)
  4. where can you make them at?
  5. You got that quote for me bro?

  6. SNL Dick In A Box feat. Justin Timberlake
  7. The ninja is EXACTLY what I am wanting but on the left side! Can you send me his info or send him mine?
  8. Awesome! How would I go about a lens/cover thought??
  9. Could I use the projectors out of my stock headlights???
  10. That was my first thought... Fog lights would be something I would add to the race bike right now. I want to make the new fairings look custom with nicely mounted lights cut into the upper.
  11. So I want to be able to convert my '05 R1 back in forth from race to street but I don't want to buy OEM plastics again. Instead I would like to buy a good set of race fairings and have them "Done up right". The problem with that is trying to incorporate headlights... I have been looking at streetfighter lights that I could maybe breakdown and build a bracket to mount them, but I want this thing to look good! Does anyone have any experience or advice? Smart ass comments can be placed in the next thread please.
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